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Tobi, you villain! What sort of monster have you become?!
Profile: [1]
Date Joined: November 19, 2019
No. of videos: 27
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 39K

TobiMajestic, otherwise known as Tobi, is a YouTuber and artist who is infamous for causing the Tobi drama.

Why She Sucks

  1. As mentioned above, she's responsible for the Tobi drama.
  2. She's unable to handle criticism.
  3. She blamed her bipolar disorder for her actions. No seriously, she pulled out the victim card on a disability. Sounds familiar?
  4. Despite the fact that she considered drawing not safe for work art of minors, she did the same thing, as she drew not safe for work art of Shoto Todoroki, a 16 year old, in BDSM, and Sailor Moon, a 14 year old, in a compromising position. She drew not safe for work art of Sailor Moon not once, but twice.
  5. She decided it was a good idea to promote 18+ content to her under-aged fans.
    • This proves evidence that she is a pedophile to underage minors.
  6. In the tribute video about her dead dog, she started to bring up drama.
  7. After accusing someone of leaking her sex worker account when he exposed her, she threatened him into defending her.
  8. Thanks to Tobi, a bunch of minors mass reported an 18+ artist because she told them to.
  9. She supports Shane Dawson, despite the fact that he's a pedophile.
  10. She's overly emotional in her videos.
  11. She is transphobic, as she made transphobic remarks and told a trans man what he should feel dysphoric about.
  12. For her age, she's very immature.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She was good before the drama.
  2. She draws some pretty good art.


  1. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts have been deleted.
  2. She made a video responding to her controversies.



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