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Titeuf (season 4)

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Titeuf (season 4)
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Cette saison était vraiment pô juste!

Translation: This season was really not fair!

Genre: Animation
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: February 13, 2016 — October 30, 2017
Network(s): Canal J
France 3
France 4
Created by: David Garcia
Distributed by: Go-N Productions
Starring: Donald Reignoux
Kaycie Chase
Vincent Ropion
Thierry Ragueneau
Pauline Brunner
Nathalie Homs
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 75

Titeuf is a French-Swiss animated television series, adapted from the eponymous Swiss comic strip by Zep, broadcast from April 7, 2001, to October 3, 2017, on Canal J and France 3.

After the first season in 2001 of 78 episodes, a second season was broadcast in 2005. The third is broadcast on August 27, 2008, in France 3. A fourth season is broadcast on France 3 from February 13, 2016, to October 30, 2017.


The series tells the daily life of Titeuf, a ten-year-old boy with a characteristic blond lock, his friends, and their vision of the adult world. A large part of the discussions evokes the mysteries of girls, life, of seduction, and of Nadia, the girl with whom Titeuf is in love. Another characteristic of Titeuf are his many expressions (such as “Tchô!” and “C'est pô juste!”).

Why It's Not Faithfully Fair Anymore

  1. Poor mastery of source material: Similar to Les Légendaires, Trolls de Troy, Lanfeust Quest, Les Sisters, Les P'tits Diables, and the 2017 reboot of Boule et Bill this season is unfaithful to the comics because it had a lot of changes, unlike the first 3 seasons.
  2. Also, just to get the elephant out of the room: Similar to Street Football season 4, A Kind of Magic season 2, Corneil & Bernie season 2 and Les Minijusticiers season 3 which are also bad seasons it came out much too late to be considered a season. because here we are talking about a period of 8 years.
  3. Moreover, this season is a victim of executive meddling because instead of continuing where season 3 left off, they decided to change everything in order to get closer to comics, but it didn't work to the point that it stay unfaithful to comics.
  4. The flash animation has become blander and less beautiful than the first 3 seasons.
    • And it's inexcusable because it's the same studio that animated the good cartoon Lou!
  5. Unlike the credits of seasons 1 and 3, that of season 4 is less striking.
  6. There are far too many changes which makes it clear that this season 4 is more of a reboot than a new season.
  7. Some of the characters have been removed for no apparent reason or are little or not used.
    • Vomito has only had one line all season when he was one of the franchise's most iconic characters.
    • Ray'Charles (The Highly Shortsighted) was only seen in one episode.
    • Tim was unfairly removed from this season to be replaced by Romuald, an unfriendly Gary-Stu.
    • The nurse changed her appearance for no apparent reason, from an extremely beautiful woman to a fat, ugly old woman.
    • Ze t'aime hasn't even appeared on the show anymore and no one has an explanation.
  8. Some characters have been flanderized:
    • Titeuf went from a nice kid wanting to understand the adult world to a huge, unfriendly butt-monkey even worse than Lincoln Loud who gets treated unfairly and always gets punished like the writers hates him and wants to express their hate on him unjustly.
    • Nadia (worst of all) has gone from a sweet but a bit naughty young girl who only slaps Titeuf if he goes too far to being a mean popular girl who doesn't care about treating Titeuf unfairly. She is without a doubt the worst character in the series.
    • Nathalie has gone from an endearing tomboy to an unlovable mean girl who has no personality.
    • Titeuf's father has gone from a caring father to an ultra-depressed man who no longer has any personality.
  9. Some new characters are not endearing like Therese or Romuald.
  10. She abuses toilet humor even more than before.
  11. She has a lot of petty scenes towards Titeuf.
  12. Moreover, as for other adaptations of comics, it tends to take a gag from the comics and adapt it into the cartoon.
  13. The show tends to jump the shark especially in the 5th episode which literally shows Titeuf who invents a lie about domestic violence.
  14. She also has bad episodes like:
    • Thérèse (A bad way to start the season)
    • The Drawing Class (Who gives a horrible message about domestic violence)
    • Environmentalists
    • The Big Departure
    • Prince and Princess
    • Sick at All Costs
    • Doggy Sitter
    • The Kissing Disease
    • Sex Education Class
    • The Polygamous Penis (One of the most notable examples of Nadia's hypocrisy)
    • The Exposition of Hell
    • Journey inside the inside... of a girl
    • The stench of living mold
    • Operation Turboprout
    • Spring Snow
    • Super Secret Identity
    • Counterfeit Money
    • Bad Reputation (Probably the worst episode of the series)
    • The Penis Chip (One of the most notable examples of toilet humor)
    • Hell's Toilet
    • The Pesticle Squeaker
    • The Return of the Cursed Underpants (A very bad way to the sequel to an episode from a previous season)
    • Biceps Doping
    • My Good Star
    • The Cast of Love
  15. Many continuity errors such as when Therese arrives in the class as a new student Ramatou was there and in the last episode when Ramatou arrives as a new student Therese is already there.
  16. Some French dubbings are awful, especially that of Nathalie or Thérese who give the impression that they have been dubbed by a man suffering from puberty
  17. All in all, it's a huge example of seasonal rot.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's still just as funny despite the toilet humor.
  2. Some old characters remain likable like Manu or Hugo.
    • Better yet: Jean Claude has flanderized in a good way because he has become more sympathetic than before.
  3. There are good episodes like:
    • The Doers of Justice
    • Ramatou
    • Karatéteuf (Probably the best episode of this season)
    • Operation Hedgehog
    • My Mega Lucky Star (Which is still the sequel to the previous episode which was bad)
    • Night of the Weredog (Who ended the series on a high note)
  4. The French dubbing remains decent with Donald Reignoux who does an excellent job dubbing Titeuf and Hugo.
  5. In addition, some new characters are ultra-friendly like Ramatou who makes an excellent couple with Titeuf unlike the Titeuf/Nadia couple.


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