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Time Trap! (The Loud House)

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Time Trap! (The Loud House)
Yep, June 2022 was not really the best time to be a science fiction fan...
Series: The Loud House
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 8
Air Date: June 3, 2022
Writer: Andrew Brooks
Jeff Sayers
Director: Jessica Borutski
Patrick Pakula
Previous episode: "Stressed for the Part"
Next episode: "Bummer Camp"

Time Trap! is the 8th episode of the sixth season of The Loud House, as well as the first half-hour special of the season to air.


The Loud siblings break their parents' valuable vase and find they can go back in time in order prevent them from ever acquiring it in the first place. Only after doing this do they realize that their changes to the past had made them not exist at all, and now the Louds are vaporizing into timeǃ

Why It Should Vaporize Into Time And Get Time Trapped

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, the episode is incredibly unrealistic, as there are elements of time travel, and aliens (somewhat), this flat-out proves that the unrealism of the modern seasons of The Loud House has gone too far and the realistic slice of life of the first three seasons (and occasionally the fourth) is completely gone. You can be unrealistic, even in a show like Loud House, but make sure it's only inside one character's imagination, like another slice of life show, Arthur.
  2. The Louds are pretty unlikable here.
    • Lynn Jr. has reverted to her season 1-2 and 5 personas, where she is an unlikable spoiled brat. In a flashback, she assaults Lincoln just because he wanted the last slice of pizza. In fact more so since when Lori goes bye bye, Lynn Jr calls dibs on her mattress as everyone is freaking out, and when Luan poofs away, she not only cares about missing her joke, but legitimately considering it a silver lining and walks off like it was nothingǃ
    • As with any modern Loud House episode, Leni's stupidity just isn't funny here and is quite annoying.
    • Lola also acts like she did in early Season 1 where she was a spoiled brat.
    • Lisa also acts out of character, as you'd think she'd be smart enough to know that changing the past could quite literally destroy the future, yet she doesn't realize that.
    • Lori also acts like a mean older sister like in early season 1.
    • In the alternate reality Lynn Sr and Rita wished they had no kids!
    • The Loud siblings break their parents' vase, and to not get grounded, they decide to go back in time to get rid of the vase. Let us remind you that the vase was a wedding gift.
    • Lincoln and Lucy act like they did in seasons 4 & 5, selfish jerks.
  3. Speaking of the vase, the entire episode happened over indeed a simple vase being broken. That's it. The Loud siblings nearly vaporized into time because they didn't want to get grounded for breaking a simple vase. And on that note, it shows times when the same vase was broken before, indicating the vase was easily replaceable. Even Lynn Jr points that out!
  4. In the alternate timeline where the Loud kids don't exist, everyone seems to live much better, even Mr. Grouse looks a lot happier, this accidentally gives out a bad message that everyone's life would be so much better without you, similar to "It's a Wishful Life" from the Fairly OddParents.
    • Speaking of the Fairly OddParents, this episode's premise is a rip-off of the episode "Father Time!", where Timmy accidentally melts his dad's trophy with his heat vision and wishes to go back in time to make sure he never won it.
  5. On top of being unlikable, the siblings also act like idiots during the wedding, as instead of getting rid of the vase, they wreck the wedding by telling the people there what to do, and not focusing on their plan.
  6. Plot Hole: What happened to the past siblings after Lisa shoved them in the maintenance closet? Of course, they would've managed to get out of there somehow, but even if that happened, they would've changed the present given their stupid behavior at the wedding, and yet, the episode completely ignores that.
  7. Not only is there a plot hole in the episode, but it creates an entire series plot hole since now Lily can be seen in the picture. And it hasn't been revealed if this episode is canon or not, and there was never an "it was just a dream" ending, indicting the events of this episode did in fact happen.
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Gurdle are uninteresting and weak antagonists who have little to no motive for kidnapping the siblings.
    • So they were shoehorned for no reason!
  9. In the alternate timeline, Liam, Rusty, and Zach are a part of Chandler’s gang. But so are Clyde and Stella. While it is true that Lincoln never existed in that timeline, Clyde and Stella are some of the nicest kids in Royal Woods. Even without Lincoln’s influence. So it feels very out of character for them to join a bully like Chandler.
  10. It's anyone's guess why the Loud siblings didn't think the mission through, since it should have become obvious to everyone (including Lisa) that time travel is a very complex, complicated, and delicate matter.
  11. Pretty much, this feels like an "all for nothing" episode when Lisa and Lily forget to get rid of the vase when they return to the wedding at the climax, which renders the entire episode meaningless. It also doesn't help that it only took Lisa a second or two to get rid of the vase when the Louds first travel to the wedding. Though this can be excused by the fact that the duo was more focused on not disappearing forever, but still.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Loud siblings redeem themselves by saving the vase and bringing everything back to normal, but even though they did, it does not excuse their actions.
  2. Flip, Chunk, and Mr. Grouse are the only likable characters in this episode.
  3. As much as a jerk Lynn Jr is, she does see the absurdity in the siblings' plans to travel back in time.
  4. Some funny moments, such as Mr. Grouse’s new look.


Despite the rating of 6.5/10 on IMDb, "Time Trapǃ" was ridiculed by many viewers, with the main criticism being the unrealistic premise and mean-spirited moments.[1]


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