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Thousand Dollar Bee

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Thousand Dollar Bee (styled as THOU$AND DOLLAR BEE) is a children's game show that ran on the now-defunct and little-seen Black Family Channel from November 20, 2004 to April 28, 2007.


In a tournament, children are quizzed on spelling words in a variety of ways, from traditional spelling bee format to unscrambling letters, capped off with an end game. The champion would receive a $1,000 bond for his or her college education.

Why It Stings Away from Any Money

  1. It has way too many black stereotypes, which can be infuriating.
  2. Lousy theme song.
  3. Boring hosting from Sinatra Onyewuchi (credited as both Sinatra Onieyewacki, ironically misspelling its own host's surname, and Sinatra "The Wacky Host"). Toward the end, there was a second host named Brandon Thaton, but none of his episodes have circulated, so far.
  4. An annoying assistant in Jordan Ealey (aka "Busy Bee").
  5. Creepy CGI bee.
  6. Idiotic contestants who don’t even try.
  7. Lame judging.
  8. Badly done animated breaks.
  9. Cheap set.
  10. One round was literally unscrambling words with magnets (though it can be forgiven as an homage to Soul Train).
  11. The "grand prize" for the entire season is $1,000 towards the winner's college education. Yeah.


Clips from an episode.
Tabitha Jones' demo reel, with Thousand Dollar Bee footage at 1:05.


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