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Thomas' Frosty Friend (Thomas & Friends)

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Thomas' Frosty Friend (Thomas & Friends)
"Mr. sNoWmAn, I ToLd yOu to gO BaCk tO ThE ChIlDrEn! WhY ArE YoU StIlL FoLlOwInG Me?" - Thomas
Series: Thomas & Friends
Part of Season: 10
Episode Number: 20
Air Date: October 11th 2006 (UK) November 5th 2006 (US)
Writer: Sharon Miller
Previous episode: "Wharf and Peace"
Next episode: "Emily and the Special Coaches"

"Thomas' Frosty Friend" is the twentieth episode (the nineteenth in production order) of the tenth season.


When the children's snowman balloon gets blown away by a gust of wind, it coils around Thomas' buffers making it follow him everywhere it goes.

Why It's Not Our Friend

  1. It's a seven minute episode that tries way too hard to be funny revolving around a snowman balloon following Thomas, making it one of the stupidest ideas for an episode of the original show.
    • This episode isn't offensive or completely insulting, but it should be noted that the "joke" about Thomas thinking the snowman balloon is an actual walking talking balloon comes off as stupid because it's only him acting stupid in order for the nonsensical territory to rise up high on the roof.
  2. Throughout the episode Thomas thinks the snowman balloon is "alive" and is following him when it's really just a balloon. Thomas could have easily let his driver know about the issue and take the balloon back, but of course, he takes it back to the field at the last minute just because they needed to fill up the runtime.
    • He also should have seen the chains attached to the snowman balloon.
  3. Like several other winter themed episodes in the Miller era, it uses the term "Winter Holiday" instead of "Christmas".
  4. Just like "Topped Off Thomas" Thomas refers to the Snowman as "Mr. Snowman" like it has a name.
  5. All of the children gathered around the balloon are unsupervised and are just in a random field with the balloon alongside a set of rails in the middle of the countryside.
  6. Thomas constantly repeats the same phrase "Mr. Snowman I told you to go back to the children! Why are you still following me?" like four or five times, which had already gotten annoying when he says it the third time.
  7. Unlike most episodes that use the three strikes formula, this episode uses the four strikes formula, making it even more repetitive and annoying to sit through.
  8. The balloon should not have been able to get away since there were stakes pinning it to the ground. Not to mention, it conveniently tied itself to Thomas' back buffers while he was moving before it could float away into the sky.
  9. The ropes that tie around Thomas' buffers look way too loose to be coiled around him, making it illogical for the balloon to keep following Thomas since it could fly away easily.
  10. The snowman balloon looks creepy and uncanny because of the face that was drawn to some people, especially when it "dances" in front of Thomas.
  11. When Thomas finally returns the snowman balloon back to the field, the snowman balloon is now suddenly waving at the children like it's a cartoon character despite being a balloon. Not only is it straight up weird, but it also raises some questions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The snowman balloon is well designed.
  2. Aside from Thomas, the other characters are likable and actually have common sense knowing the snowman is just a balloon.
    • This is also one of the few times in the HiT Model and the Sharon Miller eras Emily has her original personality.
  3. Thomas finally realizes the snowman is a balloon at the end.


The episode is widely hated among the Thomas fandom scoring a 2.7 out of 10 on IMDb and is considered the worst episode of the model era alongside "Edward Strikes Out".