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This Bird Has Flown (The Casagrandes)

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This Bird Has Flown (The Casagrandes)
The Smoking Peanut from SpongeBob SquarePants, but from the darkest timeline!
Series: The Casagrandes
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 10b
Air Date: February 29, 2020
Writer: Alec Schwimmer
Director: Miguel Puga
Previous episode: Trend Game
Next episode: V.I.P.eeved

"This Bird Has Flown" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Bobby struggles to find Sergio after wishing he would fly away and never come back.

Why It Should Fly Away and Never Come Back

What even was Sergio's plan? To mess with Bobby endlessly just so he wouldn't lose his temper?
  1. The entire episode is a Bobby torture episode.
  2. This is a rip-off to The Smoking Peanut from SpongeBob season 2 except that it's more nonsensical and stupid.
  3. Sergio is really obnoxious and unlikable and at his worst as he treats Bobby badly just for his own selfish amusement.
    • He interrupted Bobby's online conversation with Lori to mess up his hair and pantsed him just to humiliate him in front of Lori.
    • He kept Bobby awake all night by playing loud music, and when he asks to turn it down, Sergio turns it up louder on purpose just to get on his nerves.
    • He molted his feathers on Bobby's breakfast and when Bobby complains, he says he'll do it on his lunch instead.
    • When Sergio wins employee of the month at the mercado, he smugly rubs it in Bobby's face for wanting to win and said he’s like to thank him for losing and poops on his head when Hector or Arturo wasn't around to see him do it.
  4. The Casagrande family (Except Carl) are out-of-character and act really dumb:
    • Hector, Rosa, and even Bobby’s girlfriend Lori showed no concern for him getting picked on by Sergio and see it as harmless teasing.
    • The Casagrande family being so overly worried for Sergio when he goes missing only exists for the sake of pushing the plot, even though some members of the family despise Sergio like Ronnie Anne and Carlota, the family's continuous crying over him and praising Sergio is really annoying.
    • Instead of being able to see right through the drone as a decoy of Sergio, the family believes that it’s Sergio despite looking obvious, not even Carlos Casagrande Sr., who is a college professor, didn’t know it was a drone made to look like Sergio.
      • The Casagrandes' pet dog Lalo knew the drone wasn't really Sergio, which makes the family look even more idiotic.
  5. Hector awarding the employee of the month to Sergio was unfair because Bobby has done more things for the mercado than Sergio has. (In fact, in “Power Play with the Casagrandes” Sergio was responsible for causing the family's power bill to go up even higher by having an all-night party at the mercado).
    • Vito Filliponio voting for employee of the month was also not fair because he doesn’t even work at the bodega and Hector’s reason for this is because he’s a frequent customer, that shouldn’t make him liable for voting.
  6. The episode tries heavily to put Bobby in the wrong and justify his treatment for telling Sergio to fly away and never come back. While a bit over-the-top, it feels more somewhat satisfying than it does feels like Bobby overreacting.
  7. Some gross-out and toilet humor, such as Sergio pooping on Bobby's head and Carl using a guacamole dispenser for the drone so it would look like Sergio pooping, then the Sergio drone malfunctioning and squirting guacamole at the Casagrande family while they all thought it was Sergio's poop.
  8. When Bobby confessed to his family that he wished Sergio would go away, Sergio then reveals himself at the exact moment, meaning he passed the blame to Bobby.
  9. Sergio's reason for pretending to go missing is to teach Bobby a lesson to not lose his temper for when he told him that he wished he would fly away and never come back. This just implies that Sergio emotionally manipulated the Casagrande family, guilt-tripped Bobby when he was within his rights to be annoyed and angry at Sergio, and got him all worried and made him fear that he will go to jail and got the family all heated at Bobby when he confessed, and Sergio gets no punishment.
  10. Bad Moral: The so-called moral doesn't make sense, it basically says that when your family has a favorite, nothing you do is ever right and you're always wrong for daring to lash out at them even if they torment you endlessly.
  11. Horrible Ending: Hector handed the next employee of the month the mercado's inflatable tube man display meaning that he would more likely favor an inanimate object over his own grandson and Sergio never gets punished for abandoning the family to get back at Bobby for petty reasons and gets off scot-free. Even his apology to Bobby is very half-hearted.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The premise of being overly aggressive/competitive towards each other being a bad thing is a good message, despite being poorly executed.
  2. Bobby was likeable in this episode, and Carl was tolerable for helping him. Also Carl is the least bad Casagrande (aside from Bobby) and he didn't show any actual concern for Sergio.
  3. Although his appearance was brief, Arturo was also likable for trying to cheer up Bobby after he lost the employee of the month. In addition, Vito, Lori, Pricilla, and Par are likable too.
  4. Lori from The Loud House makes two cameo appearances, which is admittedly nice.
  5. At least Lalo was the only member of the family to be smart enough to realize the drone isn't really Sergio.
  6. The rest of the Casagrande family (that do not include Rosa or Hector) are never seen laughing at Sergio picking on Bobby.



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