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The Wow of Miaow (101 Dalmatian Street)

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The Wow of Miaow (101 Dalmatian Street)
The Wow Of Miaow.png
Trust us, this episode isn't "wow" material at all.
Series: 101 Dalmatian Street
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 22
Air Date: August 25, 2019 (UK)

April 5, 2021 (US)

Writer: Giles Pilbrow
Director: Jez Hall
Previous episode: "A Date with Destiny… Dallas and Déjà Vu"
Next episode: "Fear Window"

"The Wow of Miaow" is the 22nd episode of 101 Dalmatian Street and the second part of the eleventh episode in the Disney+ release.

The episode originally aired on August 25, 2019.


Dylan's cat allergies cause Guru-Miaow devotee Deepak to leave home and move in with their feline neighbor Constantin.

Bad Qualities

  1. First off, there are many problems with several of the characters:
    • The Dimitri Trio are at their absolute worst here, as they are massive jerkasses towards Deepak - their own younger brother, for dog's sake - and the cats. They start with mocking poor Deepak over his love of cats, and then proceed to taunt Constantin and the other cats next door - and then outright splash the cats and their brother with water. To make matters worse, they get away with all of this - making them Karma Houdinis!
      • Granted, Dylan DID try to tell them off at Deepak's request, followed by the latter yelling at the trio (and Dylan)... but it simply isn't enough punishment for the Dimitris. Because of all this, it's fair to say that the Dimitris are beyond redemption here since they actually got away with bullying their own younger brother and helping to drive him out of the house - not to mention that they were flat-out racist towards the cats next door.
    • Dylan isn't much better, as he is very mean towards to cats primarily because of his cat allergy (although it should be noted that Constantin did insult dogs in his general earshot). Additionally, said allergy makes him side with Dimitris to think that cats are terrible animals to the point where he even snickers at the cats being splashed by the triplets - which makes Deepak cry and decide to leave the family. Even worse, Dylan treats Deepak being splashed like it's no big deal - that's not how you treat your little siblings, guys!
    • While Deepak himself is very sympathetic at the beginning of the episode due to Dimitris' bullying and Dylan's insensitivity, he becomes very selfish afterward as he leaves the Dalmatian household and moves into Constantin's house while only thinking about himself and not caring in the slightest about his family at all. And he's supposed to be one of the nicest pups in the Dalmatian family! Not to mention, he has a horrible judge of character since he respects Constantin - a grumpy and snobby cat who is very racist towards dogs.
    • Constantin is incredibly unlikable, since he openly insults dogs in front of Dylan and shows no sympathy for the Dalmatian after his followers make fun of him. Additionally, the episode is unsure whether to make him a good guy or a bad guy since he is shown to be a good mentor to Deepak but a massive jerkass to all other dogs. He is also racist since he is a typical Chinese stereotype.
    • Dolly is inconsistently portrayed in this episode - she initially shows no concern for Deepak when he is being bullied by the Dimitris and does nothing to stop them, but she becomes mad at Dylan after he drives Deepak out of the house and prompts him to get his brother back to put the house back into order.
  2. The plot is very predictable because of the following clichés:
    • Deepak running away from the Dalmatian house to live with his mentor is the "child runs away because his family doesn't respect him" cliché.
    • Constantin turning the house into an obstacle course using red wool is the "laser hallway" cliché.
    • The ending, where Deepak moves back to the Dalmatian house, is the "Status Quo is God" cliché.
  3. Plot hole: Deepak doesn't ask his parents for permission to leave the Dalmatian house, nor does he even think about the consequences of leaving his family behind. Sure, Deepak's anger towards Dylan is justified due to the latter's insensitivity towards the former - but that still doesn't excuse Deepak's impulsiveness.
  4. While the concept of Deepak staying with his mentor Constantin to get away from his hectic family life is a decent idea on paper, it is sadly executed like crap due to the former being mistreated by his jerkass brothers Dylan and the Dimitris.
  5. While the scene of Dolly showing Dylan the consequences of Deepak leaving the house in order to make Dylan realize the error of his ways is a decent scene, it has a scene of Deepak and Constantin meditating unnecessarily shoehorned into it. That scene does nothing to help the episode move along and is only there for filler.

Good Qualities

  1. As always, the animation and voice acting are decent.
  2. Depending on your view, Deepak could be considered likable (despite his selfishness) due to being quite sympathetic at the beginning of the episode.
    • Dolly also redeems herself after Deepak leaves the house, since she actually knocks some sense into Dylan for driving Deepak away - she shows Dylan that the house will fall into chaos without Deepak around, and tells him to get their brother back.
    • The younger pups - aside from the Dimitris - are also likable.
  3. Decent ending: Deepak and Dylan makeup and return home, where the former manages to calm down the pups and restore order to the family. After that, Deepak is applauded by the Dimitris for being able to cough up a hairball - after that, all the pups engage in a group hug with their brother.
  4. Unlike the Dimitris, Dylan does end up getting karma for his insensitive behaviour since he has to endure the house falling apart in Deepak's absence and ends up being put through hell to win back his brother's love - as a result, it's safe to say that his Butt-Monkey status is completely justified here.
    • The Dimitris are also briefly told off by Dylan at Deepak's request, and are also yelled at by Deepak when he tells them he is leaving the house - but that still doesn't kick them out of the Karma Houdini category.


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