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The Vending Machine (Monsters at Work)

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The Vending Machine (Monsters at Work)
Maybe things would have been different if Tylor never went near the vending machine...
Series: Monsters at Work
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: August 4, 2021
Writer: Michelle Spitz
Bobs Gannaway
Director: Kaitlyn Ritter
Previous episode: The Cover Up
Next episode: Adorable Returns

The Vending Machine is the sixth episode of the Disney+ original animated series Monsters at Work.


Tylor's job is threatened when he breaks MIFT's favourite vending machine on the day Fritz must fire someone due to budget cuts; Mike tries boosting morale at Monsters, Inc.

Why It's Broken

  1. This episode uses the "Out with the old, in with the new" cliché, which is about the characters replacing an old object (usually with a strong sentimental value to its owner) with a modern and better one, this object then becomes evil or doesn't fulfill its function so they must return it and get their old object back. Similar to the previous episode, this is just another boring cliché storm lacking enthusiasm or inspiration.
  2. Weak plot, as it is just another MIFT mishap with the characters facing no real adversities at all (not counting the new Vending Machine which only became evil due to Duncan messing it up).
  3. Just like the previous episode, wasted the opportunity of developing Duncan's character alongside building some chemistry between him and Tylor. In fact, he still acts like a jerk even after Tylor saved him from the vending machine.
  4. That one infamous and downright diabolical scene where Mike gives out Sulley's savings to their workers without Sulley's consent so they boost their moral. Let it be known that all of this happened because the company was experiencing budget problems and that's why they were encouraging the jokesters to work harder, so here comes the question: How is paying your workers extra money with your own savings going to cut expenses?
  5. Just like the previous episode, Duncan is a very big jerk here, as he keeps making Tylor feel guilty for accidentally breaking Vendy (MIFT’s old vending machine). Not to mention, he eavesdrops on Fritz, and tells everyone that one of the staff has to get cut due to budget problems. He also messes up the new vending machine, and is what turns it evil. Also, he wanted Fritz to leave when hearing about the staff being cut, and was disappointed when the staff was saved.
  6. A very painful scene where after Duncan unplugs the vending machine, it uses its backup battery, and eats Duncan up, inflicting pain on Duncan in the process and torturing him. Sure, Duncan was a jerk in this episode, but even he doesn’t deserve this kind of punishment.
  7. It's honestly dissappointing to witness the low standards that were presented in the episode, highlighting that this is part of a project as demanding in quality as Monsters At Work is. This episode just taints the show's image in an awful way.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting are still great.
  2. Tylor, Sulley, Mike (despite giving out Sulley's savings to their workers without Sulley's consent), Fritz, Val and Cutter are still likable characters.
  3. Great comedy, which is a minimum requirement of the Monsters Inc. franchise.
  4. This episode does have a good moral, that something new can’t have the same charm that something old has, and Tyler understands that with Vendy, the MIFT’s old vending machine.
  5. Aside from the scene mentioned in WIS #4, the subplot with Mike boosting the moral of the workers by getting them new stuff so they have the confidence to make more laugh power and increase the company’s budgets was actually quite decent (and is far better than the episode’s actual plot).
  6. Good ending: Tylor saves Duncan from the evil vending machine and destroys it. The MIFT team is spared thanks to Mike helping the company get back on its feet, and Tylor brings back Vendy and fixes it, and everyone, even Duncan (albeit, sarcastically), celebrate with drinks from Vendy.
  7. Like the previous segment in "Mike's Comedy Class" where Mike teaches the class about clowns and has everyone put on makeup is really fun to watch as well.


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