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The Truth Stinks (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)

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The Truth Stinks (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
The Truth Stinks.png
This episode's definitely not smelling fresh.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 21
Air Date: September 14, 2019
Writer: Emily Oetzell
Chris Ybarra
Previous episode: Weapon Of Choice
Next episode: Trading Day

"The Truth Stinks" is the 21st episode of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. It first aired on Cartoon Network in the United States on September 14, 2019.


Badgerclops smells, but Mao Mao and Adorabat don’t know how to tell him. Badgerclops is convinced that his new purifying crystals keep him clean when in actuality, he has become incredibly stinky. Mao Mao prevents Adorabat from telling him the truth because of his inability to handle criticism. When the two's attempt at giving him a bath fails, they decide to tell him the truth outright, resulting in him becoming difficult.

Why It ACTUALLY Stinks

  1. It's a Badgerclops torture episode.
  2. This episode is very, VERY mean-spirited. Badgerclops tries to smell really fresh, and ends up wearing a crystal necklace that caused him to smell very disgusting.
  3. Many, many gross-out jokes.
  4. Badgerclops inappropriately makes out with and licks a beignet and cries afterwards "I'll never love you like that again!"
  5. It has lots and LOTS of plot holes.
  6. Much like Do Me a Solid, When Badgerclops refuses to shower all day, the citizens of the park starts to get very sick, because of in the beginning of the episode when he caused all of the sweetie pies to run away screaming and leave the park by spreading a stink cloud when wearing a crystal necklace.
  7. Badgerclops looks EXTREMELY disgusting with his necklace on.
  8. Abysmal and pathetic soundtrack, especially the beignet song which is just ear-piercing, cliché, cheesy, annoying, and feels really forced.
  9. Hypocrisy: Badgerclops tells Mao Mao that he will only tell him if he tells him how great he smells, he doesn’t.
  10. If Badgerclops said he hates showering, then why does he act really dumb when Mao Mao and Adorabat does shower him in the end?
  11. Mao Mao and Adorabat do absolutely nothing when Badgerclops stays stinky for 11 minutes. Instead, they just get angry with Badgerclops.
  12. Badgerclops gets scared and cries just because Mao Mao was mean to him and Adorabat criticizes him, even when someone makes fun of him, he has the inability to handle criticism.
  13. When Mao Mao tells Badgerclops to shower fails and he ends up getting scared of it, there’s no way to get that smell off of him.
  14. Continuity error: Inspire of the episode stating that Badgerclops goes Rambo when criticized, the first episode (in the first season no less) has both his and Mao Mao's first dialogue being CRITICISM to each other!
  15. Bad moral: This episode teaches people to live your life without taking a shower every year, which is a despicable moral to teach people.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending was fine.
  2. The scene where Badgerclops sucked the stink cloud inside of his robot arm to spray it over the giant monster can be entertaining.
  3. It’s not Badgerclops’ fault for refusing to shower during the entire episode because of the crystal necklace he wore that caused him to be stinky and smell bad.
  4. The title of the episode makes sense because of how bad this episode is.
  5. Badgerclops's line, "I hate showering" is pretty funny.


  • This episode aired on the same day that WarnerMedia (the company who owns Cartoon Network, which distributed this show) copyright claimed Disney Television Animation News' YouTube channel.


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