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The Tiger Train (Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!)

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The Tiger Train
As if "Skarloey the Brave" wasn't bad enough
Series: All Engines Go!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 27
Previous episode: No Power, No Problem!
Next episode: The Can-Do Submarine Crew


Thomas tries to prove he can be braver than Yong Bao but his plan backfires.

Why It's An Embarrassment To Tigers Everywhere

  1. The main problem is that this episode is a complete rehash of "Skarloey the Brave" from Season 9 of the original series. Which was already a terrible episode yet somehow this episode makes that look like a masterpiece in comparison.
  2. Thomas is extremely reckless in this episode (more than unusual) and does a lot of dangerous things that could've gotten him into an accident. He tries playing chicken at a level crossing when Henry is passing by and almost gets hit. Not only is that unsafe but it's also illegal.
  3. This episode mentions events from "Yong Bao and the Tiger" despite the fact that this reboot is not part of the same timeline as the original series it could be argued that different interruptions of that episode happened but it doesn't make a difference considering how bad this episode is anyway.
  4. No one does anything to stop Thomas from doing all the bad things.
  5. The song "What Brave Engines Do" has a horrible message saying things like racing backwards and jumping over bridges are brave. There's a difference between being brave and trying things that will get you hurt or killed.
  6. Overall this episode gives horrible morals and encourages kids to do some dangerous things that could be life-threatening.


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