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The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment (Bob's Burgers)

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The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment (Bob's Burgers)
Sometimes blood is toxic, not thicker, than water.
Series: Bob's Burgers
Part of Season: 11
Episode Number: 8
Air Date: November 29, 2020
Writer: Kelvin Yu
Director: Ryan Mattos
Previous episode: Diarrhea of a Poopy Kid
Next episode: Mommy Boy

The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment is the eighth episode of the eleventh season of Bob's Burgers. It aired on November 29, 2020.


Linda drags her family to the airport in order to "visit" her obnoxious parents, who are stuck in a layover, but end up running themselves ragged when Gloria and Al wander off.

Bad Qualities

  1. The episode goes to show how parasitic Linda's relationship with her parents, more specifically her mother Gloria, is as she drops everything without a second thought to do whatever her parents want and they take full advantage of it and give no respect to her or Bob. Even worse, Linda believes that as long as she loves her family, she should let herself get pushed around, much to Bob's frustration.
  2. Bob is forced to retract his reprimanding of Gloria when he scolds her for stealing Linda's property (her phone charger) when Gloria acts all immature about it.
  3. Horrible Lesson: Linda believes that you should let yourself get bullied by your parents no matter how unreasonable they're being, just because they're family.
  4. The episode is a little boring and dull to sit through as it's just the Belchers walking around an airport trying to find Linda's parents.
  5. Hearing Gloria's obnoxious voice repeatedly, especially when Bob finally puts his foot down, is incredibly unbearable.
  6. The fact that Gloria's request to bring shaving cream to her parents at the airport is soon revealed to have been entirely unnecessary on account of how the airport happens to sell shaving cream.

Good Qualities

  1. Some funny lines, like Gene saying that him defacing his mother's aforementioned phone charger by drawing an ass on it is meant to be his commentary on technology.
  2. The mall security are rather likable since they help the Belchers search for Gloria and Al with little-to-no complaints.
  3. Bob is likable in this episode.


  • The episode was given a 7.9/10 on IMDb.[1], but a majority of fans really did not like this episode due to showing how toxic Linda's relationship with her parents are and also hate how Linda refuses to set boundaries due to a misguided need to do whatever her parents want out of love.


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