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The Successor and the Transfer Student (Magical Girl Site)

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"Why were you bullied by those wretched girls?" Spoilers: never explained.

The Successor and the Transfer Student is the fourth episode of Magical Girl Site.

Bad Qualities

  1. To get rub a salt to the wound, it does not show the REAL purpose about why Aya's bullying classmate, Sarina Shizukume and her friends were tormenting Aya for, just like the manga that adapted from.
  2. It feels this episode didn't want to show how Sarina and her friends were bullies, leaving the episode unanswered.
  3. There are a lot of possible plot-holes in this episode that are forgotten.
  4. It felt like Sarina, who is a bully, was thought to be trying to be Aya's "friend". But, verbally taunt her because Sarina thinks Aya is "ungrateful" for what? making her a very rubbish villain along with Aya's brother, Kaname.
  5. There is no reason why Sarina and her friends didn't want to be friends of Aya.
  6. Erika Kajima, Sarina's second-in-command, who died in the first episode, appears in a flashback and barely know much about her along with Sarina and Ai Kawano.
  7. There was a scene where Kaname being equally emo about himself in his thoughts about humans being "scums" along with being "brainless meatbags". We did learned that Kaname was abused from his father for not keep up his exams, which is why he wanted Aya to help him relieve his stress from all the abuse. His school life, his relationship of how he described Aya, becoming friends with Keisuke Naoto were removed from the anime similar to Dio Brando's motives in the 2007 movie adaptation, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.
  8. Aya's reading teacher acts like a complete moron when she saw Sarina poking Aya with a pen, which led her to barely care about Aya or her students.
  9. Lots of scenes found in the manga that are foreshadowed and unexplained.
  10. One of Aya's classmates barely cared about her bullying problem with Sarina and her friends, when they were told that the bullies are delinquents.
  11. Kentaro Sato, the author of the manga that was based on, voices a killer, Soji Odano, which wasted his first voice acting debut when he only appeared in 2 episodes.
  12. Soji Odano, the killer that murdered Yatsumura's parents, is a rip off of Joe Chill, a mugger who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents from the Batman comics.
  13. We did not learn why Aya didn't tell her teachers in the first place about her bullying problem.
  14. It has no real reason why Sarina and her friends were bullying Aya for, since they saw her acting like a weakling who is not good at running outside of the gym, and have Aya read a book to her reading teacher.
  15. It demonstrates how Sarina is much more of a killer than a regular student for unknown reasons, and only cares about "paying for life" on killing Aya who murdered one of her friends (Erika and Shota), along with Yatsumura, for sliting her throat.
  16. It is one of the examples of foreshadowing things without any explanation or emotion in anime and manga history.

Good Qualities

  1. Ryusei Nakao's voice for Nana is kinda decent, who is also known for voicing Frieza in the Japanese sub of Dragon Ball Z.
  2. They did omit all the miserableness of Aya's bullying days to tone down the manga's nature.
  3. It is a little meanspirited than "Magical Girl SIte" and "God Won't Abandoned Me".
  4. The episode does reveal why Kaname did not meet up his father's "high expectations" for his school grades, despite he didn't mentioned why he used Aya as a stress relief from the manga.
  5. Aya, Yatsumura and Nijimi are still likeable in this series.
  6. There are some nice scenes like Yatsumura giving Aya some bravery in her.
  7. It can appreciate that Sarina should become a villainous magical girl, but not as a huge jerk.
  8. Yatsumura's backstory was sad, but it kinda rips off the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents from the Batman comics.
  9. Shota Arai, the muscular student who was about to assault Aya in the first episode, does not appear, thankfully.


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