The Simpsons (Sr Pelo's Parody)

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The Simpsons (Sr Pelo's Parody)
This parody is not diddly-ding-dong okay.
Running Time: 10 seconds-2 Minutes
Country: Mexico
Release Date: 2017
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Sr Pelo

The Simpsons parody by Sr Pelo is a series of animated shorts based on the popular animated sitcom of the same name that ran only around 2017 with a total of six videos.

This parody, unlike any humorous animated masterpiece by Sr Pelo, is quite the most controversial animation series for various reasons.

Why It's Intentionally The Worst! Parody! Ever!

Like with other Sr Pelo animation, this series was likely made as a joke.

  1. Unlike any of Sr Pelo's animation videos, the parody's content crosses the line; it's disturbing to most viewers, especially The Simpsons fans. These Simpsons videos, despite being age restricted, are all sickening, unfunny, disturbing, horrific, and try too hard to pull out the dark humor and hardly adult content, where Homer and Marge Simpson portrayed as sick, demonic, mean-spirited, two-faced psychopaths who commit cruel and murderous acts while making the most repulsive evil-looking random faces. While Bart, Lisa, and even Maggie are defenseless and suffer in shocking ways at their parents' hands. Despite that parody, an animated sitcom comedy into something with twisted imagery and shock value ends with a not-so-great result.
  2. Both Marge and Homer are downright flanderized. Even though the series meant to be a parody, it's still jarring nonetheless:
    • Marge, instead of being a kind-hearted and loving wife/mother, is a deranged sadist, enjoys nothing but admiring Homer's vulgar nature and watching her children suffer from Homer's abuse.
    • Homer, instead of being a dumb but comical and caring husband/father, comes off as a sadistic, lustful, murderous, pedophiliac, the mentally ill monster who commits such bizarre but sickening acts, much worse than Marge.
  3. In "The Simpsons: The Kiss", when Homer impales his hand to Marge's pregnant stomach so he can suck the life out of her with the umbilical cord, a photo-cropped real-life image of a dead aborted fetus can seen falling out of Marge's stomach.
  4. In "The Simpsons: Wendy's", Homer and Marge went inside Wendy's to swiftly kill and cannibalize the mascot Wendy (if paused at the correct time [timestamp 0:14], Homer is shown devouring Wendy's buttcheeks), and both couples end up mimicking 2 Girls 1 Cup by vomiting each others' mouths.
  5. In "The Simpsons: The Job", after killing Mr. Burns for no reason, Homer shoots his already-starving wife Marge dead, then Bart, and finally Lisa (who was already dead by starvation but Homer shot her anyway despite being dead). The video ends with Homer giving his infant daughter Maggie oral sex, which was pedophilic and incest.
  6. In "The Simpsons: Saturday", besides some gross unbearable close-ups of Homer and Marge giving each other an evil grin, both couples enter Bart's bedroom, and Homer attempts to molest his children (starting with pulling his pants down but his genitalia thankfully censored with Homer's head), but when Lisa interferes Homer, he slaps Lisa so hard she somehow turned into a small dead fetus. The end of the video painfully makes no sense because when Homer shoves the fetal Lisa down Bart's throat after slapping Bart's face, Bart's head changed into that of Homer.
  7. In "The Simpsons: Revelations", the video turns out just fine and normal (minus the quick scene where Homer beheads Lisa with his garden shears) with Mokey-like humor for over a minute straight, until ending with a horrible twist. Towards the end, after Homer rescued Marge and Maggie from Ned Flanders (who was flanderized as a psychopathic hypocrite), the couples suddenly become demons, sacrificed their daughter, and finally ends with the demonic Marge giving birth to a Baphomet-like demon on-screen.
  8. "The Simpsons: The Cycle", out of all previous videos, is the worst offender:
    • Homer kills poor Maggie by impaling his genitalia through her.
    • If Homer's on-screen sex intercourse with Marge (which breaks YouTube's TOS) isn't enough, the next part is much more disturbing. While Lisa was praying in her bedroom, her prayer was interrupted when Homer burst in and slaps her hard enough to turn her into a small infant (similar to "The Simpsons: Saturday"). The deranged father pulls his pants down to get ready for molestation, whispering "Who's your daddy?", as we watch the helpless Lisa laying on the bed, screaming for help and getting impaled to death by Homer's erect penis.
    • Bart has become an SCP-96-like creature which was entirely against his character. Worse, Bart's gnawing on a dead fetus, which can see clearly (but briefly) when Bart lunges after the unnamed hunter.
    • Despite Homer's comeuppance, the ending is oddly unsatisfying and gross. After Marge has already given birth to fetal versions of the Simpsons family, the unnamed hunter steps in front of Marge as the former reveals himself as a giant glans penis with limbs attached and uses his penis-shaped head to impale through Marge, killing her.
    • Due to the short's content, Sr Pelo has to take this video down but not the rest of the Simpsons videos.
  9. Misleading Thumbnails: All videos' thumbnails look innocent at first, making the viewers think the shorts are just usual parody videos, but when watching the videos, the videos themselves reveal their true colors by including some sickly disturbing content as stated from the descriptions above.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sr Pelo makes no more Simpsons parody videos rights after releasing "The Simpsons: The Cycle".
  2. In "The Cycle", Homer at least got what he deserved for all the disturbing actions he has done to his own family from the previous shorts, by getting shot in the head and sending himself off flying to the sun by the unnamed hunter.
  3. "The Simpsons: Revelations" is considered the least bad since, aside from the disturbing scenes near the end and the part where Homer cuts Lisa with the garden shears in a few seconds, it does have the humor that Sr Pelo has as with Mokey and Friends


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