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The Samsonadzes

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The Samsonadzes
გეგონათ, ქართველებო, შეგეძლოთ თავი დააღწიოთ ამერიკულ შოუს? არასწორად იფიქრე. (Thought you Georgians could get away with ripping off an American show? You thought wrong).
Genre: Animation
Country: Georgia
Release Date: November 2009 – 2010
Created by: Shalva Ramishvili
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 18

The Samsonadzes (Georgian: სამსონაძეები, Samsonadzeebi) is a short-lived Georgian CGI animated television sitcom created and produced by Shalva Ramishvili. It first aired in Georgia in November 2009. It almost immediately became a "hit", "taking Georgia by storm" and "shooting to the number two spot among the most popular shows on one of Georgia's main TV channels". It has been described as "bearing more than a passing resemblance" to the American animated television sitcom The Simpsons.


The Samsonadzes are "a yellow-skinned cartoon family, consisting of a dopey husband" (Gela Samsonadze, who works in a bank) "and his lavishly coiffed wife, who live in a fictionalized version of Georgia’s capitol, Tbilisi with their children", Shorena and Gia. They also have a parrot, Koke.

რატომ მწოვს (Why It Sucks)

  1. It's a shameless rip-off of The Simpsons, right down to the character designs to the theme song, there's even an episode called "Simpsons on My Family", which could lead to copyright infringement.
    • The creator even tried denying these claims, saying that it's "more of a tribute that used similar ideas but adapted them to the local context" or "it's not The Simpsons, it's The Samsonadzes, this is all about a Georgian family, with Georgian jokes, Georgian plot, with Georgian development, with Georgian social humor and he'll be proud if anyone will compare this series with The Simpsons though they are no match for it, of course" in his own words, when it's obviously a rip-off.
  2. Putrid, abysmal and downright horrendous CGI animation that is not worth even looking for 2009 standards. It's like watching the cutscenes of a PS1/Nintendo 64 game without ever getting to play the game.
  3. The show has some anti-Russian propaganda in it. If that wasn't bad enough, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, appears in one episode.
  4. Most, if not all, of the episodes, are boring.
  5. Very ugly and disgusting character designs that look like they are made for ragdoll games.
  6. It can be pretty confusing at some points.
  7. One episode has Gela rapping "Beggin" by Madcon in it. It's just as cheesy and cringeworthy as it sounds. Also, in the same episode, the Chipmunks' cover of "Funky Town" by Lipps Inc. can be heard in one scene, with no attempt to hide it, which is incredibly lazy.
  8. Laughable bad voice acting, as most, if not all of the characters have extremely low-pitched voices.
  9. Empty-looking background designs that try to be based on Tbilisi, but they fail.

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