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The Robomechabotatron (Wander Over Yonder)

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The Robomechabotatron is the first half of episode 21 of Season 2 of Wander Over Yonder

The Robomechabotatron
Robomecha titlecard.png
All in favor of NEVER working with this robot again! - Lord Hater
Series: Wander Over Yonder
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: Overall Season: 38
Episode Segment: 21a
Air Date: June 20, 2016
Writer: Sam Riegel
Director: Dave Thomas
Previous episode: The Sky Guy
Next episode: The Flower (Wander Over Yonder)


Wander must team up with Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Peepers to use the Robomechabotatron to defeat Lord Dominator. But Wander refuses to fight her instead.

Why It Doesn't Deserve To Fight This Robot

  1. This is a Wander torture episode since Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Peepers fight back to use the Robomechabotatron.
  2. Lord Hater, and to an extent, Peepers are unlikable characters in this episode, as they wanted to use the robot without teaming up with Wander and Sylvia.
  3. Lord Hater did not pronounce the Robomechabotatron right, which makes him an idiot for not pronouncing the name.
  4. Lord Dominator is somewhat unlikeable as she asks the four characters to fight her.
    • What's worse, she hates them and calls "You guys are the worst!" when they fail to fight her.
    • She is also hypocritical in this episode, as she said to the main cast that "You guys are the worst and I hate you all!", even though her personality is hatred and she is considered as the worst villain for destroying the galaxy.
  5. Some filler scenes in this episode:
    • Hater and Peepers attempt to use the robot, with the latter using the instruction manual.
    • The robot crawls using its legs after Wander and Sylvia enter it.
    • The robot bumps its body on the wall when it is about to enter outside.
    • While attempting to enter outside, Sylvia enters the password to activate the gate, which causes it to bump.
    • Wander refuses to fight Dominator, which causes Sylvia, Hater, and Peepers to get mad at him for not fighting.
  6. This episode is somewhat mean-spirited due to the characters, except Wander, clashing about the robot:
    • Hater running so that he can use the robot first.
    • Him, Peepers, and Sylvia fighting with the former mispronouncing its name, until Wander stops them.
    • Him slicing the left leg when Wander refuses to fight Dominator, which causes the robot to fall and backfires.
  7. Even after teaming up, Hater removes Wander from the team by cutting the robot's leg, which causes it to fall (as mentioned before) when attempting to attack Dominator.
  8. The ending is sub-par because Sylvia, Hater, and Peepers are mad at Wander for not using the robot again, despite the Cluckons evacuating their home planet.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Wander and Sylvia is likable characters in this episode.
  2. The opening scene and the scene where Bot 9 identified the four characters and the robot to Lord Dominator are the only decent scenes.
  3. Lord Hater's line: WHAT THE... WHY DID Y- GAH! I WANNA USE MY LASER EYES!!