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The Rival (The Amazing World of Gumball)

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The Rival (The Amazing World of Gumball)
Introducing the Big Brother Caillou of The Amazing World of Gumball! But the baby sister abuses the big brothers instead of the other way around
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: January 5, 2018
Writer: Ben Bocquelet
Joe Parham
Tobi Wilson
James Hamilton
Jon Purkis
Joe Markham
Previous episode: The Puppets
Next episode: The Lady

The Rival is the season premiere of Season 6 of The Amazing World of Gumball.


When Anais is a newborn baby, Gumball and Darwin become jealous of their new sibling, and spark a baby confront.

Why It's A Rival

  1. It completely contradicts the events of "The Choices". In that episode, Anais was a sweet baby who switched up the I and A around.
  2. It's another one of those awful tropes where a person is blamed for something he or she didn't do, and it never gets resolved.
  3. Misleading Plot: Gumball and Darwin are supposed to be jealous of Anais, but instead she wants to terminate Gumball and Darwin.
  4. Plot Holes: How did Gumball already know what Anais was going to look like before she was actually born? Additionally, Anais draws Richard and Nicole in the outfits they are seen in for normal most episodes, so how did she know what they would be wearing in the future?
  5. The infamous scene where the bully takes Anais teddy bear and when Gumball is about to punch the bully it stops mid frame this is an equivalent a kick in the groin.
  6. This episode makes Anais completely unlikable and out of character by revealing that she was an evil baby sister before she was the only smart and adorable girl.
  7. Nicole and Richard are completely stupid in this episode, as they unfairly punish Gumball and Darwin for Anais' wrongdoings, though it makes sense since the brothers were supposed to be responsible for Anais.
  8. The scary face that Anais makes throughout the episode is disturbing for younger viewers, not to mention, really ugly, as if the animators put way too much effort.
  9. Very Inappropriate Innuendo: There is a scene where Gumball told Anais she was going right back where she came from, and Darwin's face became pale when he heard him say that, meaning he thought Gumball was talking about, well… something else.
  10. Anais never gets punished for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini.
  11. Horrible Ending: Anais blames Gumball and Darwin yet again making Nicole and Richard glare at them.
  12. This episode has moments that are questionable even by cartoon standards, like Anais setting the water hot, putting a bomb on Darwin's action figures and etc.
  13. This episode is also way too similar to the Tale to Give You Goosebumps short story and Goosebumps "Strained Peas". Both episodes revolve around the main character getting a new baby sibling who wants to kill and replace them. It doesn't help that, as stated in WIAR #10, much like Hannah/Grace, Anais gets off scot-free for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini.
  14. Overall, this was a horrible way to start season six.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The episode is just a flashback, so there is nothing to worry about.
  2. Gumball and Darwin are the only likable characters.
    • They can be treated as sympathetic since they were abused by Anais during this whole episode.
  3. ”Well, at least your soul was going upwards.”