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The Red Ape Family

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The Red Ape Family
This perfectly represents just how stupid the NFT market is.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 8-19 minutes
Country: United Arab Emirates
India (animation from the start of the episode 2)
Release Date: November 27, 2021-present
Created by: Zaini Media
Starring: Hashem Zain
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 2

The Red Ape Family is an Emirati adult animated web series based on the Bored Ape NFTs that was released on November 27, 2021 for the same year following the NFT craze. As of now, the show has one season and two episodes.


In the year 2130, humans messed up and the earth was dying. But not to worry, because four bored red apes, one Shiba Inu, and a lazy lion are on a mission to leave Earth and start a new life on Mars. Let's see what happens... or not.

Why It's Not Funny And A Terrible Show

  1. First and foremost, the series is about the infamous NFTs. If you're not familiar with what that means, NFT stands for non-fungible token. And if you want a simpler explanation, NFTs are worthless PNGs that consume plenty of electricity, which is bad for the environment. Not to mention that the nature of NFTs make it pretty much a scam. There is no point to them when you could just screenshot it or save it onto your device or computer, making it completely useless. What's even worse is that companies such as Disney and the Jim Henson Company are making NFTs as well.
    • NFT cartoons are just stupid in and of themselves.
    • It's so obvious that the characters treat their audience like they're idiots and explain the whole concept to them. Seriously, if they didn't know what an NFT is, why would they be watching a show based on an NFT in the first place?
  2. The voice acting sounds very uninspired and dull. While the voice actors are literal crypto bros who speak in Australian (and one Indian) accents, it doesn't justify anything in any way especially when they throughout one instance of the dialogue, which makes it impossible to hear half of it and these accents also can be offensive to some people especially Indians due to the series being animated in India (starting from episode 2).
  3. The main excuse plot (shown in the plot section) was only mentioned in their trailer, but for some reason, it was completely cut from the final product as shown in the first episode.
    • Due to this, there is no plot (which consists of Chunky stealing an old flash drive from a museum containing the oldest (and perhaps unsold) NFTs, the lousiest excuse of why his family is heading to Mars as explained in the trailer) to pay attention to. This makes the show even more stupid and even a generic cash in to the NFT trend.
  4. The show tries way too hard to be "cool" and "edgy" by cussing every second. A prime example of this is in the trailer. Speaking of, the "jokes" fall flat and they aren't funny at all. Hell, were they even trying to make cutaway jokes? All of it is just ridiculous and awful.
    • On the topic, most of the jokes are just constant profanity like "fuck" or "shit" being said.
    • Also, Chucky's F-word drop is recycled throughout the episode and sounds identical.
  5. The animation for the first episode looks very choppy with the lip-sync looking like it took ten seconds to make.
    • Chucky's running animation in one scene looks like it was rotoscoped over footage of a real person running, which probably proves how lazy the animators were.
  6. Around one minute through the first episode, Winky (the mother) tells Chucky (the protagonist) that the Golden Flash Drive he stole is more valuable than the whole city of Paris, and the Eiffel Tower. This can be considered offensive towards the people who built and even founded the city, as well as the Eiffel Tower, given how much effort, time, planning, work, and even change it would take to complete something that people will actually want to travel to, or even to look at it on a device. Not several low-budget recolors of the exact same thing.
  7. All the characters are very boring. As they barely have any personality and lack the depth of any kind.
  8. None of the characters' designs are particularly compelling.
    • All the apes are perhaps the most disappointing. Since they look pretty ugly with their distorted teeth, and some of them look the same like Winky, who is basically Chucky with pigtails.
    • The human characters look like Mr. Pickles rejects.
    • The crazy red lion, also known as Dr. Nwatiti, wears a doctor outfit, why? It makes no sense knowing that they're not in a hospital. Is it because he’s a doctor or a scientist? Probably.
  9. The show tries way too hard to be hip and relevant.
    • One example of that is when in the airport, the advisor gives them a piece of paper with a circle, triangle, and square, referencing Squid Game or even the PlayStation control buttons.
    • Another example is the fact that the show itself is based on something from the NFT craze, as mentioned before.
    • At the beginning of the first episode, someone speaking in an Indian accent, references "Man's Not Hot" a 2017 song and meme.
  10. Typo: In one scene, a sign reads "No humans deteced", where a 'T' should have been between the 'C' and 'E' in "Detected".
    • It doesn't help that this error was one minute into the first episode.
  11. False advertising: It claims to be the first animated NFT cartoon, but that title actually belongs to another series called Stoner Cats.
  12. The editing ranges from mediocre to just completely terrible.
  13. Generic and outlandish trap intro/outro song that does not fit a TV show at all.
  14. The first episode feels way too much more like a trailer, rather than being an actual episode, while the second one feels more like a reaction video!
  15. The show's creators can't seem to take criticism, as in the second episode, they mocked critics like Saberspark for example, by using audio from his video and having a character named Saberfart, which is very childish.
    • In fact, they also disabled ratings and comments on the show's trailer, while they deleted unfavourable comments from the episodes themselves. The latter can be evidenced by the fact that the top comments have no replies at all, but have over one thousand likes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the backgrounds look decent.
  2. The soundtrack, while not the best, is pretty catchy.
  3. The second episode can be considered an improvement over the first, as the animation is better along with the running time being longer. However, it still has many of the problems that were retained from the first episode, and the fact that the episode mocked critics, especially Saberspark.


The Red Ape Family was universally panned due to its nonsensical plot and heavy reliance on NFTs, which were proven to be harmful to the environment. Days later, it started to become a huge meme and that's how the show became a laughing stock. It currently holds a perfect 1/10 on IMDb (despite several ten-star ratings these are ignored due to IMDb ratings using a weighted vote average), and it is considered one of the worst animated series of all time.


  • Due to the show being based on the Bored Ape NFTs, many have made jokes threatening to screenshot the entire show, frame by frame.
  • Zaini Media had a minuscule budget to make the series and has to animate the first episode in their own studio. As later in episode 2, the animation was now done by Digitoonz in India.





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