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The Rain

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The Rain
The Rain.png
rasmUS, Don't uNBUckLE yOUR sEat or I WiLL gluE yOu tO tHe SEat!
Genre: Drama
Psychological thriller
Science fiction
Running Time: 35–48 minutes
Country: Denmark
Release Date: May 4, 2018 - August 6, 2020
Network(s): Netflix
Created by: Jannik Tai Mosholt
Esben Toft Jacobsen
Christian Potalivo
Distributed by: Netflix
Starring: Alba August
Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
Mikkel Boe Følsgaard
Lukas Løkken
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 20

The Rain is a Danish post-apocalyptic web television series created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen and Christian Potalivo.

Why It Should Dry Out

  1. It's just another cliched "last people on earth" show.
  2. The premise is absolutely ridiculous, up to the point where it literally makes no sense. Apparently, water can actually kill you, no matter what type it is; polluted, clean, purified, etc.
    • Somehow, even lakes, oceans, and puddles can infect you, too! So, you can't swim or have fun with water, at all! How are these teens supposed to entertain each other? Does pools hurt you, too?
    • Also, the first rain outbreak was just basically a normal rainstorm, but the twist is, as usual, it infects people and kills them. But here's the problem, where the other rainstorms before this toxic?
      • If there weren't any other rainstorms, then how did anyone survive? You clearly need water for not just humans, but even animals to survive. That's why rain exists, and plus, some of it is why we have food! And what drinks that anyone drink, if water was so toxic to them?
  3. Speaking of animals, the animals are somewhat not infected by water, but now they're rabid to humans after the apoclypse, which just like the premise, it makes no sense at all!
    • There isn't even a simple explanation of why water became toxic in the first place.
  4. Horrible acting, even for both English and Danish. For the English dub, the actors were miscasted. Simone sounds 20 years older than she looks 6 years before the show's main timeline. Even worse, her voice doesn't change when the show reaches the timeline!
    • Also, when Simone pronouces "Rasmus", she more sounds like she's saying "ass must", in which feels like the translators doesn't know Danish.
  5. The writing is equally awful as the acting is, such as the infamous scene where Simone tells Rasmus to not unbuckle his seat or else he will be "glued to the seat." Compared to 13 Reasons Why's bad writing which led to poor character development and an awful "jump-the-shark" moment in Season 3, this show leads to many plotholes such as its whole water issue mentioned in WIS #2.
  6. The characters are extremely stupid with an extremely lack of knowledge. Simone's dad literally thinks he can stop people from dying in the rain (For what? Just dragging them into the bunker? That would be silly!), and then her mom literally jumps out of a bunker to stop an infected person, all for no good reason, and then the 2 siblings just pair up with a group of teens for not finding a way to stop the rain and to make water "great," but for food! Yes, these kids are worried so much about food rather than saving the world!
    • As a matter of fact, one of the characters literally uses a kaleidoscope to seek for survivors.
  7. The people that got infected by rain somehow survive for 6 years, but then as soon as Simone and Rasmus leave the bunker, they all die.
  8. There's even appearences of skeletons of dead children lying in a school playground, which is sick and disgusting, even for a TV-MA-rated show.
  9. The soundtrack is consistent of poor Danish pop songs that have an awful instrumental, and cringeworhty singing.
  10. In the first episode, the Bunker runs out of oxygen, but the siblings as well as the teenagers that raided their bunker can breathe just fine, as if they're immortal.
  11. The series finale "And this Shall two pass" was terrible, fast paced, and a very poor way to end the show.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Good Camerawork and the sets are also well organized.


At release, The Rain received positive reviews from critics, but while audiences have taken a mixed response, with a 57% audience score and a 6.3 on IMDb, and an 83% on rotten tomatoes. google also has a positive reception with about 90% people liking the show, even though the others panned the show.


  1. This was the first Netflix original show from Denmark.


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