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The Promise (Little Bill)

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The Promise
The promise.jpeg
This promise is broken.
Series: Little Bill
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 4a
Air Date: September 7, 2000
Writer: Fracaswell Hyman
Director: Jonny Belt
Previous episode: Neighborhood Park
Next episode: The Practice

The Promise is the first half of the 4th episode of the second season of Little Bill.


When Little Bill doesn't know what He should bring for show and tell. April decides to give Little Bill her basketball trophy, and has him promise not to break it.

Broken Qualities

Great job April, You made Little Bill Cry!
  1. April is unlikable in this episode, as she gets mad at Little Bill for accidentally breaking her trophy.
  2. While not as bad as April, Andrew, Kiku, and Fuchsia are also unlikable for not listening to Little Bill to not touch April’s trophy.
  3. While still likable, Little Bill ended up breaking his promise, even when he tried his best to keep his promise, most notably when he was chasing the class’ pet frog, and his friends ended up touching it and breaking the basketball part off.
  4. This was a mean-spirited episode towards Little Bill, as his friends were the ones that broke April’s trophy, and April got mad at Little Bill for it, even though it wasn’t entirely his fault, he didn't even explain to April how it broke, and the only part he failed to do was to keep it safe, which he couldn't do alone, and he could've asked Ms. Murray to keep it safe.
  5. The hard to watch scene where even when April gets mad at Little Bill for accidentally breaking her trophy, and slams her room door in front of him. Little Bill at least regretted his mistake and apologized to her, but she still got mad at him, and she even told him to go away before slamming the door on him, which made poor Little Bill cry.
  6. April, Andrew, Kiku, and Fuchsia never get punishment or blame for their bad actions.
  7. He sacrificed his favorite thing, the tiger's eye marble, to fix April's trophy instead of anything else like a different marble.

Fixed Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting are still good as usual.
  2. Little Bill is still likable as usual, as he tried to keep his promise to April. He also regretted breaking his promise, and apologized to her.
    • Bobby, Brenda, Big Bill, Alice the Great, and Ms. Murray are also still likable as usual.
  3. Some decent scenes, like Little Bill’s fantasy about how he got his marble, the promise oath he did with April, the show and tell scene, the scene where Bobby comforts his little brother, and the scene where Little Bill, with Bobby’s help, fixes April’s trophy using his marble.
  4. This episode does have a good moral: always keep good promises you make with your loved ones.
  5. The ending was very sweet as Little Bill shows April her fixed trophy at dinner, much to her happiness. He told her he fixed it with Bobby’s help, and he apologized to her again for breaking his promise. She forgives him, and he says she’s her favorite sister, which touched everyone’s hearts, and she gave him a kiss on the check. Then, everyone has a happy dinner with Little Bill’s favorite, Macaroni and Cheese.


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