The Problem Solverz

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The Problem Solverz
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There are still some problems they never solved:
The problems with their show
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: April 4, 2011 – March 30, 2013
Network(s): Cartoon Network
Created by: Ben Jones
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Ben Jones
Kyle Kaplan
John DiMaggio
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 26

The Problem Solverz is an animated series on Cartoon Network created by Ben Jones that aired from April 4, 2011 to March 30, 2013.


Three such heroes - Alfe, Roba and Horace - run an unorthodox detective agency that tries to solve the mysteries of the universe. Alfe is a creature described as part anteater, part human and part dog. Roba has a fear of humanity that compels him to dress as a robot. Horace is known for having a cool haircut.

Why This Problem Couldn't Be Solved

  1. The show is notorious for its extreme overuse of very bright colors, along with a complete lack of ambience or shading (in Season 1 at least), as if the background designers were on drugs. Mr. Enter said in his review on the show that his computer has a hard time rendering them, and later was diagnosed with myopia as a result of watching the show. Not to mention, it is seizure-inducing with some of the scenes containing flashing/strobing lights.
    • Not to mention that the flashing lights in the show, along with other forms of media, can trigger seizures, which is well known as being "photosensitive epilepsy".
  2. The show has unpleasant and shoddy flash animation, with characters sometimes moving in stiff, bizarre, and robot-like ways.
  3. Horrendously abysmal and ugly character designs, made without any depth or detail until Season 2.
    • Alfe looks nothing like a large, fluffy, man–dog–anteater hybrid as he was supposed to be, and he looks more like a poor man's Domo-kun.
    • The characters' mouths look like they got stung by bees, and they're similar to two worms splattered onto their poor faces.
    • Roba's eyes close horizontally for some reason, is he supposed to be a non-human character or something? Like an alien?
    • The faces (sometimes anime-esque) the characters make come off as ugly, hideous, creepy, weird, cringeworthy, silly, and laughable.
      • The worst offenders are the ones seen in "Funny Facez." Even the episode is called that.
  4. Unlikable characters such as Alfe, who's a very annoying and painfully unfunny character. He's also a terrible character in the show, especially in Season 1 and the early episodes of Season 2.
    • Roba and Horace are also unlikable and bland at best.
  5. Overuse of disgustingly unfunny and lame jokes that focus on nothing but toilet humor such as Roba's uncontrollable farting when he eats beans and Alfe bathing in a toilet in Awesome Banditz. Plus, there is too much toilet humor seen in episodes, especially in Season 1.
    • There was even one infamous moment in Roba Has Dreadlocks where Alfe does a song which was farting.
    • That reference to Superjail! in the episode "Puffy Puppiez" isn't even funny.
  6. Any main character gets in serious pain, especially Roba. The worst offender is Making of The Problem Solverz Video Game, where all of the characters get tormented.
    • Alfe is the only character to be less in pain, and whenever he does the torment, he gets little to no consequences for doing that. He's also destructive and can destroy everything often, so he mostly does all of the disaster.
  7. The layouts of Farboro (while detailed and creative) and other locations are horribly designed, due to the extremely bright and flashing high gamma colors. a
  8. The voice acting is very obnoxious and laughable, with Alfe and Roba's voices being the worst offenders as their voices sound like they were distorted on a BlackBerry phone.
  9. Terrible episodes like Time Twister (a horrible way to start the series, as well the second season premiere), Alfe Is Da Boss, Alfe Has a Baby, K-999, Da Little Explorerz, "Zazz Boyz Are Zazzin' It Up" (a poor man's "Band Geeks"), and more to count.
  10. Richard Jefferson is an unlikable character who abuses his son rodick Jefferson in the show
  11. Terrible writing and sometimes it can make plot holes in some episodes.
  12. The show has a short-lived segment seen at the end of each episode (until Episode 6) called Ask Alfe which has to be considered filler because it has many simple questions, as this segment was made to advertise the show more often. It's also random since Alfe answers the questions with not-so helpful answers.
  13. The promos and bumpers made for the show are too hyperactive, nonsensical, random, and also have way too many bright colors all over the place (if not more than the show itself).
  14. The show was so hated, that it was put on hiatus for 1½ years and its full second season was exclusively burnt off on Netflix on March 30, 2013.
    • After the show was removed from Netflix in 2015, the Season 2 episodes used to be lost media briefly until all of the episodes were released on Dailymotion.
  15. Terrible finale: The episode, Alfe's Gonna Run Away, is about Alfe running away and moving to a new home due to an insult from Roba, making him depressed. Meanwhile, Alfe was replaced by a bear, which is just cruel and mean-spirited. The episode ends with Alfe coming back and Roba and Horace are glad. Then, the bear (that replaced Alfe) crashes in and roars, then Alfe leaves quickly, leaving Roba and Horace behind making the finale a absolute cliffhanger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The 8-bit soundtrack is decent.
  2. There are some nonsensical moments that can come off as funny, even taken out of context.
  3. The layouts of Farboro, while an eyesore, are at least detailed and look creative.
  4. Tux Dog, Roba (sometimes when not tortured), and Horace (sometimes) are good and decent characters. Also, Alfe gets a bit better in Season 2.
  5. Its premise is quite original.
    • To add this, the animation in season 2 (for the most part) also improves a bit, though not by that much.
    • The bright colors are also toned down in the final episodes of Season 1 and the entirety of Season 2.


The series was met with extremely negative reviews and is often considered to be one of the worst (if not the worst) Cartoon Network shows ever made. On IMDb, it sits at a 2/10, making it the lowest rated Cartoon Network TV show on the site. Only 19% of Google users liked this show. It was ranked as #1 on WatchMojo's Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows video. It was ranked #3 on Mr. Enter's Worst Cartoons of the 2010's list. RebelTaxi ranked it #4 on his ugliest cartoons list. PhantomStider ranked it #4 on his worst cancelled cartoons list. Kj_anw_pro ranked it #9 on his worst Cartoon Network shows list.


  • The show was originally pitched to Adult Swim, but the executive claimed the show to be "too cute", thus pitching it to Cartoon Network instead.
  • Making of The Problem Solverz Video Game was the only Season 2 episode to use Season 1's animation style while the rest of the Season 2 episodes used an different style.

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