The Prince

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The Prince
It's like Our Cartoon President, but with British politics, and a lot worse.
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 11-12 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: July 29, 2021
Network(s): HBO Max
Created by: Gary Janetti
Distributed by: WarnerMedia Direct
Starring: Gary Janetti
Orlando Bloom
Condola Rashād
Lucy Punch
Alan Cumming
Frances de la Tour
Iwan Rheon
Sophie Turner
Dan Stevens
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12

The Prince is an American adult animated sitcom created by Gary Janetti for HBO Max. Originally slated for a late spring 2021 date, HBO Max announced on May 9, 2021, that the series would be delayed due to Prince Philip's death in April 2021. The series premiered on July 29, 2021. In February 2022, it was confirmed that the show had been canceled after one season.


The series follow the everyday lives of the British royal family.

Why It’s the Prince of Bad Adult Animation

  1. Like Our Cartoon President, the idea of a show satirizing politics is a very questionable idea. Not helping is that this show was created by an American animation production company about the lives of a British Royal family.
    • Additionally, the show has a bad premise itself as it portrays the real-life Prince George as an egotistical jerk to everyone, which is awful and unfair since Prince George is only eight years old in real life and doesn’t deserve this mockery of him.
  2. It has tons of gross-out humor. There's a running gag of one of the characters having to take a dump.
  3. Even if there isn't gross-out humor, the humor ranges from jokes that are unfunny, offensive, mean spirited, make no sense, or jokes we've seen many times before.
  4. Many unlikable/mean-spirited/annoying characters:
    • Prince George, who is a shameless Stewie Griffin clone who treats everyone terribly.
    • Queen Elizabeth is also mean for no reason and always curses in most scenes she’s in, just for a cheap laugh.
    • Prince Charles wants to advocate the throne after his mother's death and acts like a whiny brat.
    • The character designs are terrible, ugly and look like Family Guy rejects. Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Phillip's designs are the worst offenders of this.
  5. Plus the animation looks very cheap. Not helping the fact is that Gary Janetti was a producer on Family Guy.
  6. Terrible writing ranging from ridiculous plots or episode ideas we've seen before.
  7. The show tries way too hard to be hip as well. This goes as far as the main poster, which says "Royal AF".
  8. Prince George sounds way too similar to Stewie Griffin, adding on to being a Family Guy clone, and also is characterized like Allen Gregory (which is not a show you would want to copy).
  9. The show can be offensive to British people and there are a lot of British stereotypes.
  10. Sequel-bait ending: The final scene shows Kevin carrying a tray of poisoned tarts to the royal dinner. Due to the series' cancellation, this was never resolved.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some funny moments here and there.
  2. Passable voice acting, despite all the wasted talent.
  3. The soundtrack is actually pretty good.
  4. Kevin is a very interesting character. He wants revenge on the royal family since they indirectly burned his family to death. This in turn would lead him to enact his revenge by poisoning tarts meant for the royal family.


The Prince was panned by critics and audiences, with criticism going towards the show’s humor, writing, animation and portrayal of Prince George, which many deemed abusive and cruel due to Prince George being a child.

Some critics and producers have criticized the show as being unfair and inappropriate. Kayleigh Donaldson of Pajiba criticized Janetti, saying that the series "lacks intent and appropriate targets."

Marcus Gibson of Bubbleblabber gave the show a score of 3/10, seeing it as:
painfully insulting... Despite its engaging side plots, the show struggled to maintain the humor and charm in its satirization. As a result, it quickly fell apart before the second half of the season even started.
Writing for Decider, Joel Keller urged readers to skip the series, describing it as "essentially a royal version of Family Guy, and not nearly as biting and funny".



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