The Prankster (Angry Birds Stella)

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The Prankster (Angry Birds Stella)
The Prankster Title Card.png
Behold, the episode that started Poppy's flanderization.
Series: Angry Birds Stella
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 9
Writer: Amy Mass
Director: Ami Lindholm
Previous episode: Own The Sky
Next episode: Piggy Love

The Prankster is the 9th episode of Angry Birds Stella.

Toons.TV Description

Poppy is on a prank rampage leaving Stella and the flock on edge. To get even, The flock devises the ultimate prank on Poppy, but can they truly outprank the prankmaster?

Why It Pulled A Prank on Us

  1. The episode is very mean-spirited and a harsh Stella, Luca, Willow, & Dahila torture porn episode, as Poppy rapidly keeps pulling pranks on them for no reason when they are trying to be busy, and doesn't even show remorse to them.
  2. Poppy is very unlikable in this episode, as she tortures the snot out of Stella & the flock by pulling various pranks on them for no reason, and even gets Dahila glued on the ceiling which is dangerous.
  3. This episode is commonly & widely agreed to be the start of Poppy's flanderization.
  4. The humor is not funny.
  5. This episode tries way too hard to make you laugh at Poppy's pranks, but instead it will make you very angry and side with the rest of flock due to how they got tortured.
  6. The uncanny big smile that Poppy makes in that one scene, despite being a bit funny was somewhat creepy.
  7. Stella, Luca, and Willow laugh at Dahlia getting pranked with Poppy, then when Willow and Luca get pranked, Stella laughs at them because she wasn't pranked yet, but when she realized Poppy's pranks were very dangerous, she got afraid of her, then got pranked.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Stella, Luca, Willow, & Dahlia are still likable characters.
  2. The scene where Willow was painting is pretty decent.
  3. The ending was very good, as Poppy got her comeuppance, and is probably what the episode wanted to do.


  • The image of Poppy doing a creepy smile was spawned as an internet meme throughout the Angry Birds fandom.
  • The scene in which Stella gets covered with red feathers and falls from the tree house is a reference to Chuck Time.


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