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The Other Room (Rocket Monkeys)

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The Other Room is the 24th episode of Season 3, and the 102th episode overall of Rocket Monkeys.

The Other Room
Other room title card.png
This very disgusting episode makes "Serious Business" & "Alone Quest" look like those fully accurate safety bathroom instruction videos.
Series: Rocket Monkeys
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: Overall: 102

Season: 24

Air Date: May 14, 2016
Writer: Mark Edwards
Director: J Falconer
Previous episode: This One's Got Legs
Next episode: Box Full of Monkeys


Gus and Wally want to go to the "women's" restroom so that they can relieve themselves, but Yay-OK restrains them from going inside that restroom.

Why This Room Stinks

  1. The plot is disgusting (including the ending), along with the title card seen in the infobox above with the restroom covered in poop. We're not joking!
  2. Gus and Wally wanted to go to the women's restroom just so they can relieve themselves.
  3. Also, they are intolerable and mean-spirited characters as they wanted to go to "that" restroom.
  4. There are three filler scenes:
    • Wally playing with his toy Kevin, which is completely useless and does not relate to the plot.
    • Gus and Wally shouting "You look so pretty!" and fighting until the scanner detects both of them.
    • Yay-OK having a date with the scanner, but fails as she said that he is "totally out of date".
  5. When the monkeys enter the women's restroom, they have disgusting moments such as Gus pooping on the fountain and Wally urinating (while his pee was shown) in the toilet while standing.
  6. Gus and Wally drinking too much water can be disgusting as well, but in real life they will die or they will immediately pee.
  7. There are mean-spirited moments such as the monkeys shooting the men's restroom using a cannonball and the creatures in the women's restroom attacking the monkeys.
  8. The plunger gag, where it sticks on the characters' faces, is repetitive at times.
  9. Audrey is a mean-spirited character for five instances:
    • Gus calls her a "baby" even though she looks like a child, teenager, or a young adult.
    • She throws a plunger on Yay-OK's screen after the scanner scanned her.
    • She even attacks the monkeys after they enter the women's restroom.
    • Her voice acting is absolutely horrendous, because she was voiced by Lisa Norton and doesn't actually fit with her character design very well.
    • Her appearance is also ugly as well, with the worst offender being her sickly green face.
  10. Disgusting ending: As Gus and Wally left the men's restroom, now covered in poop, Yay-OK comments on how horrible this tastes and vomits.
    • What makes it worse, the monkeys are "Karma Houdinis" and they get away scot-free.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Bernice and Yay-OK (as usual) are the only tolerable characters in this episode.
  2. The opening scene is the only scene that is good.


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