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The Noob Kids At School (Supernoobs)

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The Noob Kids At School (Supernoobs)
When we asked that Mem and Zen get more screen time, this is not what we had in mind.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: May 28, 2018 (USA)
September 11, 2018 (Canada)
Director: Rob Boutilier & Joel Hickie
Previous episode: Noob-a-rella
Next episode: High Noob


Mem and Zen are fed up with the Noobs’ frequent tardiness for their virus warrior training with the Noobs explaining that school is holding them back from being on time. Mem and Zen decide to pose as new students Bobbie and Robbie to prove that school Is easy.

Why It Sucks

  1. The plot of this episode is extremely predictable as the plot has Mem and Zen realize at some point in the plot that school is actually hard.
  2. Both Memnock and Zenblock are completely out of character in this episode. Memnock in particular is portrayed in the episode as a bossy and stubborn brat who wants the school plays to go his way all the time, which goes against his kind and gentle nature towards children. Zenblock on the other hand is portrayed as a total wimp who can’t do well in sports, which includes dodgeball and that goes against his gruff and tough personality. It’s as if Memnock and Zenblock’s personalities got swapped amongst them for this episode.
  3. The episode fails to explain how Memnock and Zenblock got their education on their home planet during their childhood as they are very smart aliens yet they mock school.
  4. The classes Mem and Zen choose in the episode, which are drama and gym class respectively do not make much sense and seem to have been chosen based on their typical personalities. They were shown to be very smart in science due to being shown to conduct a lot of experiments in several episodes but they never pick science class. Picking science class would have made more sense for them to prove to the noobs that school was easy.
  5. The plot of this episode could have been avoided had the Noobs made the decision to forward their school schedules to Mem and Zen periodically so they could set up a routine that would help them manage their time for studies and warrior training.
  6. The musical number Memnock sings near the end is forgettable and bland.
  7. The school play Memnock tries to set up is very lame too as he just has the students sing his name over and over again and for some reason a horse is included in there.
  8. The ending is very baffling as the principal puts Memnock and Zenblock in the kindergarten section of the school after finding out that they fabricated their backgrounds.
  9. The episode in terms of its placing feels a little off as it comes a very late in the game due to it being part of season 2 and by that time, Mem and Zen have been on Earth for quite a while with no prior complaints of the Noobs being late for training. This episode would have worked better as a season 1 episode.
  10. The plot of this episode also does not make any sense as it focuses on Memnock and Zenblock attending the school the Noobs go to because they got frustrated with repeated incidents of the Noobs tardiness for training and the fact that such tardiness is caused by the Noobs obligations to attend schools. However, both Memnock and Zenblock have visited the school more than once in past episodes to check on the Noobs so they should have understood the obligations the Noobs have by then.
  11. The plot only seems to exists to that the writers could lash out at criticism viewers were making towards the show for constantly writing Mem and Zen out of the main plot and placing them in boring subplots and separating them from the noobs in the process. In this instance the writers seem to believe that Mem and Zen should not be with the noobs all the time in regards to main plots and try to explain why.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. We did get to see how Mem and Zen functioned in an educational setting.

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