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The Murder of Francisca Sandoval

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On May 1, 2022, Chilean journalist Francisca Sandoval was shot in the head while she was doing a report on Labor Day in the Meiggs commercial neighborhood, located in the country's capital, Santiago. The journalist was 29 years old and was reporting for the local channel Señal 3 de la Victoria, when a group of hooded men began to shoot at her. Francisca remained in critical condition in a hospital for 12 days until she finally died on May 12.

In this way, Francisca Sandoval becomes the first journalist to be assassinated in Chile since the murder of José "Pepe" Carrasco in 1986.

Police arrested three people suspected of being responsible for Francisca's murder, but two of them were left under house arrest for unknown reasons. On the other hand, the third, Marcelo Naranjo, who is directly responsible for shooting Francisca, remains in preventive custody pending trial.

This page is dedicated to Francisca Sandoval, rest in peace.


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