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The Invisible Alien (Les p'tits diables)

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The Invisible Alien (Les p'tits diables)
Alien invisiblejpg (1).jpg
It is with episodes of this caliber that often everyone hates a cartoon.
Series: Les p'tits diables
Episode Number: 1b
Air Date: January 11, 2017
Writer: Claire Espagno
Renaud Philipps
Previous episode: The Secret Tattoo
Next episode: Tom of the Jungle

The Invisible Alien (French: L'alien invisible) is the second part of episode 1 of season 3 of the French cartoon Les p'tits diables.


Tom discovers in a comic by Kapitaine Kourage how to make the Aliens disappear: cover them with powdered sugar! Tom immediately tests the process on Nina, and it works: Nina has disappeared! After a few minutes of savoring his victory, Tom worries: uh... She's going to come back anyway, or not? No, because if she's gone forever, her parents might not like it.

Why It Disappeared

  1. As with the majority of horrific episodes on this show this is a 12-minute torture episode about Tom.
  2. Lazy and unoriginal plot because it takes up the scenario of the invisible person.
  3. Nina is as usual horrible in this episode because she decides to play a trick on her brother by making him believe that she is invisible while punishing him.
    • And it gets even worse when her friends decide to help her.
  4. The scenes where the parents punish Tom under the satisfaction of Nina are as usual horrible to see.
  5. The worst thing is that Nina receives NO reward for her horrible action making her a Karma Houdini.
  6. Horrible ending: After Nina has his brother punished, Tom, thinks he can be invisible. Hence, he sprinkles himself with sugar so that in the end he will be punished AGAIN to Nina's satisfaction.
  7. Overall not only is it a horrible episode but also The secret tattoo is a horrible way to start season 3 of an already horrible show.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Tom is perhaps the only sympathetic character of this episode.