The Idea Block (SMG4 Bloopers)

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SM64 bloopers: The Idea block
SM64 bloopers The Idea block..jpg
Maybe fans need to get the idea that there are bad "classic" episodes of SMG4.
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 1
Air Date: January 5, 2015
Writer: Luke Lerdwichagul
Director: Luke Lerdwichagul
Previous episode: SM64: The Retardness of 2014
Next episode: SM64 Bloopers: Castle Royale

SM64 bloopers: The Idea block is the first episode of Season 5 and the two hundred and twethlfth overall to be uploaded by SMG4. This episode aired on January 5th, 2015.


SMG4 runs out of ideas and can't think of anything new, jeez smg4 are you actually running out of ideas for a video?!

Why It Sucks

  1. While the intro might be played for hilarious content and laughs, the intro on itself (along with some early season 5 videos, starting with this one) is offensive with the line "Consider yourself retarded!". In fact, this intro was eventually changed in mid March 2015 because people found it offensive (due to the fact that the word "retarded" is a dated slur that is easy for you to regret saying).
  2. Most of the video is packed with really slow paced filler, with most of the video being SMG4 desperately asking people ideas for his next video. It is worth noting that the earlier SMG4 videos didn't have complex plots, but that doesn't excuse the video being full of unnecessary filler either.
  3. This episode is basically a torture-esque episode on SMG4. The majority of the episode centers around him stressing out and losing his sanity over a new video idea, which is painful and unfunny to watch. What doesn't help matters is that his fans (see WIS #4) completely escalate the stress on him as well.
  4. The worst part about the video are the fans that appear in the video. They appear as a bunch of selfish jerks who do nothing but demand new videos from SMG4, never minding the fact that SMG4 is going through a rough burnout. They even go as far as raiding the castle and breaking into SMG4's video office!
  5. Mario, while likable and good intentioned (see RQ #4), doesn't really contribute much to make the plot any better. If anything, most of his "dumb humor" just contributes more filler for the episode's sake.
  6. Pointless appearance: Bowser only appears in the video because Mario ignorantly hired him to be SMG4's new "video editor" yet his only scene is just him playing with a rock simulator. Nothing would've changed if he was edited (no pun intended) out of the video entirely.
  7. While not too different from most of the season 4-5 SMG4 episodes, the overabundance of audio clips can be excessive and unfunny depending on your point of view.
  8. Terrible ending: When SMG4 tries to calm down his fans by creating a new video, the fans ungratefully hate it and end up kicking SMG4 out of the castle, presumably robbing and vandalizing SMG4's office.
    • Also to add insult to injury regarding the terrible ending, Mario also gets kicked out of the castle for some reason as well. What did Mario even do to deserve that?
  9. This episode was not a good note to start off season 5, as this is one of the videos that received a "criticism" section on the SMG4 wiki.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept of SMG4 receiving burnout as a social media influencer is a good concept, albeit awkward to pull off. Of course, the season 9 episode SMG4 Runs Out of Memes did this concept much better, since while some parts may be awkward at times, that episode ends off on a great note with SMG4 realizing that his content comes from his heart and passion. Not to mention, it also did not end with him being rejected for his efforts.
  2. Some of the jokes in this video can be humorous depending on your point of view.
    • The part where Mario gives out the middle finger to a Bob-omb is hilariously funny.
  3. The video is a rather accurate representation of SMG4's toxic fanbase in real life, which have especially shown how they have been active to this day! This does not excuse the fictional fan characters from being unlikable, however.
  4. Mario and SMG4 are likable characters.


Despite having more likes than dislikes, this video was controversial upon release for how SMG4 was treated by his rabid fans. This is one of the few videos that received a "criticism" or "reception" section on the SMG4 wiki, along with other notorious episodes such as SMG4: Mario Joins The Circus and SMG4: Boys vs Girls.


  • SMG4 clarified that in real life, he didn't really run out of video ideas; it just served as a plot device for this video.


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