The Great Mistack (Scaredy Squirrel)

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The most brutal Scaredy Squirrel episode EVER!

The Great Mistack is a Season 1 episode of Scaredy Squirrel. It is considered to be the darkest and most mean-spirited episode of the series.


Scaredy blackmails Dave by letting him take credit for his store display and gets punished for it doing so.

Why It Sucks

  1. Similar to Teen Titans Go!, the entire episode goes out of its way to insult critics of the show and treats its target audience like they're stupid.
  2. The quote "You need to stop talking about this Scaredy guy" applies to teach kids that life's not fair.
  3. There's a beaver talking in a racist Brad Garrett-like monotone. This could be considered offensive to people who talk in deep voices.
  4. Scaredy getting tortured is too uncanny and grotesque to watch.
  5. Neither Nester nor Dan Duck ever got punished for torturing Scaredy.
  6. Too many animation errors, such as mouths that don't match what the characters are saying.
  7. The voice acting is still more annoying than ever.


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