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The Gift (True Jackson, VP)

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The Gift (True Jackson, VP)
The Gift True Jackson VP.jpg
This gift of a bad episode just so happens to be unlucky number 13 of this season.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 13
Air Date: April 17, 2010
Writer: Andy Gordon
Director: Roger Christiansen
Previous episode: Pajama Party
Next episode: True Royal

The Gift is the thirteenth episode of Season 2 of True Jackson, VP. It first aired on April 17, 2010.


True and Lulu arrange a surprise office visit from Mr. Madigan's Uncle Cheswick as a birthday gift, unaware that Uncle Cheswick is a horse. Meanwhile, Ryan's older and more successful brother, Stu (Ian Reed Kesler) visits and announces he is quitting business school to become an artist.

Why It’s an Unwanted Gift

  1. Bad Plot twist: It was revealed at the end that Uncle Cheswick was actually a horse.
  2. Mr. Madigan is unlikable in this episode, that’s because he’s mean when it comes to mentioning a birthday gift, as he says he never got one that he likes, meaning he doesn’t appreciate any gift he ever got.
  3. There are many gross moments in the episode, especially with Uncle Cheswick, and when Jimmy mentions what he eats and poops out.
  4. When Uncle Cheswick ran around the Mad Style building, it leads to a pointless and boring chase where True and Lulu try to get the horse back before Mr. Madigan finds out, only for him to find out when True and Lulu finally caught up to him.
  5. Stu, Ryan’s big brother, while funny in this episode, ripped up the check Mr. Madigan gave him to help him get into art school, just because his dad got him in. Talk about mean.
  6. The subplots with Ryan and Amanda were pretty boring, with Amanda just complaining about her gift, a golden apple, being the best while Ryan’s story has some unfunny moments, like when he accidentally flew forks into people’s backs.
  7. Uncle Cheswick eats Amanda’s golden apple, then later comes out the other end still golden when in the presence of Mr. Madigan, making him change his mind about the horse and seeing him as a gold horse. Greedy, much?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The episode started off good, until the moment where Mr. Madigan started to get mean.
  2. Many of the other characters are still likable in this episode, as we sympathize with Ryan being in his brothers shadow, and is still good that he feels bad for Stu when he decides switch from business school to art school.
  3. At least the main characters tried to be nice for Mr. Madigan’s birthday and get him a gift, like with Amanda getting him a golden apple, and True getting his Uncle to visit, not realizing his Uncle was a horse.
  4. Some funny moments in the episode, like when Stu makes confetti from the check he ripped up.
  5. Mr. Madigan at least was nice at the part where he gave a check to Ryan to help his brother, which was a nice moment.
  6. During the ending of the episode, Stu and Ryan do get closer as brothers, which was heartwarming, like when Stu gave Ryan his golden watch.


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