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The Garfield Show (seasons 1 & 2)

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NOTE: This will focus on seasons 1 & 2 from now on.

The Garfield Show (seasons 1 & 2)
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Worse than any Monday.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 24 minutes (two segments)
12 minutes (one segment)
Country: France
United States
Release Date: December 2008-2014 (France)
November 2, 2009-October 24, 2016 (US)
December 2008-2010 (France, Season 1 & 2)
November 2, 2009-June 28, 2011 (US, Season 1 & 2)
Network(s): France 3 (during Toowam/Ludo block)
Cartoon Network
Gulli (rebroadcast)
Distributed by: Mediatoon Distribution
Starring: Frank Welker
Gregg Berger
Wally Wingert
Jason Marsden
Audrey Wasilewski
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 52
Previous show: Garfield and Friends
Next show: The Garfield Show (Seasons 3-5)

The Garfield Show is a French–American CGI animated television series based on the American comic strip, Garfield. In France, it ran from 2008 to 2014, and in the US, it ran from 2009 to 2016.

Bad Qualities

  1. Most of the characters are bland, annoying, forgettable, and don't contribute to the story. The story could be written without them and nothing would change.
    • Many of the characters have gotten badly flanderized:
      • Garfield himself has been flanderized into a somewhat unlikeable slob with only a few redeeming qualities. Yes, Garfield was always a jerk, but he was never this mean-spirited. He's also a hypocrite, as he stated in one episode he didn't like bullies, although Garfield bullies Odie, Jon, and Nermal all the time. He was at his worst in the episode "Mailman Blues", where he was a total Karma-Houdini.
        • Not to mention that he has become a bit goofier and more clownish than ever before, with his new voice having this cadence change when the voice actor Frank Welker occasionally yells, whelps, laughs, and makes sounds in a very silly way (sometimes for comedic purposes), after Frank Welker was constantly trying to sound like Lorenzo Music's Garfield, this along with several bits of the animation that show these cartoonishly goofy expressions Garfield would make whenever shocked/etc in a close up during a chase scene or not (especially when he always goes randomly cross-eyed), which doesn't at all fit his character.
          • Where Garfield would generally be cynical and chilled with having moments of comedy and being expressive, this version of Garfield while having the original's sarcastic, smug, lazy, clever, and hedonistic personality, seems to become a whole lot more of a buffoon than before. From the goofy facial expressions, he makes, down to the way he acts like more of a silly jokester than before since he has a lot of more comedic/exaggerated elements added to him like how he has his moments of being accident-prone, making his personality feel very out of place than you'd expect (even in some scenes like the episode "Not So Sweet Sound of Music" that had Garfield drastically burying an accordion with a jackhammer and then running off laughing like a goofball). He acts more like a semi-Mike Wasowski from Monsters Inc. than Garfield.
      • Jon went from being a good-hearted but dorky loser who is a good pet owner, and has become a profoundly bumbling idiot, even more than in Garfield & Friends, the previous show. His stupidity is what makes him mean-spirited, in "Curse of the Were-dog", when Odie turns into a were-dog, eats the lasagnas for 10 people, and turns back to normal, He thinks it's obvious that Garfield ate the food even though Odie was there, then when Odie became a weredog again and wreck the room, He blames Garfield again! (Seriously Jon, you should know that he's too lazy to do this type of thing, you moron!), but he later apologizes to him after hearing the professor on the news and noticing a dog bite on the chair.
        • Jon has kicked Garfield and Odie out of the house, twice. And he has locked them outside, often for no good reason, or for something trivial.
      • Nermal has gone from a somewhat arrogant, yet cute, innocently gullible, and lovable cat into a despicable jerk, even worse than how he's portrayed in the direct-to-video trilogy. He was at his absolute worst in "King Nermal".
  2. Weak and repetitive jokes, such as the constant fourth-wall breaking that Garfield and Friends admittedly did, but not constantly.
  3. All the human characters are complete idiots, including Jon (as mentioned in BQ#1). Most of the townspeople are also stereotyped with little to no personality.
  4. Many of the episodes are very boring and generally hard to sit through.
  5. Some of the episodes are mean-spirited, like "King Nermal" and "Nice to Nermal".
  6. Continuity Errors: In the comic book series Garfield & Friends, Garfield has thoughts in which he is not supposed to talk since he is a cat. But in this show, he talks as you can see his mouth moves.
  7. Many of the episode plots are stupid. The series also has lots of sci-fi and supernatural plotlines that don't fit within the Garfield universe, since the comic has a down-to-earth tone. Even Garfield and Friends, which had the occasional outlandish plot, managed to stay true to this tone.
  8. It constantly reuses existing character models for many of the characters, which is very lazy on the animators' part.
  9. Some of the plots of episodes completely rip off the plots of those found in Garfield and Friends. For example, the episode "The Spy Who Fed Me" is a direct copy of the Garfield and Friends episode "The Pizza Patrol". Also, The Garfield Shorts attempt to be like the Quickies of Garfield and Friends, except they don't have the same charm.
  10. This show is too reliant on slapstick, occasional fart jokes, meta jokes, and fourth wall break, all for lazy comedy.
  11. The CGI animation is extremely cheap. Depending on your view, the direct-to-video Garfield trilogy has better animation.
    • Sometimes there are animation frames that are reused, to the point that it can seem lazy. For example, the episode "A game of cat and mouse" reuses the exact the same animation of Garfield walking to the kitchen and looking surprised that was used previously in "Turkey trouble".
  12. Speaking of reusing things, some voices like Nermal's screams or the mailman's yell can be reused in episodes that are out of place, examples of these include a kid having Nermal's scream in the episode "It's a Cheese World", and the mailman's yell can be heard in the episode "Meet Max Mouse" when a mouse yelled while the Mouse Catcher caught them.
  13. While the voice acting is generally decent, some voices seem like they were intentionally made to be irritating the viewer. Like the kid characters that are given shrill voices to fit their personality that Garfield would often satirize, Nermal's raspy voice isn't as charming as his voice in Garfield & Friends was.
  14. Jon ends up encouraging that "nothing on the internet is false" in a few episodes, which is stupid, terrible, and false information.
  15. Overuse of meta-jokes as mentioned above, something the original Garfield lacked. (Which episodes had at least one of these? None.)
  16. Some episodes have their gross-out moments, whether they seem mild or not. For example:
    • (While done humorously), Garfield uses Odie's long tongue to pretend that Nermal, with his eyes closed, kissed a female cat Garfield and Odie crossdressed in the episode "Glenda & Odessa".
    • In the episode, "Underwater World", Garfield tries something Jon ate and spits it out at Odie.
    • The episode "Freaky Monday" has Garfield making some implications of Odie having bad breath.
    • The episode "Orange and Black" has a scene where Catzilla eats stale taffy that slowly grosses him out.
    • The episode "Odie in love" had Garfield and Odie come back from being in the dumpster just for getting Odie's grooming brush back, and Jon points out how smelly they are.
    • The episode "Nice to Nermal", has Garfield digging into what Odie has eaten, when Garfield found the corn beef sandwich Odie ate, Garfield eats it. Which is disgusting.
    • The episode "It's a cheese world", is all centered around having a land full of actual cheese that genuinely stinks, to the point of having flown in the whole area.
  17. Lots of animation errors: An infamous example is in the episode "Land of Hold" during the scene where Garfield gets Jon to fix the TV, in which the animation is unfinished in the English version. Luckily, this particular error was fixed in some foreign airing.
    • Some missing details can be shown like Garfield's occasionally glitchy-looking eye pupils for example.
  18. The episode "The Robot" was a Garfield and Odie-torture episode since the TI-D 7000 kept on determining Garfield and Odie as trash by grabbing them and putting them into its stomach, or sucking them into its stomach and it dumps Garfield and Odie out of its vacuum and into the trash cans in front of Jon's window.

Good Qualities

  1. Some of the funny moments here and there.
    • "Did you really think you could defeat me, wretched fool?"
  2. Odie is the one main character who hasn't been flanderized and is tolerable.
    • Garfield's girlfriend Arlene is a tolerable character.
    • Liz Wilson is a tolerable character compared to her comic strips and Garfield and Friends counterpart.
    • Squeak from the comic strips is also a tolerable character replacing Floyd from Garfield and Friends who's only canon from the previous show.
  3. The voice acting is mostly decent, especially Frank Welker as the titular character, Wally Wingert as Jon, and Gregg Berger reprising his role as Odie from Garfield & Friends.
  4. The overall soundtrack throughout the series is generally well-made (if reused a lot in a consistent way or not), its theme song is unforgettable and extremely catchy.
  5. At least it's loyal to the source material from the comic series, unlike the CGI movies and the live-action films.
  6. The character designs appear to be very accurate to Jim Davis' comics.
  7. The fourth wall breaks can be pretty hilarious at times.
  8. Despite this, it was one of the most-watched TV shows in the United States, because Garfield was one of the American cartoon characters.
  9. This was the series that finally won June Foray an Emmy (although the "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" category is a fairly recent addition).
  10. Some good episodes even before seasons 3-5, such as:
    • "Pasta Wars" (which started the show on a high note.)
    • "Mother Garfield"
    • "Bone Diggers"
    • "A Game of Cat and Mouse"
    • "Turkey Trouble"
    • "Pet Matchers"
    • "Meet the Parents"
    • "Down on the Farm"
    • "Curse of the Cat People"
    • "Underwater World"
    • "Out on a Limb"
    • "The Amazing Flying Dog"
    • "T3000"
    • "Perfect Pizza"
    • "Jon's Night Out"
    • "Family Picture"
    • "Virtualodeon"
    • "It's a Cat's World"
    • "Heir Apparent"
    • "From the Oven"
    • "Agent X"
    • "Super Me"
    • "Night of the Bunny Slippers"
    • "Gravity of The Situation"
    • "The Haunted House"
    • "With Four You Get Pizza"
    • "The Bluebird of Happiness"
    • "Inside Eddie Gourmand"
    • "Fido Food Feline"
    • "Cuter Than Cute"
    • "Depths of a Salesman"
    • "Penny Henny"
    • "Night of the Apparatuses"
    • "Pampered Pussycat"
    • "Parrot Blues"
    • "The Gripping Tale"
    • "Pirate Gold"
    • "Blasteroid"
    • "Jumbo Shrimpy"
    • "Detective Odie"
    • "The Mole Express"
    • "Unfair Weather"
    • "High Scale"
    • "Full of Beans"
    • "Love and Lasagna"
    • "Great Pizza Race"
    • "Home for the Holidays"
  11. Starting in season 3, the show massively improved for the following reasons:
    • Most of the one-hour specials in season 4 featured some of the iconic and famous guest stars like Rose Marie, Mark Hamill, Emilie Gassin, etc.
    • Starting from season 2, the show features some iconic and likable new characters that give so many contributions and impact to the whole show and stories like Mrs. Cauldron (voiced by June Foray), Winona Cauldron, Abigail Cauldron, Angie, Gloria, Varicella (voiced by Rose Marie), Master Control (voiced by Mark Hamill), Celest St. Clair, and the others.
    • This show features characters that comic strips include even Garfield and Friends don't have like Squeak, Arlene, Doc Boy, and the reappearances of Lyman in season 3.
    • Jon has become less of an idiot and he didn't punish Garfield and Odie very often starting from season 4.
    • Since season 3 the episode became more interesting and more exciting to watch since it's more adventurous yet combined with funnier jokes.
    • CGI animation has become way better since season 3 than it was back in season 1 and season 2.
    • This is the very first Garfield-related media to reveal the disappearance of Jon's old roommate and Odie's original owner Lyman, and we finally see him again after 29 years since his final appearance in the comic series.
    • The later seasons have less supernatural and sci-fi plots, which are considered confusing.

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