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The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder

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The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder
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"Are you happy now, Hartman and Nowak? Behold the carnage you have wrought!"
The FOP fandom
Genre: Fantasy
Running Time: 24-25 minutes
Country: United States
Mexico (animated segments)
Release Date: March 31, 2022
Network(s): Paramount+
Created by: Butch Hartman
Christopher J. Nowak
Distributed by: Paramount Global
Starring: Audrey Grace Marshall
Tyler Wladis
Ryan-James Hatanaka
Laura Bell Bundy
Imogen Cohen
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13
Previous show: The Fairly OddParents

"Hey, remember that live-action Fairly OddParents spin-off that was basically just a generic Nickelodeon sitcom but with FOP characters? Yeah, me neither. Literally everyone forgot about it."
Sir Simon A. on Twitter

The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder is an American live-action/animated television series based on Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents, intended as a reboot of the series. The series premiered on Paramount+ on March 31, 2022, one day after the original series' 21st anniversary.


When Timmy Turner grows up and goes to college, he leaves his childhood fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda to his younger cousin Vivian "Viv" Turner and Roy Raskin, her new stepbrother.

Why It's Not What We Wished For

  1. Rebooting The Fairly OddParents in form of a hybrid sequel is very unnecessary, as seasons 9 and 10 already killed the original show.
    • While doing a reboot of The Fairly OddParents isn't the worst idea in the world, doing so in the form of a live-action/animation hybrid kidcom that takes place in the future isn't exactly great either, since fans were hoping for an animated continuation of the series. Sound familiar?
  2. Butch Hartman's art style clearly doesn't translate very well into a live-action/animation hybrid show, as Cosmo and Wanda look like cardboard cut-outs that were simply cheaply pasted onto camera shots without trying to blend them into the scenes, hence making them stick out like sore thumbs on the live-action footage. This is best exemplified when, during a scene where the camera slightly pans over to the right after Viv wishes for a new room, Cosmo and Wanda move along with the camera instead of staying in the exact same place.
    • While bringing back the original creators/producers of the original show for a reboot is usually a good sign, this one seems to be the exception, as bringing Butch Hartman back to the series was a very questionable idea, considering how much controversy he's caused over the last few years, ranging from the OAXIS scandal and scamming Kuro to art theft via tracing, mocking Mary Kay Bergman's death, believing that autism deserves to be cured (although it was never a disease in the first place), and so on, along with being partially responsible for the original series' downfall. Granted, most reboots (like The Powerpuff Girls (2016), Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!, etc.) are terrible due to the lack of involvement of the original creators, but in this case (just like Ben 10 (2016) and even Teen Titans Go!), the reboot here is terrible due to Butch Hartman disregarding all the stuff that made the original series good before its decline.
  3. For establishing shots of locations, like the school, 3D models are used, which look fake, as if they were taken from an early Xbox 360 game.
  4. The animation in the animated segments (most notably the scene with Denzel Crocker in Fairy Jail) is a ridiculous downgrade from the original show and even the Flash-animated season 10 episodes, as it looks very low-quality, choppy and stilted. It honestly looks more like a fan animation from Newgrounds due to its issues with the flash animation, including with Jorgen not standing right and when Mr. Crocker goes to his cell, his hands magically appeared on the bars instead of being animated. Another example is Timmy missing his buck teeth in a few shots during the animated intro in the first episode. Likewise, there's some clipping errors like Crocker's head is clipping through the bars for example.[1]
    • This is because the animation was done by Boxel Studio, a small animation/visual effects studio in Tijuana, Mexico by one person that was forced to do it without help with very little time, which may show how cruel Butch Hartman (or Paramount) was with the team.
  5. Like the last two seasons of the original show, it tries too hard to be modern and hip by using popular internet trends. For example, one of the episodes has the characters using ClikClok, an obvious spoof of TikTok, and doing the floss dance. Another example is Cosmo knowing who Olivia Rodrigo is, or even about Hamilton (played by Lin-Manuel Miranda).
  6. For some reason, the theme song always appears eight to ten minutes into the episode rather than at the beginning, which is very bizarre. Wouldn't it make more sense if the song showed up after a 1 to 2-minute cold opening segment instead of halfway through the episode?
  7. Butch Hartman and the writers also continue to ignore or abandon any continuity regarding Da Rules from the earlier seasons of the original series as they go along, showing that they didn't learn anything from the criticisms of the later seasons. For instance, Timmy is shown in the first episode to still know about his fairies' existence, yet he is all grown up by now and is supposed to have had his memories of his godparents erased.
    • The worst part about this is the fact that this sequel series completely contradicts the ending of "Channel Chasers" yet again. Instead of following the ending of said special, where Timmy's memories were eventually erased once he became an adult and his godparents were assigned to Timmy's son and daughter, this sequel series instead has Cosmo and Wanda assigned to Timmy's cousin and her stepbrother, who were not once seen or mentioned at all whatsoever in the original series. Although, the last part can be excused, since this is supposed to be a reboot, and some liberties are taken in regards to the original continuity.
  8. This sitcom has some of the most horrific production values in Nickelodeon history. For example, an episode shows to the public a "terrifying monster" named Codzillard (a parody of Godzilla) that attacks a cardboard city and scares people, which is actually a cheap knock-off of Godzilla's costume from Godzilla vs. Kong's merchandise and the claws are from the Blue raptor from Jurassic World, but instead of a big and monstrous lizard-dinosaur head, they used a latex fish mask to make the head, which shows that the creators were too lazy to create a unique and original costume for the show.
  9. Apart from being assigned as Viv and Roy's fairy godparents and granting wishes for them, Cosmo and Wanda don't serve any significant purpose in the episodes, as they barely interact with their godkids. Compare this to the original series, where they serve as parental substitutes for Timmy due to his actual parents being neglectful.
    • Not to mention, despite showing clips from the original series' various episodes in the first episode, Cosmo and Wanda's son Poof is neither seen nor mentioned. Again, this can be excused, since this is a reboot of the series, but one of the clips seen in the montage was taken from "Wishology!", which was made long after Poof's birth.
  10. Similar to the modern nickcoms most of the acting is very mediocre. Additionally, Cosmo's high-pitched voice is still annoying to listen to as well as in most of the original cartoon's run.
  11. Most of the new characters, both main and supporting, are bland, generic, and useless, some of which are just carbon copies of older characters from the original series. For example, Zina, Viv's best friend, is obsessed with Roy, which makes Zina a lazy clone of Tootie, who is obsessed with Timmy.
    • The characters themselves aren't that great either, since Viv is just a blank slate of a character and Roy is excruciatingly annoying.
    • Also, Viv, Timmy's cousin and one of the main characters, doesn't really deserve to have fairies, as, similar to Chloe Carmichael, she seems to have a pretty decent life (when fairy godparents are normally assigned to miserable children), and her being too nervous to move into Dimmsdale serves as a very weak excuse for her to have fairy godparents.
  12. For some reason, they decided to make Vicky and Mr. Crocker into a romantic couple, which is rather creepy and disgusting, as despite Vicky growing up into adulthood by the events of the series, Crocker is still 26 years older than her.
  13. The laugh tracks in this series are irritating and way overused, even by Nickelodeon sitcom standards.
  14. The special effects are also terrible and fake-looking as well, even by Nickelodeon TV show standards, as whenever Cosmo and/or Wanda cast a wish, an onomatopoeia-filled text box just appears, which was probably meant to capture the aspect of the original series, but it just comes across as lazy.
  15. While the theme song is okay, the other soundtracks are mediocre, and are also inferior to the original show just like the animation. It ranges from forgettable to nerve-pulling.
    • It doesn't help that, unlike Butch Hartman's previous works, Guy Moon is not involved with the music at all.
  16. Like the last two seasons of the original series, the writing can get incredibly lazy at times. Examples include Jorgen giving Timmy permission to show his fairies to Vivian, despite the fact that it's against Da Rules otherwise (it doesn't help that this is the third time Timmy was given random privileges that allow him to break Da Rules). Another example is that Cosmo and Wanda are often offscreen being occupied with something else, just so Vivian and Roy can't unwish their wishes and to artificially extend the show's run time, which is about the same thing as them losing their wands.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Although combining animation with live-action didn't work very well, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen are animated in the same style as the original series (as opposed to the live-action movies where they used CGI models for Cosmo and Wanda and made Jorgen live-action), and their voice actors reprise their roles.
    • Carlos Alazraqui also reprises his role as Mr. Crocker in the episode "Fairies Away!" and even plays his live-action counterpart, which is a rather nice touch.
  2. There were actually some decent ideas hidden amongst the dirt, such as Vicky as a teacher finding out about the existence of fairies through discovering Mr. Crocker's old room and documenting what he found out about them, and this reminding her of the strange events that happened while babysitting Timmy in the original show. But it wasn't used to its full potential.


The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder was panned by critics, viewers, and fans of the original series alike, with many questioning why the show was made, as seasons 9 and 10 already tainted the original show's legacy; some fans even considered the reboot to be worse than the aforementioned last two seasons of the original series and even the live-action movies.[2] It currently holds a 2.4/10 on IMDb[3] and a 20% on Google.[4]


  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, and unlike with the original series, when the dub was made in the U.S. at Miami, Florida, this one was done with voice actors from not only Miami, but also from Mexico, Chile, and Peru.



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