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The DaVincibles

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The DaVincibles
Not one of the most “davincible” shows you’ll see, brought to you by the same studio that brought you Norm of the North and Pet Alien.
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 12 minutes
Country: Italy
India (Animation production)
Release Date: February 5, 2011 - April 28, 2012[1]
Network(s): Seven Network (Australia)
Rai (Italy)
Kabillion (United States; 2013-)
Qubo (United States; 2018-21)
Created by: Filippo Fiocchi
Distributed by: Splash Entertainment
Starring: Jamie Croft
Katherine Beck
David Callan
Jim Pike
Jacinta Stapleton
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 52

The DaVincibles is an Italian-Australian animated series that is created by Filippo Fiocchi. The show first aired on Seven Network in Australia and Rai in Italy in 2011. It also aired on Kabillion (via video-on-demand and online) in 2013 and reruns on Qubo in the United States, from July 30, 2018 to February 26, 2021.


From the pyramids of Egypt to the surface of the Moon, the DaVincibles are always looking for an adventure! Pablo DaVinci and Zoe DaVinci have a serious sibling rivalry as they travel the world with their hilariously inept but lovable Uncle Leo to find artefacts to sell at his antique shop The Kurios Kat. The Society of Very Bad Villains (S.V.B.V.) and their leader Quba, the Picasso-faced worst artist in the world, must get the curious family of explorers out of their way for their evil plans to succeed. Even though the DaVincis frequently cross paths with them throughout their world travels, they stay invincible and keep the S.V.B.V. from obtaining world domination!

Bad Qualities

  1. Very cheap and lazy animation and art style (which the art style is very similar to "The X's"), especially by 2010s standards.
    • Sometimes, due to the animation, this caused some problems.
      • Very occasionally, the lip-syncing may be inconsistent and will not sync well.
      • Sometimes, it can make some laughably hideous faces from the characters, and some unintentional comedy.
  2. Quba, the main villain and antagonist of the series, is annoying and an unlikable, and arrogant jerk as he always wants to destroy the DaVincis, take over the world (with no real reason explained), and goes on ultimate rampages.
    • He is considered a Butt-Monkey character because he always gets insulted as the worst painter of the world, and this was said multiple times throughout the show. He also gets tortured all the time, even if he didn't do anything bad.
  3. The DaVincis are not great characters either; Pablo is an obsessive video gamer who sometimes don't care for anything; Zoe is fashion-obsessed and always goes to the mall; Uncle Leo is pretty much a dumb character that pretty much causes problems to everyone and is obsessed with finding artefacts for his antique store.
  4. Cherie is possibly the most unlikable cliched character in the show. She dumps Pablo often and misspells his name as "Paco". She also doesn't care for anyone. Even Zoe hates her. The episodes that are her worst are arguably "Crushed", "When Opposites Attract", and "A Sauce by Any Other Name".
  5. Pablo and Zoe always argue and fight over something. They're at their worst is "Web Invaders".
  6. Mascot is the Megward the Wizard of this show. He is always tortured by Quba and is mainly the outcast out of everyone. The episode "Party Madness" is the worst offender.
  7. Some of the plots are ridiculous, confusing, and make no type of sense at all like "The Tenors and The Frog" and Zoe’s Best Friend for example.
    • There is even one episode called "Chopping Doom" where Quba wants to go the Kurios Kat, just to get a toy monkey.
  8. There are also bad lessons in some of these episodes.
    • "Set in Stone" teaches you that you should steal someone's artwork and claim it as yours.
    • "Vote for a Goat" teaches you that you can change the school rules and change it to something that stands it and be irresponsible of doing a job.
    • "Party Madness" teaches you that yous should ditch someone's party because you don't like him/her and cause everyone to go to another party.
    • "Web Invaders" teaches you that you should get revenge on a person who embarrassed you by posting an embarrassing video of them to get vengeance.
  9. The transitions make no sense at all.
  10. The Arabic dub of the show is horrendous.
  11. The soundtrack for most episodes is overused at times.
  12. The Qubo edits for all episodes were completely unnecessary and sometimes make plotholes for the episode.
  13. The show is supposed to be about historical figures, but they've given no focus. The only episodes that focus on historical figures are "Lincoln Slept Here" and "Napoleon's Revenge".
  14. The show is also unrealistic at times.
    • For example, in "When Opposites Attract", it is mentioned there's gonna be Fashion Week in Milan, which it doesn't in real life.
  15. some episodes are disgusting and relied on gross-out humour like "A Pimple Plan" for example.
  16. The action scenes feel slow-paced and boring, and some of them are not even action-packed.
  17. Like other shows, the intro of the show lazily uses episode footage and the music of it doesn't fit the whole show.

Good Qualities

  1. The main characters can be good at times.
  2. Some funny moments.
  3. There are some good episodes.
  4. Original plot but was poorly executed.
  5. The animation did improve in later episodes.


  1. Some of the characters’ names are based on real people.
    • Pablo's name is based on the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.
    • Leo’s name is based on Leonardo da Vinci.
  2. Zoe's original name was originally Lisa.
  3. The episode “A Pimple Plan” is unavailable to watch on Amazon Prime Video for unknown reasons, though it is on other platforms like Kidoodle.TV.


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