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The Crystal Brawl (Popeye the Sailor)

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A Popeye vs Bluto cartoon, but with Popeye as the antagonist.

The Crystal Brawl is a 1957 Popeye the Sailor cartoon produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios. It is the 227th cartoon and reuses footage from "Quick on the Vigor" and "Alpine for You".

Bad Qualities

  1. This cartoon is a clip show short because it reuses footage from "Quick on the Vigor" and "Alpine for You".
  2. The animation is a lot more limited than before.
  3. Olive is extremely stupid in this cartoon since she falls for Bluto's lie about Popeye ditching her over another girl.
  4. Even Popeye himself is unlikable in this cartoon since he ruins Olive and Bluto's date just so he can get Olive back even though Bluto wasn’t trying to harass Olive, unlike how he did in previous cartoons.
  5. Except, in the beginning, Bluto didn’t do anything wrong with this cartoon since he’s not acting like a huge pervert in this cartoon to Olive nor is he abusing her.
  6. This cartoon was not a fine way to end Popeye and Bluto's love triangle with Olive.

Good Qualities

  1. Good voice acting by Jack Mercer, Jackson Beck, and Mae Questal.
  2. The music is passable.
  3. The ending was okay since Popeye and Olive Oyl managed to make up in the end.
  4. Bluto is a likable, if not, a tolerable character in this short.
  5. Despite Popeye being unlikeable, it can be seen as the sailor finally had enough of being a Butt-Monkey in the previous episodes and gets back at Bluto for all the abuse the sailor had to endure, even if it makes Popeye far from likable here and the fact that he would be tortured again in the subsequent episodes.
  6. Animator Al Eugster lets Olive gets full-UPA on the audience when she sees Bluto chasing her on the boardwalk.