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The Boom-Boom Tree (Rocket Monkeys)

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The Boom-Boom Tree is the final episode of Season 2, and the 78th episode overall, of Rocket Monkeys.

The Boom-Boom Tree
Boom Boom Tree title card.png
Gus and Wally, maybe next time they will think before cutting down that said tree.
Series: Rocket Monkeys
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: Overall: 78
Season: 26
Air Date: February 26, 2015
Writer: Norm Lauzon
Director: J Falconer
Previous episode: Bananarchy
Next episode: Live and Not Learn (Season 3)


When Gus and Wally did not know that they cut down the "Boom-Boom" tree, they encounter a creature called "Boom-Boom" (later called Bearsley after his mom appears) and start taking care of him while a new tree will grow for "a hundred and thirty-six years".

Why It Goes Boom Boom

  1. The plot is bland due to Gus and Wally taking care of Boom-Boom after cutting down the tree.
  2. This is a torture episode for the trio (Gus, Wally, and Yay-OK) in the second half of this episode.
  3. The Boom-Boom creature is an unlikable character as he trashes the monkeys' spaceship.
  4. Gus and Wally, as usual, are dumb as they decided to cut down that tree, instead of moving it like what Dr. Chimpsky said.
  5. Gus and Wally playing tag is very painful, especially when "Gus pulled Wally's eyeballs and it splatters pink blood", which does not happen in real life.
  6. There are mean-spirited moments during the second half of this episode. This includes:
    • The Boom-Boom eating all of the food in the fridge, and he assumed that those (foods) are organic, and Gus tries to shoot him with his ray gun.
    • He also trashes Wally's bed and destroys "Kevin", the stuffed (not the real and talking) unicorn, by "nesting" his place. Wally also uses his weasel to attack the Boom-Boom creature.
    • He even flirts with the vending machines in Yay-OK's room after Yay-OK went out. He uses his boxing gloves to attack the creature as well, which makes the creature fights back as well.
    • The trio even fights the Boom-Boom creature for trashing their spaceship.
  7. The monkeys peeing on the soil is sort of gross. Even Gus pees on the soil after they arrived on the forest.
  8. Horrible Ending: The Boom-Boom creature's (later known as Bearsley) mom orders him to do his chores while dragging him, but he instead rides the monkeys' spaceship instead. So, she grabbed the trio instead to do the "chores".
    • What makes it worse that it ended Season 2 on a sour note.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Yay-OK is the only likable character in this episode.
  2. It teaches a valuable lesson the person has to listen what Dr. Chimpsky said, by moving the tree so that he and the others will build a Laser Simulator with its own bouncy ball room.


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