The Beatles (1965 animated series)

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The Beatles (1965 animated series)
You should probably stick with the British band instead of watching this American show!
Genre: Animated Comedy
Running Time: 18 minutes
Country: United States
United Kingdom
Release Date: 25 September 1965 – 21 October 1967
Network(s): ABC (U.S.)
ABC (Australia)
Created by: Al Brodax
Sylban Buck
Distributed by: King Features Productions
Starring: Paul Frees
Lance Percival
Julie Bennett
Carol Corbett
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 39

The Beatles is an American-British-Australian-Canadian animated television show created by Sylban Buck and Al Brodax, based on the English rock band of the same name. It ran from 1965 to 1969; The series was a historical milestone as the first weekly television series to feature animated versions of real, living people.


Every episode has a name of their songs and based on their lyrics. Each episode places The Beatles in all sorts of madcap situations, always running from fan-crazed girls, encountering local swindlers, goofy lovestick animals, or fleeing from ghosts, witches and vampires.

Bad Qualities

  1. Low-budget animation; the animation in many episodes looks flat, papercut, bland, and sometimes off-putting. Although a lot of 60s cartoons suffer this same “quirk”, but at least most of them look more professional.
    • Sometimes the character designs are off-model.
  2. John, Paul, and George are unlikeable characters.
  3. Ringo is the butt monkey of the series.
  4. On that topic, John, Paul, and George try to kill Ringo as a lesson in one episode.
  5. Half of the episodes are just them singing.
  6. When one of them is in trouble or on the edge of death, they just sing, which makes it mean-spirited.
  7. Until seasons 2 and 3, the singing sequences are recycled; something that makes the entire episodes annoying.
  8. The Beatles aren't voiced by themselves, that's because The Beatles band is supposed to be British.
  9. There is abundance of racial humor in almost every episode of the series in which didn't age well.

Good Qualities

  1. Some episodes are well animated.
  2. Despite being the Butt-Monkey of the band, Ringo is much more likable then John, Paul and George.
  3. The humor and gags are creative and clever.
  4. It actually has The Beatles' music, with their original vocal tracks intact.
  5. The voice acting, while not realistically British, is mostly good.
  6. It's one of those "so bad it's good" shows.
  7. Some Beatles fans can find it enjoyable.
  8. It gave rise to other cartoons based on bands, such as The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block and Puffy AmiYumi.

Episodes With Their Own Pages


  • The show has never been released on VHS or DVD due to music rights issues. Episodes were available on YouTube but were taken down due to copyright infringement, And many users who uploaded the show were suspended from YouTube for copyright infringement.


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