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The Baby Binocs Show

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The Baby Binocs Show
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Imagine a show that has the slowness of Dora The Explorer, the shapes plots of Team Umizoomi, and an unneeded age down like Total DramaRama. What do you get?
Genre: Edutainment
Running Time: 4 - 6 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: September 7, 2019 - October 7, 2019
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Peekaboo Kidz
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 7
Previous show: The Dr. Binocs Show

The Baby Binocs Show is a kids spin-off of The Dr. Binocs Show, created by Peekaboo Kidz as well, aiming to teach simpler and younger math and geometry topics, like basic counting and shape recognition. It aired 7 episodes until it abruptly ended, basically being cancelled, and it's unlikely it will return.


Remember Dr. Binocs and Kitty Kat? Well, join them on their younger times to learn younger topics, and continue to zoom inǃ

Why It's Still Not Gonna Zoom In

  1. To get the obvious out of the way, this spin-off was never needed, and clearly was just Peekaboo Kidz trying to profit even more from Dr. Binocs, clearly abusing the franchise, similar to what happened with Total DramaRama. This is also basically Peekaboo Kidz jumping the shark.
  2. Speaking of which, the show treats kids as if they don't even have brains, which is a perfect example of "It's made for kids".
  3. And were not joking about how slow it is, the way characters speak and overall pacing is SOOOOOOOO slow. And similar to Dora the Explorer, Baby Binocs will slowly tell the viewers stuff like "Can you find it?", but it's even worse.
  4. Not to mention, Baby Binocs is at his worst in this show, as not even Dr. Binocs would be this stupid. This is because he repeatedly does something stupid with shapes just to teach the viewer, but it will only aggravate them. For example, in one episode, Baby Binocs asks the viewers which glass will fit in his broken grandma's glasses, and despite the fact it's clearly rectangular, he starts with a circle and is like "Will it fit?". Even 2 year olds can identify which one is correct faster. In the first episode even, he asks the viewers to help find- get this- binoculars.
  5. Atrocious and ear aggravating voice acting, as somehow Baby Binocs and Kitty Kat sound worse, and the other characters sound equally as bad.
  6. The plot steals elements of Team Umizoomi, as both shows have shapes elements to solve issues in the town. But unlike Team Umizoomi, which worked well, this show didn't work well, due to all of the mentioned reasons.
  7. The intro even got ruined, as it was probably the only thing in The Dr. Binocs Show that featured smooth and fluid animation.
  8. Literally all of the adults in the show are extremely immature and crybabies, as when something goes wrong, they just burst out into tears, which whilst we do cry when things don't go our way, these adults cry so much to the point where it's aggravating.
  9. All of the episodes follow the exact same formula; Baby Binocs and Kitty Kat find themselves in a predicament involving a crybaby adult and something missing, Baby Binocs asks the viewers to find something Dora the Explorer style, they then find 3 shapes, they fail to use the first 2, and the obvious one is used last, leading to the problem being solved. After a "Trivia Time" and "Question Time", there would be a final scene where something goes awry, and of course, like in the original show, Baby Binocs would say "Nevermindǃ".
  10. And along with the formulaic plot, the writing and "jokes" are abysmal and dumb, even more so than the previous show.
  11. The animation is somehow even worse, as there is even more errors, stiffness, reused assets, etc.
  12. Similar to it's previous show, there was so much wasted potential that actually could have made the series good.
  13. After the series was created, at the beginning of episodes from the other show, they would have the exact same segment at the beginning, promoting the show, and had this series continued, that segment would probably continue, which is poor advertising.
  14. Finally, as said, Peekaboo Kidz just kinda abandoned it once they realize it was not a huge success like their previous show, which prooves they only will get shows that succeed, basically meaning this show was pointless.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The first 2 episodes are pretty different, showing actual creativity, but soon after episode 3, all the plots became the same.
  2. At least Peekaboo Kidz ended it early so it couldn't continue it's dreaded stay.


Noteː There is no official reception like the previous show, so we're going on what we can find.

Similar to The Dr. Binocs Show, this seemingly got good reception from parents- once again due to them being brain-dead and not realizing kids do not deserve this short lived "It's made for kids" excuse. However, as said, due to views being low and it not being as successful as the previous show, Peekaboo Kidz stopped production of this show.


  • The audio in the intro is somewhat low quality for some reason.
  • There was no trailer or announcement theme song thingy like what happened with the previous show, only advertised at the intro.

The Entire Series


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