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The Apple Pencil Pro (Solar Opposites)

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The Apple Pencil Pro (Solar Opposites)
Damnit, now we really want an "Apple Pencil Pro" to happen!
Series: Solar Opposites
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: March 26, 2021
Writer: Ariel Lahdenson
Director: Kim Arndt
Previous episode: The Rad Awesome Terrific Ray
Next episode: The Unlikely Demise Of Terry’s Favorite Shot Glass

The Apple Pencil Pro is the sixth episode of the second season of the American Sci-Fi Animated Sitcom, Solar Opposites. It is the fourteenth episode overall.


Korvo wins top prize at the annual neighborhood rib festival. However, Korvo and the whole family later get arrested for torturing a pig they allegedly used to win the festival.

Why It Sucks

  1. This episode (or at least the A plot) is an extremely mean-spirited torture episode for the Solar Opposites, as they are being framed and punished for something they didn’t do, get arrested, thrown in jail, stabbed with shivs, and treated like a public spectacle in court and their sentencing. Terry was implied to have been raped in the prison and there was a talk about the aliens getting the death penalty for the torture, which just shows how mean spirited this episode is.
  2. The episode is basically an adult cartoon combination of “If It Smells Like An Ed” from Ed, Edd, N Eddy, “Everyone Knows It’s Bendy” from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, “Kill The Alligator And Run” from The Simpsons, and “Arnold Betrays Iggy” from Hey Arnold in regards to the main characters being framed, humiliated in public, and punished for a crime they didn’t commit.
  3. Some of the jokes involving the torture of Peter the mutant pig become very repetitive and nauseous as the episode has tone involving the tortured shifts constantly throughout
  4. While the B plot (the wall) is interesting and better than the A plot, it still takes up most of the episode, making the A plot feel rushed.
  5. The episode can’t decide whether or not the aliens are guilty of torturing Peter or not as in one moment they argue they didn’t do it and in the next the admit to doing it and that goes on and on until near the end of the A plot
  6. The episode tries way too hard to have us sympathize with Miss Frankie, Roland, and Matthew by revealing that they did all the things in revenge for have bad things done to them. However these attempts fall flat when they decided to torture an innocent pig to get what they want.
  7. The episode tries way too hard to make the Solar Opposites unlikable by revealing that they were framed by people who wanted to get back at them for bad things done to them, showing flashback of the solar opposites actually torturing Peter, and having the solar opposites insult someone -and making him cry during their bullet any sentencing for no given reason. However the flashbacks were later revealed to be fake and the insult was made while the solar opposites themselves were being unjustly punished and the insulted person was gleefully watching the sentencing beforehand. The episode indicates that the people who wrote it hate the solar opposites.
  8. Almost all of the human characters in the A plot are completely unlikable in the episode, more specificallyː
    • Ms. Frankie, who is arguably at her worst here, with Roland and Matthew no better. She mutated Peter from being a normal pig by using technology that she stole from Korvo, hired two accomplices, Roland and Matthew to help her, dressed up as the alien by using masks of their faces, and tortured Peter to trick him into falsely accusing the aliens. Miss Frankie, Roland, and Matthew all conspired together to frame the aliens to get revenge on them for mutating them and their belongings. Miss Frankie wanted to get back at Jesse and Yumulack for mutating her skeleton to make claws protrude from her fists like wolverine so they could get out of a history test, which causes Miss Frankie to accidentally kill a security guard and traumatize her. Roland wanted to get back at Terry for making all of his furniture come to life after Terry watched too much Toy Story movies. Matthew wanted to get revenge on Korvo for turning him and his house into gingerbread with the holiday cannon even though Korvo did that to get back at Matthew for being rude to him and saying that Korvo should not wear Christmas sweaters because he did not know what Christmas is.
    • Peter is also unlikeable in the episode, and he does not receive any character development in the episode as he acts like a whiny pig who is always accusing the solar opposites. He never finds out the truth that Miss Frankie was the one who tortured him.
  9. Hypocrisy: The writers seemingly made this episode to give the aliens karma for their actions in past episodes even though the aliens did nothing wrong in this episode but the writers let Miss Frankie get off scot-free with her crimes.
  10. The episode treats the trial segments like an absolute joke as the courtroom staff and witnesses all portray he trial like a Bravo TV reality show episode, which is very tacky.
  11. It is baffling to see Yumulack and Jesse in the same prison in Korvo and Terry given that they are children who attend school. Because of their ages, they should have been sent to juvenile hall instead. For Jesse in particular she could have been sent to the women’s section of the juvenile hall instead of sharing the cell with her whole family.
  12. Given that the solar opposites were sentenced to torture alone and not sentenced to any years in prison, it is baffling to see why they were put in prison to begin with before their trial and there was never any mention of bail. Given that the aliens own a gold machine that gives them infinite cash they could have easily bailed themselves out without trouble but never do so.
  13. It is also baffling to see that despite the fact that Peter claimed to have been tortured in the man cave in the solar opposites house, the police never bother to investigate the house themselves and the episode does not explain why the police failed to do this. That left the aliens themselves to escape from jail with Pupa’s help in order to investigate the house.
  14. Horrible Ending: The A plot of the episode ends with Korvo, Terry, Jesse, and Yumulack being convicted of Peter’s torture and sentenced to be tortured by bullet ants in public. The A plot abruptly ends with the torture being commenced and the rest of the episode focuses and ends on the wall plot.
  15. The Aliens constitutional rights are completely steamrolled in this episode. The punishment the aliens receive, which is public torture by bullet ants is a violation of the 8th amendment as it bans cruel and unusual punishment and this show is supposed to take place in America.
  16. Despite their best efforts, the solar opposites NEVER get their names cleared. They NEVER find out who framed them either.
  17. Plot Hole: Why was Yumulack framed for Peter’s torture when it was revealed that Miss Frankie and her accomplices only wore the masks resembling Korvo, Terry, and Jesse’s faces? Miss Frankie never bought a Yumulack mask to use and she never hired a third accomplice to impersonate Yumulack.
    • Another plot hole concerns how Miss Frankie managed to steal the mutation ray and the holiday cannon from Korvo and Yumulack. It is never revealed how she stole these things.
    • It is never explained how Matthew managed to become human again and recover from his injuries completely after getting turned into a gingerbread man by Korvo and losing one of his legs in the process.
  18. Misleading titleː Despite being called "The Apple Pencil Pro", it's barely even mentioned and is only shown at the start of the episode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Terry cross dressing as Marilyn Monroe while doing a mugshot is funny although the trailer made that joke dead on arrival.
  2. The B plot was a lot better than the A plot, despite taking most of the episode up.
  3. Roland and Matthew do get karma for their crimes by being accidentally killed by Miss Frankie.


Despite having an 8/10 on IMDb, the episode received backlash from several viewers on Reddit as they criticized the episode for its mean spirited tone, the disjointed plot, and the abrupt ending of the A plot.


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