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That Nice Christmas! (El Chavo Animado)

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That Nice Christmas! (El Chavo Animado)
¡Que Bonita Navidad!.png
Perfect example about how NOT make a Christmas special episode.
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 114 - 115
Air Date: December 21, 2012
Previous episode: Let's go to the Stadium
Next episode: An Eclipse in the Neighborhood

That Nice Christmas! (¡Que Bonita Navidad! in the original) is the last episode of the fifth season of El Chavo Animado.

Why It's A Bad Christmas

  1. At the beginning of the episode, the children are very insistent, by insisting the men in charge of the Christmas pageant to help them to decorate the stage.
  2. There's an unfunny scene where Don Ramón says "Aaaay" to refer "Ahí" when Chavo asks about Christmas spotlights.
  3. In a part of the episode, Doña Florinda literally offends Don Ramón for no reason.
  4. Everyone is unlikable, rude, and unfair to Chavo because they call him a liar. Quico accuses Chavo of having spent the money on ham snacks and the rest for decoration when actually Chavo lost it by accident and got the decorations through a vacant lot with some homeless. But the other characters think it's just a lie about him. They're also very ungrateful to Chavo just because he didn't bring a Christmas tree.
    • Not to mention, here Chavo receives the most unfair and cruel scolding during the entire animated series. So at least in "El Chavo y el lobo", Quico and Ñoño defended him from unfair treatment from adults and in "La máscara del Justiciero" the Justiciero Enmascardo defended Chavo for his mistake (Although it was Quico's fault for almost losing the ticket) and the whole neighborhood felt bad about their mistake and Justiciero Enmascardo taught them a lesson. But here's (Or at least until the ending) no justice and no one to defend Chavo.
  5. To add salt to the wound, none of the characters are punished for their actions.
  6. Quico and Doña Florinda are very selfish in this episode since Doña Florinda is supposed to have no money, but her house is full of many ornaments and two Christmas trees. In Quico's case, making fun of Chavo because he was the last to arrive at the store, then accuses him of being a liar (Like the rest of the neighborhood) and when he apologized to him, he probably only did it so that Chavo would be at the Christmas pageant. Basically for the sake of convenience.
  7. Hypocrisy: The characters, after the cruel scolding they gave to Chavo, use the ornaments that Chavo got from the homeless men no matter where and how he was.
  8. Plot Hole: If Profesor Jirafales didn't have money for ornaments, how the hell did he have money to make a Christmas pageant in the backyard?!
  9. Much of the second part is only about seeing how Chavo suffers and is sad.
  10. Even adults still don't believe Chavo's truth until the end of the episode.
  11. This Christmas special gives children the moral that material things are much more important than the feelings of people. For a special like that, that moral is just wrong.
    • It also gives the morale of being ungrateful to others despite their best efforts, morale that is also wrong for a Christmas special.
  12. Remove the part where the characters scold Chavo unfairly, you don't miss much as almost nothing interesting happens.
  13. Speaking of Brazilian dub, was a much worse way to end the Brazilian dub of the animated series. This is since it's the last Brazilian-Portuguese dubbed season.
  14. It's also an abysmal way to end the fifth season.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Señor Barriga didn't complain too about Chavo as the rest.
  2. Good and Half-Cute Ending: Shows the homeless people who show themselves like the wise men, saying goodbye to Chavo, thanking and wishing him a merry Christmas.
  3. At least the kids apologized to Chavo.
  4. The beginning of the first part was OK (Despite the WIS #1).
  5. The kids' interpretation of the Christmas pageant show is pretty good (Although not the same as in "Regalo de Navidad I y II") and the dance of the Christmas pageant ending is kinda funny.


It's considered by the audience the worst episode of El Chavo Animado.



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