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Welcome to the Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki!
Shows and episodes that will make you quit watching.
Wonder Woman (2011) - A rejected pilot from 2011 that starred Adrianne Palicki as a horribly bastardized Wonder Woman.
Heil Honey I'm Home! - A sitcom with a concept so offensive, only its first episode aired.
Game of Thrones (Season 8) - The infamous final season of a critically acclaimed show that not only ruined a lot of what the previous seasons stood for, but also left the careers of the season's writers in shambles.
Cans Without Labels - The Kickstarter-funded short that was the final nail in the coffin for John Kricfalusi's career.
Family Guy (Seasons 8-present) - A show that was once good, but its quality had nosedived, far worse than other than other flanderized cartoons where almost all the characters except Stewie got flanderized and having extremely disturbing scenes that you would expect.
The 71st Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (1997) - The disastorous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade of 1997 in which many balloons were either popped or ruined.
Teen Titans Go! - Our so called "new favorite show" that was actually hated due to ruining the reputation of the 2003 Teen Titans that has a lot of bad lessons and hates criticism.
The Wacky World of Tex Avery - An animated series from 1997 that disrespects one of the greatest artists of all time.
SuperMarioLogan - A plush channel that used to be good but when Jeffy came to the channel, the channel went downhill like making kids commit suicide, making them misbehave, etc leading to them being demonetized twice, ending up on Good Morning America, and later on sued by Nintendo.
Fox News - A news channel nothing but conservative propaganda.
Welcome to the Terrible Shows & Episodes Wiki. Here we talk about everything from the worst television shows, to the worst web series to horrible TV advertisements to terrible moments in entertainment history.
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Death of Stephen Hillenburg - Read about the death of the creator of a beloved animated series.
Life with Lucy - A 80's sitcom that killed the career of Lucille Ball.
Caillou - A Canadian animated series centered on a bratty kid whose parents almost never punish him for his behavior.
The Fairly OddParents (Seasons 9-10) - A Nickelodeon show that started off on a banger but ended on a whimper, with unnecessary additions of characters like Sparky and Chloe, the already establish characters falling victim to flanderization or obscurity, frequent rehashes of episodes from the past seasons, the sudden switch to cheap flash animation, and its eventual cancellation as a result.
Tomorrow's Pioneers - A terrorist-backed program that is nothing more than pure propaganda.
Fred: The Show - An ear-glaringly annoying Nickelodeon sitcom that proves Nickelodeon rarely makes good sitcoms anymore, and is widely considered to be the worst Nickelodeon sitcom of all time.
13 Reasons Why - A well-known Netflix original that actually glamorizes suicide into thinking it's a good thing, when it really isn't.
Grounded videos - A viral web-series that focuses around fictional characters doing something stupid and then get grounded for it that causes the downfall of Vyond.
The Brothers Grunt - Danny Antonucci's first TV show made as a replacement for Beavis and Butt-head after the "Comedians" controversy, except extremely disgusting and not hilarious at all.
Daybreak - Netflix's attempt of cashing in the dead trend of post-apocalyptic shows, which failed miserably and ended up being canned after one season.
Toddlers and Tiaras - A show that caused the network decay of TLC and full of child abuse.
Yo Yogi! - An ill-fated attempt at creating a prequel to the Yogi Bear series that tried way too hard to be "radical", leading to no Yogi Bear TV series being produced for 30 years until C. H. Greenblatt's Jellystone! was announced.
Breadwinners - A show about a duo named Swaysway and Buhdeuce who deliver bread in a rocket van that had really lazy animation, twerking and writers who can't take criticism.
Fanboy & Chum Chum - The Nickelodeon cartoon that is often cited as Nickelodeon Jumping the Shark.
Johnny Test - A Cartoon Network cartoon where the main character tries so hard to be cool and edgy to the point where it will annoy you after a few seconds after you watch an episode of the show.
The Nutshack - The show that was touted as the first Filipino-American TV show, but unfortunately, it was also the last.
Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" - An adult spin-off of the originally kid-friendly Ren and Stimpy Show that damaged John Kricfalusi's reputation as well as killing off Spike TV's animation block.
Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos - An infamous adult spin-off of the Australian version of America's Funniest Home Videos that was so inappropriate that it was taken off the air half-way.
Mr. Pickles - The Adult Swim equivalent of Teen Titans Go! that the network milked for all its worth.
The Powerpuff Girls (2016) - A reboot that wasn't approved by the original series' creator and is basically a giant middle finger to the original source material.
Bom Dia & Cia (2015-Present) - A once loved Brazilian children's block that has gone downhill again since 2015.
YouTube Kids Cartoons - Terribly done videos made with Play-doh, toys, costumes, you name it that are extremely disturbing that somehow made it to the YouTube Kids app and became a huge YouTube genre.
Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show - A half-time show disaster that insulted Stephen Hillenburg and had Adam Levine sing off-key and is one of his worst performances yet.
Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island - Warner Bros. Animation's attempt at cashing in on the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise that is one of two works leading man Rob Paulsen regrets (the other being the 1993 Bubsy pilot).
The Problem Solverz - The show that is notorious for its extreme overuse of flashing and bright colour that Mr. Enter said in his review on the show that his computer has a hard time rendering them, and later was diagnosed with myopia as a result of watching the show.
Pickle and Peanut - Disney's shameful ripoff of Regular Show and Breadwinners that suffers from most of the same problems as Breadwinners.
Demo Reel - Doug Walker's short-lived replacement for the Nostalgia Critic that didn't go well.
Marvin Marvin - One of the two Nickelodeon shows starring Lucas Cruikshank that the network wants to forget.
Out of Jimmy's Head - The live-action show that started the decline of Cartoon Network in the late 2000s.
Loonatics Unleashed - A Looney Tunes superhero spin-off show that Warner Bros. is personally ashamed of.
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Allen Gregory - The infamous Fox show that lasted only seven episodes, and even its own network hated it.
Danger Force - The even worse sequel to Henry Danger that has already improved during the final 2 seasons but went downhill again during this show which fails even more than the original.
Bunsen is A Beast - The show that was the final nail in the coffin for Butch Hartman's career on Nickelodeon.
Gantz - One of the worst anime adaptations for many anime fans and also, manga fans as well.
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome - The show that was so bad that was so bad, it was taken off Cartoon Network and moved to Adult Swim to the point where it got a better show, Uncle Grandpa.
Supernoobs - Scott Fellows' 2nd show that was no better than the already bad, Johnny Test where 4 high school kids try so hard to be edgy.
Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go! - A big example of how not to reboot a children's television show based on a much-beloved children's franchise, Thomas & Friends as a "made for kids" excuse.
Pig Goat Banana Cricket - A Nickelodeon cartoon that has awful animation and full of random and nonsenical plots.
Cousins For Life - Nickelodeon's failed sitcom comedy that had a horrible advertisement campaign that constantly played on the channel.
The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican - A cartoon with the lowest production values, pencil tests, poor lip-synching by Sam Singer.
Isn't it sad how Logan went from the most liked plush channel on YouTube to one of the most hated content creators on the internet all because of one character?
Genre: Comedy
Plush Channel
Running Time: 6-20 minutes (Depends On Episode)
Country: United States
Release Date: December 8, 2007 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Logan Thirtyacre
Starring: Logan Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton
Chris Netherton
Elaina Keyes
Chilly Jimenez (formerly)
Tito Jimenez (formerly)
Seasons: 13
Episodes: 628

Logan Austin Thirtyacre (born: November 17, 1994 [age 26]), better known online as SuperMarioLogan (often shortened to SML), is an American YouTuber who makes plush videos. He uses plushies from Mario games, and has some toys that are non-Nintendo as well. He also does reviews, updates, etc. His reviews were on his SuperLuigiLogan channel, which was once his new main channel. He started making videos in late 2007. His entire channel has been demonetized since late 2017. On the SuperLuigiLogan channel the content ranges from SML Movies to SML Reactions, where Logan gives Behind the Scenes and facts when filming certain episodes. He currently uploads his current SML plush videos on the new SML channel, since March 2021. Logan used to be a good YouTuber during 2007-2015, but after Jeffy's introduction beginning with 2016, his channel started going downhill.


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