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Televisa (1989-present)

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This isn't the number one company on comedy television.
Industry: Entertainment
Founded: January 8, 1973
Founder: Emilio Azcárraga Milmo
Subsidiaries: TelevisaUnivision
Televisa Consumer Products
Televisa Interactive Media
Televisa Música
Televisa Networks
Televisa Regiona
Notable works: En Familia con Chabelo
El Chavo del Ocho
El Chapulin Colorado
La Familia P.Luche
Una Familia de Diez
María de todos los Ángeles
La Rosa de Guadalupe

Grupo Televisa is a Mexican media company. This company is involved in the production and transmission of television programs, television signals of free and paid reception —by cable and satellite—, international distribution of political programs, television, publication, and distribution of magazines, production and transmission of radio programs, sporting events and live entertainment, film production, and distribution operating an Internet portal and participating in the games and sweepstakes industry.

In 2021, Televisa announced that it would be selling its content assets to longtime US partner, Univision but Televisa will keep all of its other assets and station licenses as part of the deal. The sale was completed on January 31, 2022, and the new company was named as TelevisaUnivision.

Why It Tells Bad Vision Now

  1. They are infamous for reporting copyrighted videos, to the point where they delete almost anything, it is also clear that they delete copyrighted videos that no longer belong to them. The most infamous example is the case of Missasinfonia, a YouTuber who had a section called "Analyzing The Rose of Guadalupe" where he sarcastically review the series La Rosa de Guadalupe, one day Televisa contacted Missasinfonia for Missasinfonia to appear in an episode, then Televisa told him that the role was as a background character, Missasinfonia refused, so Televisa deleted almost all the videos in his section, leaving only three on his main channel and 1 on his secondary channel.
  2. They have committed plagiarism, Chespirito took the song "The Elephant Never Forgets" (a version of Marcia Alla Turca, a song made by Ludwig van Beethoven) to use it as the theme of El Chavo, the most brazen thing is that Roberto Gómez Bolaños when he was alive said that he composed the song, then, due to copyright, The Elephant Never Forgets (along with other songs that used to be heard on the series, before its remastering), were no longer used for copyright, so since 2016, to date, the song has been changed to El Chavo Animado, both opening and end credits.
  3. They give the green light to mediocre or horrible programs like La Rosa de Guadalupe and La CQ, in addition to milking some of their franchises to make more money because they are loved by the public, resulting in mediocre seasons like seasons 2 and 3 of La Familia P.Luche where the characters are flanked except for a few, mediocre comedy and the inclusion of Maradonio that was quite forced in addition to being annoying, there are also the sketches of El Chavo del Ocho in the program Chespirito, where the laughter tracks were removed making the series more empty, Quico and Don Ramón left the series and were the characters that made the show funny, as well as boring plots or remakes of episodes from the original series of the '70s.
  4. Blim TV is a mediocre streaming service that was only created because Netflix was fashionable, some of the errors are:
    • Most of the catalogs are soap operas or series or cartoons that are not very attractive to children or adolescents, who are the ones who use streaming services the most.
    • There are few cartoons in the catalog.
    • Televisa itself has a bad image among users of social networks, which means that not many people are interested in paying for a one-month subscription.
    • It is seen as a bad competitor when removing content from Televisa in other streaming services.
  5. The comedy in their shows is mostly mediocre or bad.
    • In 2012, the cast of LA CQ made an anti-bullying commercial as part of a campaign carried out by Cartoon Network Latin America. Ironically, most of the jokes on the show consist of teasing and bullying, especially the jokes of Roque.
    • La Rosa de Guadalupe has a laughable dialogue with many mediocre jokes, Mexicanisms, and plots and jokes that want to be fashionable.
  6. In recent years they have been trying to "be fashionable" and add topics like social media or mobile phones, this is just another attempt to attract children and teenagers, in some programs, it is used in a strange and cringy way.
  7. When the Mexican government outlawed promoting junk food during familiar schedules, En Familia con Chabelo suffered a lot from this, since the aforementioned advertising was the principal income of the show; to the point of eventually causing its end in 2015, as Televisa said goodbye to one of its most iconic and long-running shows? Making a final episode with a sour (and therefore lacking the optimistic charm of the series) goodbye and in retrospect showing a clear ingratitude to the show and Chabelo himself.
  8. Hypocrisy: They did an episode entirely made to criticize anime and manga... just to several years later create a channel dedicated to that.
  9. Most of its series and soap operas contain terrible, cheesy, and cringy acting by young, inexperienced actors/actresses. This makes it hard to emotionally react to a dramatic scene that features horrid acting, which is unintentionally funny at times. For example, if they try to mimic a heart attack, it looks like they are trying to dance (in a bad way), and their way of mimicking pain looks like the demon has summoned them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They have created some good series, such as El Chavo Del Ocho, El Chapulin Colorado, La Familia P. Luche, and En Familia Con Chabelo. However, Televisa stopped distributing El Chavo and El Chapulin Colorado among others after their contract with Grupo Chespirito expired in 2020.
  2. They also helped create the HuevoCartoon films.
  3. The comedy of Televisa's shows is sometimes pretty decent or good.
    • El Chavo Animado has some good episodes, especially those of the first and second seasons since they are based on episodes of the original series.
    • Not all episodes of La Rosa De Guadalupe are bad, "La Hermana Bastarda," (The Bastard Sister) along with the other four, two-hour-long specials are considered the only good episodes of the entire series.
  4. It used to be a good company before 1989.
  5. Related to Televisa Niños (1996-2005) surprisingly, children's soap operas were better than adult soap operas, despite 2 plots had horrible adaptations by Iris Abravanel on SBT.
  6. Their old dubbing studio, Audiomaster 3000, made the Spanish dubs of several iconic TV shows and movies. However, the studio still exists today as Audiomaster Candani.
  7. Their Canal 5 network also managed to air many foreign shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, the original incarnation of iCarly, Miraculous, Family Guy, The Flintstones, The Big Bang Theory, the later seasons of Thomas & Friends among others.


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