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Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go!
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"YOU WINNNNNN!" — Patrick Wayne, Tic-Tac-Dough (1990)

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Teen Titans Go!
Teen Titans Go!.jpg
- Robin, "Cool School"
Genre: Toilet humor
Off-color humor
Running Time: 11 minutes (22 for specials)
Country: United States
Canada (animation production)
South Korea (additional animation services)
Release Date: April 23, 2013 — present
Network(s): Cartoon Network; Boomerang (2014-2017, 2022-present; United States)
Teletoon (Canada)
CITV (United Kingdom)
RTÈ 3 (Ireland)
MBC3 (Saudi Arabia)
Okoo (France)
Created by: Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic (based on the 2003 series by Glen Murakami and Sam Register)
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Scott Menville
Hynden Walch
Khary Payton
Tara Strong
Greg Cipes
Seasons: 7
Episodes: 365
Previous show: Teen Titans (2003-2006)

Teen Titans Go! is an American animated television series developed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic for Cartoon Network. It is based on the DC Comics fictional superhero team. It premiered on April 23, 2013. The series was announced following the popularity of DC Nation's New Teen Titans shorts.

Sporting a different style, Teen Titans Go! serves as a comedic standalone spin-off with little to no continuity to the 2003 Teen Titans series (although some references are included as comedic fan service) or any other media in the DC Comics franchise.


This follow-up to the popular Teen Titans series takes a more comedic look at the superheroes, showing what life is like for the teens when their capes come off. Funny things happen to Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg between saving the world and being regular teens, living together without adult supervision. The teens, in their ordinary lives, deal with the everyday issues of adolescence that include such important things as having staring contests to determine who does the laundry and going on a series of quests to construct the perfect sandwich. But, of course, the heroes still fight crime in Jump City when the need arises. Whatever the situation, they're always ready for an adventure - inside the house or out of it.

Why People Want It to GO! Away

  1. The primary criticism of the show is how heavily it deviates from the original series; whereas the original heavily relied on the action, storytelling, emotion and character development, Teen Titans Go! pushes that aside to put its focus on comedy, randomness and slice-of-life elements. While the show's concept does sound like a cool idea on paper, it is executed rather poorly.
    • What's jarring is that Sam Register, the co-creator of Teen Titans along with a few original crew members, worked on that show.
    • Some of the problems from Loonatics Unleashed have been shown in this series with one example with both animated shows deviating themselves from their respective franchise except that it's the complete opposite with the only difference with Loonatics trying to be edgier and Teen Titans Go! trying to be more comedic.
  2. Speaking of comedy, the show's humor is very hit-or-miss; but the misses really don't land however. They just mostly rely on the offensive, contrived, low-brow, disgusting, disruptive, or predictable material.
    • On that topic, the show frequently relies on toilet humor and gross-out humor to the point where the "Hot Garbage" episode heavily relies on gross-out humor. Also, flatulence is the main focus in "Butt Atoms," another example of gross-out humor.
    • There are even dated pop-culture references that sometimes feel out of place because they don't need to be there.
    • In some of the earlier episodes, Starfire can be seen "bathing" Silkie by licking him in the way a mother cat does with her kittens as well as eating food and spitting it into his mouth in the way a mother bird does with her babies.
    • The gag of Cyborg's neck extending in length can get very tiresome at times.
  3. The series does a terrible job at being a standalone spin-off to the beloved 2003 series itself and feels more like a reboot (set in an alternate universe of that 2003 series) rather than a modernized spin-off since it barely has anything to do with the original series itself and no recalled events are made to be mentioned in Go! nor are any flashbacks are shown at all. Only a few fan service moments are mentioned in the series and that's it. Since it was advertised to be a spin-off of the beloved 2003 series, it completely failed at doing so.
  4. The Flash animation, while not bad by itself, tends to be mediocre and choppy at times compared to the traditional animation in the original series; on the topic of visuals, the color scheme appears extremely bright in some ways and a handful of the facial expressions throughout the show kind of look off-putting.
  5. The character redesigns look inferior and are pretty unappealing when compared to the original designs from the 2003 series. The designs from the latter series gave the characters anime-esque looks to fit the tone and art style that the show was going for, which, of course, was anime-influenced. But this show on the other hand makes them look a bit like paper cut-outs. They somewhat look rather jaded and out of place in the art style since their original DC designs weren't meant to fit with this art style in mind and to accommodate with it too.
    • The characters were designed to look more cartoonier so that it doesn't poorly clash with the art style using their old designs. This does not fit them at all, as most of them look way too young, fake and chibi-esque when compared to the old designs, with several of them having big eyes, flat body features, and overall, being poorly drawn.
  6. Misleading title: The "Go!" in the show's title will make many people think that this show has a lot more action and fight scenes than the 2003 animated series. But unfortunately, this show focuses more on comedy and other stories than the show's action itself.
  7. Similar to the third and fourth seasons of Sealab 2021, the creators and writers don't act kindly to criticism and there are even episodes made specifically to jab at criticism as well as fans of the original series such as "Let’s Get Serious", "The Return of Slade" and "Teen Titans Roar!".
  8. Many of the antagonists aren't much of a threat. An example would include Trigon, who was portrayed as an embodiment of evil in the comics and the original series. He’s now often portrayed as a stereotypical, dimwitted sitcom father (although it is somewhat justified given the show’s target audience and tone). The Fearsome Five along with Dr. Light, Mad Mob, Brother Blood and the Brotherhood of Evil are also portrayed as dimwitted punching bags.
  9. Similar to the two final seasons of The Fairly OddParents, the show continually features new characters that weren't in the original and that no one had ever asked for. They're useless, annoying and most likely were created to just sell toys, and that's it. And while some of the new characters are surprisingly good, they get very neglected in the series to where they only appear in one episode.
    • The episode '"Hot Garbage" debuts a new recurring comic character, who is although likable, can often be considered the most useless and lousy character in the DC universe: Sticky Joe. Who thought it was a good idea to have a homeless guy who just says "howdy" as a secondary character of the entire series?
      • One episode even featured a female version called Sticky Joan, who also just says "howdy".
  10. Several scenes that can be considered very inappropriate for a children's cartoon.
    • Several episodes feature scenes of characters twerking. The show also attempts to sugarcoat it by referring to twerking as the "Booty Scooty."
    • One episode, "Butt Atoms", features a panty shot.
    • In "Legs", the Titans basically worship Raven's legs after her transformation into "Lady Legasus".
    • In "Pure Protein", Robin deliberately strips naked in front of the rest of the Titans as a self-demonstration of nudity!
    • "Bucket List" features child abuse in a show aimed towards children; the episode in question shows the Titans fighting over, throwing and pulling around an actual baby like a ragdoll with Starfire eventually throwing the said baby onto a bus and being praised for her actions.
    • Though censorship does exist on this show, this show pretty much shows that censorship does not work at all in terms of creativity or comedic gags unlike Family Guy (season 1-7), Regular Show and The Ren & Stimpy Show.
  11. The Titans themselves have been heavily butchered and barely feel anything like the Titans from the original series despite Teen Titans Go! being supposed to be based on them.
    • Robin acts as a dominant and a severely paranoid arrogant jerk especially towards Starfire rather than being a badass team leader. What’s not helping is that he is also treated as a butt-monkey at times since his subordinates often act disrespectful to him even when he's in the right.
    • Starfire acts more immature and childish, and screams way too much, which is in contrast to her once sweet yet calm nature. She also adds "the" into many of her lines of dialogue and it tends to become rather annoying.
      • In "Breakfast Cheese" she urges the Titans to make peace with the H.I.V.E., despite having fought them herself with the other Titans in prior episodes; even after this episode, she reverts back to fighting them anyways, making the whole thing pointless.
    • Beast Boy, who's been portrayed as immature but sometimes serious in the original, is now not only an immature and whiny party animal but also a lazy couch potato who barely gets up to do something simple.
      • Similar to Robin, he is also shown to be the butt-monkey at times, as he is often attacked by the team.
    • Cyborg is also portrayed as an annoying, idiotic slacker, though he manages to be more likable than Beast Boy one way or another.
    • Raven, despite being the most likable out of the five, used to be gothic and short-tempered, yet caring to her friends. Now, she's turned emo and depressed and can be just as disastrous as her fellow teammates in some instances.
  12. Even pushing the botched characterizations aside, the Titans are supposed to be portrayed as heroes but end up behaving more like villains sometimes. Here are some examples:
    • In "The HIVE Five", the Titans continuously torment the H.I.V.E. Five, even though the latter just wanted a day off and no one in the said group was doing anything wrong in said episode.
    • In "Finally a Lesson", the Titans deliberately and harshly kick the villains out of their apartment homes.
    • In "Caged Tiger", Dr. Light considers redeeming himself and joining the Titans, but Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy refuse to accept this and instead beat him up mercilessly.
    • In "Snuggle Time", to get more free time with their cats and drink hot cocoa, the Titans straight-up turn into villains, build an evil lair, and remorselessly murder Batman, Batgirl, the Titans East, Aqualad, and Aquaman.
    • The Titans are constantly gunning for Robin's position as leader to near-Starscream levels.
    • The Titans cause more collateral damage to Jump City than any of the villains, treating it as though it is their playground and acting disrespectful towards others, intentionally creating enemies through ridiculous insults and inflicting harm on others, including the Mocking Birds, Zan (one of the Wonder Twins) and even Aqualad.
    • In "The Scoop", the Titans ruin the H.I.V.E. Five's ice cream party, even though the latter didn't do anything wrong in that episode.
  13. Horrible, irritating and stupid songs like "Pee Pee Dance", "I'm a Hot Pepper", "Spaghetti Dance", "Waffles", "Uncle Jokes", "The Poop Song", "Fortune Cookies" and more.
    • Speaking of music, Darkseid is voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic, but he never sings!
  14. The writers tend to shove in random romantic subplots with some of the main cast and the recurring cast in a very forced and rushed way, with the subplots being very poorly written and having no substance to them at all such as the relationship between both Robin and Starfire who both of them act lovey-dovey towards each other in an abusive way which was not what both of them were in with the original 2003 series since they acted more like friends rather than lovers.
  15. The show tends to get very mean-spirited and sometimes even violent towards younger audiences, for instance:
    • The rest of the Titans treat a certain Titan (usually Robin) like a butt-monkey in some episodes. A typical plot has the Titans replacing Robin as leader, either with someone else, or one of their own numbers pulling a Starscream, either because they find someone else cooler than the superpower-less Robin, they are tired of his abuse, or they wanted to be leader for the sake of the title.
    • Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are very rude and disrespectful towards Raven and Starfire in the infamous "Boys vs Girls" episode, and they do this just because they're girls which is not to mention sexist.
  16. It tends to act very disrespectfully towards other franchises (i.e. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), real people (i.e. George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II of England), and even holidays; for example, Santa Claus is portrayed as some dictator intending to replace every day of the year with Christmas.
    • Whenever a new DC property is announced, a new episode is made to promote it and it’s often offensive, a prime example of this is “Little Elvis,” an episode used to promote Shazam! when it came out in theatres and they make fun of the characters from the movie.
  17. Some episodes tend to have filler, such as a brief montage of Robin making waffles himself in "Waffles".
  18. There are bad (and sometimes stupid) morals and life lessons in several episodes, ranging from ridiculous to dangerous to even offensive. Understandably, these are supposed to be jokes, satire, or use of irony or sarcasm, but there is a chance that some people, especially children, might misunderstand. These include but, but are not limited to:
    • Throughout the entire show, the Titans act extremely immature for their age, basically saying that "childish behavior is acceptable." Fellow YouTuber Mr. Enter sometimes calls them "Toddler Titans" due to this.
    • Quite a few episodes state that committing crimes to get what you want is not only okay, it's cool.
    • "I'm the Sauce" teaches kids that clouds have feelings and that they should try to cheer up rainclouds because "they're sad".
    • "Pyramid Scheme" and "The Dignity of Teeth" encourage greed.
    • "The Return of Slade" has a message about forgetting your childhood.
    • "Staring at the Future" teaches that responsibility is bad and that if your friends are responsible members of society, then their lives suck, and it is recommended to screw them over so that they'll conform to your lifestyle.
    • "Artful Dodgers" encourages cheating, which is a serious offense, especially in school.
    • "Mas y Menos" encourages glory-hounding and showboating.
    • "The True Meaning of Christmas" boils down to Christmas being entirely about presents and nothing else; the Titans even destroy Santa's workshop when he preaches the true meaning of Christmas.
      • Speaking of Santa Claus, who is a part of the Christmas lore, is much villainous just like this Santa, who is a barbarian from the comic Santa the Barbarian.
    • "Books" boils down to books being dangerous.
    • "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear" teaches viewers that they should have other people make decisions for them.
    • "Hey You, Don't Forget About Me in Your Memory" boils down to taking your anger out on your friends if things don't go your way.
    • "Knowledge" teaches that intelligence is bad and can make you into a boring bummer; an insufferable, judgmental, and overly-critical person whom no one will want to befriend.
    • "Boys vs Girls" says that girls are better than boys in every way, except at giving speeches. Not only does that encourage sexism, but it also encourages others into believing they are superior to others.
    • "Hot Garbage" encourages hoarding, a serious psychological problem.
    • "Nean" teaches that being mean sometimes is okay, which it is not. In fact, it could actually get you in trouble.
    • "Think About Your Future" teaches that making bad life decisions and living your lives to the shortest is recommended.
    • "I Am Chair" teaches that sitting on massage chairs is bad because they brainwash people and reduce them down to living vegetables to the point of starvation and dehydration and that they are robots who want to take over the world and end humanity.
    • "Hot Salad Water" basically preaches blind nationalism and xenophobia by portraying the United States of America as the greatest nation ever and depicting Britain as stuck in the 1700s and seeking to recolonize the United States.
    • "Who's Laughing Now" teaches that college is pointless and that people should just live their lives, which is a bad lesson to teach because, although college is not for everyone, it leads to a high-paying job that can support people for life.
    • "The Scoop" encourages objectophilia and that it's okay to have unhealthy obsessions with inanimate objects to the point where they're treated like an actual person.
    • "The Metric System vs Freedom" teaches viewers that the metric system is dangerous and should not be used whatsoever, or else you'll end up like an evil scientist, which is totally not true.
    • "Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt" teaches kids to be sore losers.
    • "Oil Drums" teaches that your brains will rot without television.
  19. The voice acting, while great, can also get rather annoying at times since the characters tend to scream a lot, which can get a bit irritating at certain points in the show.
  20. Their films are very inconsistent.
    • While the first film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies was great when it premiered, but it has aged worse after three years, believing a Teen Titans Go! movie really was as unnecessary as people say. It actually belittled the DC Universe, much like the next two.
    • The second movie Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, while not that bad itself, wasn't that great compared to the first one. It was supposed to "prove DC's point" that Teen Titans Go! is just an alternate universe take on the original series. That made it less accurate because they not only it was trying to succeed on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Turtles Forever, but they also portrayed the 2003 Titans as bossy towards their Go! counterparts, making both versions of the Titans equally unlikable.
    • The third movie Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam is not even good either. As the whole movie is dedicated to watching Space Jam; and its only purpose was to promote Space Jam: A New Legacy, which isn't much better.
    • The fourth movie Teen Titans Go! & DC SuperHero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse is not great either, as the titular Titans barely had any focus and instead, it focuses more on the DC Super Hero Girls. Some fans also accused it of being a rip-off of the Marvel film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or the upcoming game that is developed by Warner Bros. themselves, Multiversus.
  21. It is filled to the brim with bad/mediocre episodes (see list below)
  22. Quite a few clips of the original 2003 original series are used horribly just for comedic effect and that's it, with the characters using their GO personalities and the animation looking oddly dated when compared to the original animations from the 2003 series due to the animators using Flash for this type of animation which does not fit the 2003 art style at all since it's meant to replicate anime shows such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece.

Qualities that are "the" Redeeming

  1. The Flash animation does have its positives; for example, the art style, despite some of the character designs appearing rather mediocre, can be nice to look at, while some episodes do present us with magnificent animation.
    • The backgrounds are also pretty nice.
  2. Not all of the morals and lessons are toxic; in fact, a handful of episodes manage to teach its viewers good ones, too:
    • "Pyramid Scheme," although it encourages greed, teaches that pyramid schemes are bad (although not because of mummies).
    • "Spice Game" recommends living life in the middle; not too bland, but not too dangerous, either.
    • "Vegetables" encourage staying on a balanced diet.
    • Beast Boy and Cyborg teach lessons about the colors of the sky and romantic chemistry in "Permanent Record".
    • "Burger vs. Burrito" teaches that having different opinions from one another is acceptable; the ending drives this home by having Cyborg and Beast Boy tasting their respective foods and enjoying them.
      • Speaking of which, if you do like this show or any of the shows on this wiki, that's respectable, even if most people say that they suck.
    • "Smile Bones" teaches eating food normally and recommends against wolfing down your food (though it does so in a way that made TV Tropes question if substance abuse occurred behind the scenes).
    • "Colors of Raven" boils down to the basics of how emotions work, whenever you feel happy, sad, angry, fear, joy, etc., as told by Starfire at the end of this episode.
    • "Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate" teach kids how to recycle things.
    • "Just A Little Patience...Yeah...Yeah" encourages patience.
    • "Kabooms (Parts 1 and 2)" encourages exposition in a plot and tone down on explosive special effects. It also teaches the conflict of creative differences.
    • "Dignity Of Teeth" teaches that selling your teeth is not a good way to earn money.
  3. They have some good episodes (especially a lot of the earlier episodes), such as:
    • "Drivers Ed"
    • "40%, 40%, 20%" (perhaps the most famous)
    • "Video Game References"
    • "Ghost with the Most"
    • "Hugbees"
    • "Dreams"
    • "Legendary Sandwich" (which started the show on a high note)
    • "Pie Bros"
    • "In and Out"
    • "Vegetables"
    • "Girls Night In"
    • "Squash & Stretch"
    • "BBRae"
    • "The Oregon Trail" (depending on your view)
    • "Cool School" (depending on your view)
    • "Real Orangins"
    • "Teen Titans Vroom!"
    • "Monster Squad"
    • "Don't Press Play"
    • "Shrimps and Prime Rib"
    • "Villains In A Van Getting Gelato"
    • "Cartoon Feud"
    • Miniseries "The Night Begins to Shine" (or "The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though it Was the Day")
    • Miniseries "Super Summer Hero Camp" (depending on your view).
    • The "TV Knight" Saga (depending on your view).
    • "Demon Prom"
    • The "Bumble Bee" Arc (sans for "Communicate Openly")
    • "Superhero Feud"
    • "Cy and Beasty"
    • Miniseries "Space House"
    • "Breakfast Cheese"
  4. The voice acting (for the most part) is at least decent, compared to the original, despite all the wasted talent. This is because most of the voices cast from the original still retain their respective roles. For example, Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Tara Strong, and Khary Payton still reprise their roles as the Teen Titans
    • And, it contains lesser-known corners of the DC canon.
  5. There are some likable or tolerable characters, depending on your view, like: The H.I.V.E. Members (including Jinx), Raven, Silkie, Trigon, Cyborg (despite his Flanderization, in some episodes), Control Freak, Sticky Joe, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, The Flash, and Fall Out Boy (guest-starred in The Night Begins to Shine and they had a pretty decent role).
    • The characters of Beetlejuice (with Alex Brightman reprising his role as the titular character from the Broadway adaptation)
  6. There are few times where the show can get pretty funny, such as whenever it doesn't rely on lowbrow gags to tell actual self-aware and self-deprecating jokes (though to be fair, there is also a wrong way of doing this).
    • Even the non-lowbrow jokes work at times such as the "Guys, look! A birdie!" Scene.
  7. Since Season 4, the show has been slightly improving, as the bright color palette becomes toned down by later seasons and there are a little fewer bad episodes, but that's not saying much since it still has bad episodes like The Scoop. The First Season was also okay despite its many many flaws.
  8. The first movie is also good, and it earned a page on the Greatest Movies Wiki, despite its legacy slightly deteriorated over time as fans believed that a Teen Titans Go! movie wasn't really necessary.
  9. There are catchy and good songs like the credits music and "The Night Begins to Shine" (not to be confused with the miniseries of the same name). Puffy AmiYumi (the J-pop duo who sang the original Teen Titans' theme song) even did a cover of "The Night Begins to Shine".
    • To add to this, the remixed theme song is catchy despite being short. It was also remixed by Mix Master Mike.
    • Depending on what you think, some annoying songs might also be catchy.
  10. The action scenes can also be pretty entertaining.
    • Some of the villains, like Control Freak, could still retain their charm from their original incarnation.
  11. The show has decent world-building.
  12. Some of the charms from the 2003 series are still present in this show in a few ways, such as the actors coming back to reprise their roles as the characters which were nice of them to do.
  13. As mentioned above, the concept is kind of interesting, despite being poorly executed.
  14. It was pretty interesting that Beast Boy and Raven finally became a couple after the episode, "BBRae".
  15. Some memorable lines like: "Guys, look! ...a birdie!"
    • In fact, the line from the previous fact became a meme.

Notable Bad Episodes from this show

  1. "Gorilla"
  2. "Staring at the Future"
  3. "Legs"
  4. "Waffles"
  5. "Salty Codgers"
  6. "Serious Business"
  7. "Boys vs Girls"
  8. "The Best Robin"
  9. "Hot Garbage"
  10. "Smile Bones"
  11. "Let's Get Serious"
  12. "The Return of Slade" (arguably the worst episode)
  13. "Dignity of Teeth"
  14. "DC"
  15. "Croissant"
  16. "Spice Game"
  17. "Hey You, Don't Forget About Me In Your Memory"
  18. "BBBDAY!"
  19. "The Fourth Wall"
  20. "Black Friday"
  21. "The True Meaning of Christmas"
  22. "Batman v Teen Titans: Dark Injustice"
  23. "Think About Your Future"
  24. "TTG v PPG"
  25. "Communicate Openly"
  26. "Teen Titans Save Christmas"
  27. "Brain Percentages"
  28. "Hot Salad Water" (A racist episode to the British people)
  29. "The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular!"
  30. "The Scoop"
  31. "The Metric System vs Freedom"
  32. "Butt Atoms"
  33. "Teen Titans Roar!"
  34. "Bucket List" (This episode contains an uncensored scene depicting child abuse that somehow got past the network censors)
  35. "Baby Mouth" (A racist episode to Babylon)
  36. "Butter Wall"
  37. "The Mug"
  38. "Ghost Boy"
  39. "Double Trouble"
  40. "The Date"
  41. "Super Robin"
  42. "The Avogodo" (A racist episode to the Mexican people)
  43. "Artful Dodgers"
  44. "No Power"
  45. "Two Parter" (depending on your view)
  46. "Stockton, CA" (depending on your view)
  47. "Mas y Menos"
  48. "Just A Little Patience...Yeah...Yeah"
  49. "I Am Chair"
  50. "Booty Scooty"
  51. "Curse of the Booty Scooty"
  52. "Truth, Justice and What?!"
  53. "Manners and Mannerisms" (depending on your view)
  54. "Batman's Birthday Gift" (depending on your view)
  55. "Eyebrows"
  56. "Island Adventures" miniseries
  57. "Head Fruit"
  58. "The Chaff"
  59. "Chicken in the Cradle" (A Teen Pregnancy episode that received lots of controversy from viewers)
    • "Body Adventure" (banned episode due to the COVID-19 pandemic)


Teen Titans Go! received generally mixed reviews by critics. IGN writer Scott Collura gave the pilot episode a score of 7.8 out of 10, stating that "DC Animation revamps the beloved Teen Titans series for a new generation – with pretty fun results". Randy Schiff of The Buffalo News praised its writing and animation, calling it a "consistently quirky comedy that is often laced with keen social commentary". After the trailer for the series' film adaptation was released, Scott Mendelson of Forbes praised the series and its "nihilistic madness", writing that "Taken on its own terms, it is blisteringly funny and endlessly clever, offering grimly cynical history lessons, comedically grimdark holiday specials, and occasional pure fantasy freak-outs...amid some serious superhero genre trolling and self-commentary". The first season holds an approval rating of 67% based on 9 reviews on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Writing for Slant Magazine, Lee Wang gave the show 2 stars out of 4, saying "Teen Titans Go! would offer little to even the most ardent Titans nostalgists and completists". Aaron Wiseman of Moviepilot cited various criticisms of the show, noting slight appreciation for the characters of Starfire and Raven..

However, despite the mixed reviews by critics, the show was heavily panned by audiences, fans of the original Teen Titans and internet reviewers and is considered as one of the worst Cartoon Network shows, as well one of the most controversial shows ever. PhantomStrider ranked the show #4 on his Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Shows and Top 10 Worst Cartoon Remakes, as well making a Top 6 Worst Teen Titans Go! Episodes. RebelTaxi initially didn't consider Teen Titans Go! that bad but later ranked the show #8 on his Top 10 WORST Animated REBOOTS REVIVALS.


The show's pilot episode brought in over 3 million viewers. On June 11, 2013, Cartoon Network renewed Teen Titans Go! for a second season, citing successful ratings. According to Hope King, a tech reporter for CNNMoney, Teen Titans Go! was one out of three of the most viewed television shows and other media to contribute to a record setting 1.3 million simultaneous Xfinity On-Demand viewings during the January 2016 United States blizzard.

It currently has a 5.3/10 on IMDb and a 74% on Google. It has also been given below-average ratings on (3.9/10)


  • Related to some of the reasons above, the main reason why the show is extremely comedic in the first place is that one of the creators, Aaron Horvath, was actually one of the crew members of the Cartoon Network show MAD, which was based on the magazine of the same name, meaning that the reason for the show's wackiness is because the people behind this worked on a more comedic show, which might explain why the show is so light-hearted in the first place.
  • The creators of this show claimed that they have only seen a couple of episodes of the original Teen Titans, but they do admit it was a pretty good show.
  • Some of the crew members of the 2003 series returned to work on Teen Titans Go!.
  • As of 2021, the show has 7 seasons, over 325 episodes and counting, making it Cartoon Network's longest-running animated series. It is also the longest-running Teen Titans series, airing for 7 seasons, as well as from DC'S parent company, Warner Bros. Animation.
  • Since Season 5, viewership for the show has declined.
  • This show is very popular in France, Latin America, and Japan.
  • The creators of this show are the directors of the new animated Super Mario movie for Illumination Entertainment coming in 2023.
  • In 2021, Cartoon Network announced a spin-off series based on the Night Begins to Shine episodes.
  • This show was once sponsored in a Roblox event.
  • During in 2022, the "Guys Look, A Birdie!" line was spawned as an internet meme.


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