Teacher's Pet (Sidekick)

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And you thought Everybody is Side-Fu Fighting is bad.

Teacher's Pet is the first episode of the third season of the Canadian show SidekickBTSW.


Eric has to dodge Pamplemoose if he wants to join the gang at their new school.

Why It Sucks

  1. The title can be seen as a lie, as the term "teacher's pet" means a pupil who has won the teacher's special favor or a person who is treated as a favorite by one in authority and the art suggests maybe Pamplemoose treats Eric too well, but he is freaked out about it (This actually was somewhat of a plot in a previous episode).
    • Spoiler alert: That's not even close too it. In fact, it's quite the opposite, as Pamplemoose seems to really hate Eric.
  2. Similar to Arnold Betrays Iggy and Everyone Knows It's Bendy, this episode is very mean-spirited as Trevor keeps blaming Eric for his bad deeds.
  3. Trevor is very unlikable in this episode and acts out of character.
  4. The scene where Trevor points his finger at Eric to take the fall for his actions is not only really frustrating, but one of the most despised moments in Sidekick.
  5. Trevor gets flanderized into Eric's best friend who would always stick by his side, to a jerk who likes to blame people for his actions.
  6. The ending is an outrageous slap in the face: Trevor blasts Eric into the pool, which causes all the water to drain, and everyone at Trevor's new school blames Eric, despite this was Trevor's doing, and they saw Trevor literally blast himself into the pool. How stupid is that? Even worse, Trevor gets away scot-free, while Eric gets blamed once again and has to scoop up all the water from the cruise. Not only that, Eric asks if he could go pee, but Pamplemoose says "No", and a shark is seen swimming in the pool, while Eric says "Never mind". This just proves that all of Eric's peers see him as a screw-up who can't do anything right, which is just messed up.
  7. It's like the writers hated Eric and wanted everyone to know.
  8. Similar to Sweet 'N Sour and Everyone Knows It's Bendy, it has this cliche where the character gets blamed for someone's bad deed gets away with it, while the one gets a punishment and the other one gets no punishment.
  9. The design for the title card is weird, terrifying, and very forgettable. In fact, it's so uncanny that it gives the Almost Naked Animals title cards a run for its money.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eric was the only likable character in this episode.
  2. There were some genuinely funny moments.


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