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Tea Party (Om Nom Stories)

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Tea Party (Om Nom Stories)
Screenshot 20211029-224029 YouTube.jpg
Trust us, this episode will make you mad look how Om Nom is in this image.
Series: Om Nom Stories
Part of Season: 15
Episode Number: 3
Air Date: March 13 2020
Previous episode: Sand Castles
Next episode: Bedtime Play

"Tea Party" is an episode of Om Nom Stories.

Bad Qualities

  1. This episode is filled with harsh Om Nom torture.
  2. Nibble Nom & The Plush Toys are unlikeable in this episode, they constantly force Om Nom to eat the food, even though he doesn't want it & like it, despite this, Nibble Nom still tries to make him eat the food.
  3. Speaking of which, the food Nibble Nom made looks disgusting.
  4. Nibble Nom even cries because of his father Om Nom not trying the food, despite how disgusting it smells.
  5. Even though this is justified, Om Nom took the situation too far as he rages and makes the plush toys scared of him & even makes Nibble Nom cry just for not eating the food.
  6. The beginning is filled with filler.

Good Qualities

  1. Both Om Nom & Om Nelle are the only likable characters.
  2. Nibble Nom gets karma in this episode as Om Nom rages at his plush toys & even makes him cry.
  3. The ending was pretty good.


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