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Number 1 Rule: Never use raccoons as house pets in real life or it will trash your manor.
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 6-7 minutes
Country: France
Release Date: December 17, 2018 - present
Network(s): Boomerang (UK and Asia)
Created by: Pierre Sissmann
Mike de Seve
Distributed by: Cyber Group Studios
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 78

Taffy is a French television series that is co-produced by Adobe Animate in Cyber Group Studios and it airs in certain European countries and Asia in Boomerang.


Scraggs is a dumpster raccoon who disguises himself as a cat and renames himself "Taffy" to enter Mrs. Muchmore's Mansion because he is hungry, but a Doberman named Bentley wants to find out about Taffy's secret so that he will tell Mrs. Muchmore that he is a raccoon.

Bad Qualities

  1. The premise about a raccoon disguising as a cat in a mansion is very dangerous, as it will trash the mansion in real life.
  2. This show is a rehash of many other slapstick comedy cartoon shows involving a character getting hurt by another character like Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Zig and Sharko, and Oscar's Oasis, but at least these five shows handle the slapstick theme well.
  3. Though like them, some episodes are censored such as Binikos kissing an object, which is considered objectophilia.
  4. Like Camp Lakebottom, some episodes have cliched writing plots that completely use unfunny humor and cruel moments and many tropes used in this show are questionable and it does not fit the theme of slapstick:
    • The health inspector episode
    • The wedding episode
    • The lockdown episode
    • The body-swapping episode
    • The picture episode
    • The video making episode
    • The dentist episode
    • The movie star episode
    • The time capsule episode
    • The flea episode
    • The treasure episode
    • The fortune cookie episode
    • The person who shrinks episode
    • The golf episode
    • The person who gets a disease episode
    • The twin brother episode
    • The mouse episode
    • The pony episode
    • The clones episode
  5. The jokes in this show are unfunny due to the said reasons below.
  6. Taffy (or Scraggs) is an unlikable character, although he was likable in some episodes, as he disguises as a cat to sneak inside Mrs. Muchmore's manor just so he can eat whatever he wants, especially caviars.
  7. Bentley is also an unlikable antagonist or anti-hero, although he is still likable at times, as he trashes her manor while chasing Taffy just because he knows he is a raccoon.
  8. Aside from the characters mentioned above, there are some unlikable characters such as Mish, Mash, (sometimes for both) Carny, Forsythe, and Mr. Fuffermin.
  9. Laughable names such as Taffy, Mrs. Muchmore, Forsythe, Mr. Fuffermin, and Dr. Hurtz.
  10. Mrs. Muchmore shouting "RACCOON!!" will get on your last nerve.
  11. People in this show are gullible because they think that Taffy is a cat, but in reality, he is a raccoon (or any other wild animal) because if they know about this, they will scream, and someone will kick him out.
  12. The animation, while smooth, can be cheap at times and it is something like the one from the show Zip Zip, a much better show than this.
  13. Many gross-out moments, such as Taffy himself eating so much food (mostly caviar) often.
  14. The two characters (Taffy and Bentley) can be torturous in some episodes such as Enter the Kitty and Factory Flaw.
  15. This show is filled to the brim with mean-spirited moments, with the worst offender being Bentley identifying Taffy as a raccoon.
  16. Though aside from Bentley identifying Taffy as a raccoon, there are more mean-spirited moments such as:
    • The characters getting attacked by a bear or a bull in several episodes.
    • People attacking characters aside from Taffy in several episodes.
    • Taffy scaring people when they notice that he is a raccoon.
  17. Sometimes, either Taffy or Bentley is a "Karma Houdini" as he gets away scot-free by trashing the manor.
  18. Some bad episodes that focus on gross-out, mean-spirited, or torturous moments such as:
    • A Minor Problem
    • No Strings Attached
    • I Now Pronounce You Dog and Cat
    • D.N.A OK
    • Staycation
    • The Switch
    • Cute or Boot
    • License To Kale
    • Raccoon Day
    • Logging Off
    • Smell of the Chase
    • Factory Flaw
    • Robo-House
    • Whisper to a Scream
    • Bentley of the Jungle
    • Out of the Woods
    • Reach Out and Touch Someone
    • The White Gloves
    • Taffyzilla
    • Laughy Taffy
    • Pet Therapist
    • There Kitty Kitty
    • A Star Is Born
    • The Sweaters
    • Citizen Taffy
    • Flowers For Bentley
    • Raccoon Moon
    • Love of Loaf
    • Climate Control Freaks
    • Cone Heads
    • Time Out of Taffy
    • The Flea Party
    • The Cat's Pajamas
    • Buried Treasure
    • The Fortune 500
    • Jitter Fever
    • The Recall
    • The New Mrs. Muchmore
    • Honey, I Shrunk the Raccoon
    • Scare Tactics
    • Mrs. ZZZ
    • Spotted! (The banned episode)
    • Rags to Ostriches
    • The Big Sneeze
    • Flying High
    • Twin or Lose
    • Little Monster
    • Mirror Mansion
    • Besties
    • I Love Lamp
    • A Mouse in the House
    • Phony Pony
    • Squeakaphobia
    • Clone Sweet Clone
    • Silence of the Slams
    • A Maze In and Out
    • Mission Improbable
    • Snapped
    • Hero Worship
  19. Quantity Over Quality: Like some other shows with only one season such as Chad, the creators announced that there will be a second season in 2022, which will have more mean-spirited moments or gross-out humor.

Good Qualities

  1. Even though it has flaws, it is still good enough to be on the Best TV Shows & Episodes Wiki

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