TV Kids (2014-2018)

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TV Kids (2014-2018)
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A regression to another children's program presented by clowns to a cringe television version of YouTube doll videos.
Running Time: 60-90 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: December 22, 2014 - February 27, 2015
December 18, 2017 - March 2, 2018
Network(s): RedeTV!
Starring: Teleco and Teco (2014-2015)
Tia Dani (2017)
Turma da Pakaraka (2018)

TV Kids was a Brazilian children's television program shown and produced by RedeTV!. It premiered on June 5, 2006, focused mostly on the transmission of cartoons and series for children and teenagers. The block became highly known and quite popular in its early years due to the broadcast of several anime (like Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Pokémon, Inazuma Eleven, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) that pleased and helped to form a generation of an otaku audience in Brazil.

However in its last years the program underwent drastic changes in format and content, becoming more aimed at pre-school audiences, which generated negative criticism from former viewers of the program.

Why It Wasn’t Kid-Tacular

  1. The drastic change in the target audience was like a giant middle finger for old fans. The block became popular for helping to maintain the popularity of anime on Brazilian TV for teen audiences in the late 2000s, in addition to be one of the rare cartoon blocks airing during prime time (instead at Monday through Friday mornings, which is a time when most children are at school).
    • The channel even ignored several requests from fans to want to see the block return with Pokémon and other new animes.
    • Interestingly, the channel already had a pre-school block between 2005 and 2007 called TV Clubinho, which served as a sister block for TV Kids in the early years. It would make a lot more sense for the channel to have revived TV Clubinho for the preschool cartoons, than to ruin TV Kids by changing the target audience of the block to one that it was not originally supposed to begin.
  2. The block was put on air during the mornings, which was a stupid idea, since most of the audience of children who watch cartoons on open TV channels prefer to watch Bom Dia & Cia on SBT, a block that pratically has already become a tradition airing since 2 generations and has much more audience than anything from RedeTV! in the mornings.
  3. The idea of putting on clowns like Teleco & Teco and Turma da Pakaraka to host the block was also stupid and unnecessary. This was probably inspired by the popularity of the clowns Patati and Patatá with their merchandising after presenting Carrossel Animado at SBT between 2011-2013. Patati & Patatá were dismissed from SBT after only 2 years because their program became a failure in a short time, and also because Bozo's failure at SBT in the same year further reinforced the idea that today's children are no longer so interested in clowns.
    • By the way, Teleco & Teco were shameless rip-offs of Patati & Patatá.
  4. The cartoons had their slot reduced on the block in favor of the new presenters.
  5. The block aired the cartoons of the infamous Vídeo Brinquedo in its penultimate version in 2014-2015, which is not good.
  6. The format of its penultimate version of 2014-2015 didn't even looked like a children's television block, it looked more like a low budget sitcom focused on Teleco and Teco, having bad acting mixed with crappy and cheap animations done in flash. These animations were made by Rafael B. Dourado known for working on the infamous webcartoon Sapo Brothers.
  7. Tia Dani was not a good host in the last version of TV Kids, who is more precisely looking like she is making a YouTube video of playing dolls rather than presenting a children's block.
  8. The format of its last version (before Turma da Pakaraka) in 2017-2018 it's shameful, since it's looking more like one of the videos of adult people playing with dolls on YouTube, than a children's television block.
  9. The last intro of the block in 2017-2018 is short and the new logo is not good, since it is a drop in quality from the previous logo in 2012.
  10. The latest versions of TV Kids were very bad, as they did not please viewers and the ratings were horrible. To this day, RedeTV! does not want to risk bring back the block again after these two failed attempts in 2014-2015 and 2017-2018.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Pororo the Little Penguin is the only good new cartoon of the revival era of TV Kids.
  2. Good hosting of Turma da Pakaraka in the last version of the block, replacing Tia Dani.
  3. The channel at least heard the fans' request in the last year of the block to return Pokémon, even though that unfortunately didn't help to recover the block that was canceled a month after the anime's return.


  • In 2014-2015, the program was not called TV Kids, instead as As Aventuras de Teleco e Teco, however it was credited as TV Kids on the channel's schedule.


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