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TT Movie: Tails Never Fails

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TT Movie: Tails Never Fails
Tails doesnt fail, but this episode does.jpg
Oh Tails, why did you have to be such a bully in this episode? That's so unlike you!
Series: TitoTotter
Episode Number: 26
Air Date: August 10, 2018

"Tails Never Fails" is the 26th episode of TT Movies.

Why It Fails

  1. Tails is extremely unlikable in this video because he keeps winning every single board game against Jet. This is especially out-of-character for Tails because he would never act like a jerk.
  2. This is basically a 10 minute Jet torture video because he keeps losing every board game and he never wins.
  3. Jet was also not very smart for a moment as he fakes having his arm twitching whenever he loses instead of actually telling the truth.
  4. Jet did nothing to deserve this treatment whatsoever.
  5. Sonic was just there in the beginning and he somewhat disappeared later on in the episode. To be fair, he didn't participate in the entire episode so he wouldn't deal with the same treatment Jet's dealing with. So, it's reasonable and understandable for him to not play with Tails.
  6. Bad ending where after Tails and Jet played Heads or Tails when the coin is on tails, Tails got away with winning while Jet passed out.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Sonic and Jet are still likable characters as usual, and as mentioned before, Sonic had a right to not participate in the entire episode.