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Swimming (Peppa Pig)

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Swimming (Peppa Pig)
Pool’s out for summer along with this disaster.
Series: Peppa Pig
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 20
Air Date: January 1, 2007
Writer: Chris Parker
Director: Neville Astley & Mark Baker
Previous episode: Jumble Sale
Next episode: Tiny Creatures

Swimming is the 20th episode from the 2nd season of Peppa Pig.


Peppa and her family are about to go at the swimming pool. At first, George is a little worried, but is soon splashing happily with his friend Richard Rabbit.

Why It Should be in The Deep End

  1. There are so many errors in the episode.
    • How could Peppa and George change clothes independently?
    • Why didn't the Rabbits go into the changing rooms?
    • Why were the changing room colours flipped at the end of the episode?
    • Where is the lifeguard?
    • Also, anyone that's 4 or over can jump off diving boards, Mummy Pig said they're only for grown-ups.
  2. Daddy Pig is literally a Karma Houdini in this episode. When the watering can sunk, George and Richard weren't polite, and the parents didn't discipline the children at all. Because Daddy Pig can swim underwater, he made no deal whatsoever and just got the can back, probably just to please the two. And when Daddy Pig gave the can to George and Richard, there were no thank yous.
    • It basically teaches kids to be passive.
  3. When the watering can sinks, rather than retrieving it for her son, Miss Rabbit simply says to Richard that sorry but she can't reach because it's too far down. Seriously? It's just a pool, Miss Rabbit! It's not like the watering can fell to the sea's deepest bottom. How is even possible that only Daddy Pig is the only adult who can swim underwater? Swimming underwater is something standard all adults should know!
  4. There's a laughable line, and it's this.
    • George: Mummy!
    • Mummy Pig: I can't swim underwater.
    • Peppa: Even I can't swim underwater.
      • Peppa's line makes no sense, because children are way less likely to be able to swim underwater than adults.
  5. George and Richard are unlikable for pouring water on both Daddy Pig and Peppa’s heads thinking it was funny, but it comes off as mean.
  6. Like most episodes in the earlier seasons, Peppa of course fat shamed Daddy Pig saying he’s big to go on the diving board.
  7. Peppa doesn’t want George and Richard to have fun because they are bad swimmers because they splash on their kickboards, teasing them saying they are not good swimmers and thinks they would learn when both George & Richard are older.
    • She is also mean to Daddy Pig where she excludes Daddy Pig laughing at getting wet by George pouring water on him because it’s for babies.
  8. Rebecca is out of character as she took Peppa’s side to rudely say that George & Richard can’t have fun because they splashing everyone with their kickboards and also saying they’re better than George and Richard, making her and Peppa braggers and egotists.
  9. Rebecca and Peppa never get punished or scolded for their actions.
    • Neither did George or Richard for harassing people with watering cans.
  10. Also, why are Rebecca and Peppa so mean to their brothers as just because they don’t know how to swim, doesn’t mean they can have fun.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and Mummy Rabbit are likable here.
  2. The ending is actually decent.
  3. The first half was decent until Peppa and Rebecca started being mean and also brag about being good swimmers.
  4. Some passable funny moments.