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Swap Meet (Kick Buttowski)

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Swap Meet (Kick Buttowski)
Swap Meet.PNG
Part of Season: 2b
Episode Number: 21a
Air Date: February 11, 2012
Writer: Eric Rivera
Derek Dressler
Director: Chris Savino
Clay Morrow
Previous episode: Jock Wilder's Nature Camp
Next episode: Trash Talk

"Swap Meet" is the first half twenty-first episode in the second season's second half of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


After being entrusted with the task of hiding the parents anniversary present and an incident with Brad, Kick "loses" his mother's anniversary present at a swap meet and must track it down before it's sold, along with his fathers trust in him.

Bad Qualities

  1. First of all, it's mainly a filler episode of Kick and Brad trying to find an anniversary gift to give to their mother - and nothing else.
  2. Brad is still unlikable here as he pesters Kick to tell him where his mother's anniversary gifts are and he threatened to set his skateboard on fire and got angry when he lost his trust to Kick. And it was for a good reason as he did a terrible job at hiding the anniversary gifts by hiding them in dangerous spots, such as the frying pan, a toolbox and even the oven! Then, he kicked Kick into a real baby carriage and when the necklace got stolen, he doesn't even help him at all and tells him that it's his problem all thanks to him getting fired.
  3. A little animation error where the light became more dark when Brad cycles, but it's bright again when reaching Mellowbrook school?
  4. Plot Hole: Why would Harold and his wife hide a baby carriage in the back of the car when they don't even have any babies?
  5. The man with the "I Love Dolls" t-shirt was also unlikable for stealing Honey's anniversary necklace along with Kick's monster scooter, claiming that it was good enough to let Brad have the Burpin' Betsy doll.
  6. Speaking of which, Burpin' Betsy is a bit disgusting as her gimmick is that she burps, providing a bit of gross-out humor.

Good Qualities

  1. Kick and Harold are still likable characters.
  2. Good Ending: Honey sees the Burpin' Betsy doll and thinks it's her anniversary gift and is delighted, meaning that Kick keeps his trust. As for Brad, he gets his comeuppance by having to fix the sink and then the water leaks himself, while Kick and Harold relax with Harold asking if Kick can hide Honey's present next year and Kick agrees.


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