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Susie Sings the Blues (All Grown Up!)

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Susie Sings the Blues (All Grown Up!)
Susie Sings the Blues.png
This episode will sure make us feel blue, but not in a good way.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: November 29, 2003
Writer: Sheila M. Anthony
Director: Jim Duffy
Previous episode: Tweenage Tycoons
Next episode: Chuckie's in Love

Susie Sings the Blues is the 5th episode of All Grown Up!.


When a talent scout hears Susie singing "The Star Spangled Banner" at school she decides to take her on as her new client...for a price. But will this talent scout prove to be all she claims to be, or will Susie's musical career be short-lived? Meanwhile, Chuckie decides to become more daring by pulling pranks that could get him in trouble - Description from Klasky Csupo.

Why It Can't Sing The Blues

  1. Susie and Chuckie are very unlikable in this episode. For Susie, she trusts a scammer client and ignores her family’s warnings, and she ends up losing her sister’s money because of this. As for Chuckie, he pulled pranks at school and forced Tommy to help him, just to prove he’s a "bad boy".
    • This is also very out of character for both of them, because they were never unlikable (with some rare exceptions).
  2. Beverly Jones is the only unlikable character in this spin-off, as she tricks Susie into giving her money, saying she’ll be a pop star.
  3. The main plot of Susie trusting a scammer client was not good.
  4. The sub plot with Tommy and Chuckie is no better, as Chuckie pulls pranks at school and forces Tommy into doing it with him, despite Tommy not being fond of doing that.
  5. There is some gross-out humor in this episode, such as the smelly sneakers Chuckie superglued to the ceiling of the boys' restroom at school, and Chuckie copying his butt.
  6. Some painfully unfunny moments, like Vice Principle Pangborn getting sneakers falling on him, and getting covered in ice cream and soda.
  7. Kimi is a bit unlikable when she gives Susie a bad idea of asking her sister for money.
  8. The talent show at the Java Lava was boring at first, because of Chas and Pangborn's failed attempt at comedy, the painful fight of Chas and Betty against Pangborn, and Angelica's failed singing attempt (although the latter was funny).
  9. As said in WIS#1, Chuckie and Susie were completely out of character, because Susie is normally smarter than that and Chuckie always thinks it’s a bad idea, but sadly, they decided to care less.
  10. Unlike Chuckie and Susie, Beverly Jones never got any comeuppance for her actions and for tricking Susie, making her a Karma Houdini.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The episode started off good until the sneaker prank.
  2. The animation and voice acting are still good as usual, especially Susie's beautiful singing voice.
  3. Most of the adults, including Alyssa, as well as Tommy, Phil, Lil, Dil, Kimi (for the most part), Angelica, and Harold are still likable characters, as usual.
  4. Some funny moments in the episode, like Angelica's hilariously bad singing, and Pangborn's telling his poem to Tommy and Chuckie.
  5. Although unlikable, Susie does learn from a nice adult that she was tricked, and instantly regrets what she has done.
  6. Susie and Chuckie do get called out for their actions:
    • Susie was scolded by her sister Alyssa for trusting a scammer and losing her money.
    • Chuckie (and Tommy) do get a punishment from Pangborn to clean the school's boys restroom's ceiling and get the superglue off.
  7. The scene between Susie and Alyssa was very emotional and heartwarming:
    • Susie tells Alyssa what happened, Alyssa scolds Susie, teaching her a lesson, but after that, Alyssa tells her she’s just glad she’s safe, and forgives Susie for her mistake, and allows her to pay back the money once she gets it. Then, they have a conversation, where Susie learns she doesn’t need to be a pop star to sing, and goes to the Java Lava's talent show to sing.
  8. There is a good moral that you shouldn’t trust strangers with anything, and make sure to watch out for scammers.
  9. Decent Ending: Susie comes to the Java Lava and sings, saving the talent show and making everyone happy, including Alyssa, who’s come to watch, much to Angelica's disappointment. Also, after Chuckie gets his punishment, his "bad boy" phase is gone when he happily says hi to Marcy, a girl he has a crush on, much to Tommy's relief.


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