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Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures (Ben 10, 2005)

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Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures
Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures.jpeg
These bad adventures make for a bad episode.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 7
Air Date: February 24, 2007
Writer: Marty Isenberg
Director: Scooter Tidwell
Previous episode: Game Over
Next episode: Under Wraps

"Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" is the seventh episode of the 3rd season of the original Ben 10.


Ben discovers that his aliens are the stars of a new cartoon series and his favourite action hero cartoon has been axed. Something is not right.

Bad Qualities

  1. The 2D animation seen in "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" looks very cheap, even for 2000's standards.
  2. Speaking of which, Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures has a rather poor grasp of the source material, with Tim changing some of Ben's aliens, Heatblast, Four-Arms and Wildmutt, to Fierybuddy, Handybuddy and Doggybuddy, respectively, giving "Handybuddy" an unnecessary Scottish accent and making "Fierybuddy" a rapper. Even the creator, Tim Dean sounds very depressed and unmotivated.
  3. Tim Dean, the creator of "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures", also can't take criticism, as he asks the security guards to take Ben away just because he said to him that he stole his alien forms.
  4. Gwen and Grandpa Max barely serve any purpose in this episode.
  5. The plot twist came out of nowhere, as it turned out the real Kangaroo Commando kidnapped Tim Dean just because he stole his idea for the show.
  6. Half-bad ending: Although the real Kangaroo Commando got kidnapped, Grandpa Max returned and bought Ben a "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" action figure, making him unhappy.

Good Qualities

  1. Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max are still likable characters.
  2. Although Tim Dean ripped off Kangaroo Commando's work, he said it was because the work inspired him.
  3. Half-decent ending: The fake Kangaroo Commando gets arrested, and Tim Dean explains his reason for the show as mentioned above.


  • During one scene, you can see a girl wearing a costume similar to Sakura Haruno from the famous anime, Naruto.


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